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  1. lol i opened the forum to see how everything was, i posted one word now the fanboys are back i love your continued support for me<3 also you were all never like this in discord on among us, so please keep the same energy everywhere else if you cant even say it to me on discord
  2. its nice to see after not launching arma for 3 years i am still firmly inside your heads also i cant be bothered reading your messages
  3. i feel no need to brag about my wealth until someone brings up something that literally pays me lol buck teeth inbred, interesting, ironic you can't spell weirdo then isn't it, I think I really touched a nerve didn't I It would be really interesting to see if you'd ever say any of this to my face or even on discord lol, you always sit quiet like a good dog on there
  4. well considering one of us has a wardrobe worth well over 12k and the other is an obese ex-admin struggling to look cool online. I know who i'd rather be nice to see its still easy to hit the nerves
  5. no one was applying for this gang in pm's
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