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  1. Someone ban this retard before he gains weight playing Arma again 

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    2. BlackShot


      Happy birthday, @Alec-I

    3. Midamaru


      @Roice Listen up you little shithead. I have become a symbol for sheer dedication, will power and a pioneer in weightlifting. I currently hold the world record in my weight class who has done the most squats while fcking your mom. To obtain this i had to transform my body into a temple of muscle which act like titanium cables contracting and expanding doing each thrust with the fury of a god. Just because you are a mexican looking midget that is too skinny for his own good doesn't mean you have the right to order a ban on me! I'm just kidding, please don't ban me Clit. Arma is all i have *sob*

    4. BlackShot
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