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  1. Is he permanent banned? Damn I won't see him push gang fort now. Such a shame ;(
  2. So, in other words, increase the sell prices of all illegal goods if I'm reading this right? I wouldn't mind that, but my main issue is that it's seen as too easy with homegrown weed and discourages interaction with other players. In my view, what makes Asylum really at its best is the interaction you have with the community. With house weed, it's trending to cut that interaction off.
  3. Not really. Even if the listed items I mentioned were removed, there are still plenty of ways of making money through crafting and legal means to name a few. How about not being reductive to the situation and being proactive instead of posting some twitter style bull shit next time. Why would you think that's the case if you favor the current method? Seriously, I want to hear it.
  4. That's assuming if they're even going to follow through that.
  5. Sure. How can I best set up at this point in the discussion? From what I'm understanding as the general consensus, is that Home Grown should be removed but as far as everything, it should remain the same for the most part.
  6. I could be mistaken. But as far as I'm aware the only thing you need to worry about is going to a drug dealer and that's it. Feel like there needs to be more layers to that or just removed for sure.
  7. The following should be in my opinion removed/changed LSD Home Grown Weed/Passive Money Making methods Mobile Distiller and Crank This topic has been mentioned in a few forums, so I felt I should make this more or less official. From what I've observed, there are not a ton of face-to-face interactions when it comes to gathering illegal goods, allowing an easy income rather than having to earn it. I feel as so with LSD; there's a process you have to do up until you need to make sheets (where the money is at.) I feel as so with LSD. Have LSD Sheets be turned over in the purification factory rather than having it roll over in your home like that of scotch. Everything else, in my opinion, should be removed and leave scotch as the primary way to make "passive" income. If this were to become the case, it would increase the risk for all illegal items and allow more interactions. I would love to hear everyone's opinions on the matter.
  8. So long as this isn't another passive money making bull shit I'm down.
  9. If my memory serves right, it's extremely buggy from what I remember. Used to push up the main hallway stairs and would fall through that shit sometimes.
  10. Why are you demoting ten people? Company layoffs???
  11. I wouldn't mind glitching the fuck out of ghost hotel while in a fight. That sounds like fun!!!!!!!!
  12. Yo while this suggestion post is open, can we get rid of ERCO's? Thanks.
  13. Already denied sadly.
  14. Used to, not anymore. Just a flag now.
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