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Well it was fun I met a whole bunch of new people and this was a great experience and this game got me through some tough times in life. As of right now some things have come up and I have lost all motive to play Asylum.

@Leroy Jenkins you took me under your wing and even and taught me how to make money. You even bought me the contact dlc for someone you didn’t even know personally that’s true kindness! 

@Hoodlum Priest you were always a fun guy to hang out with and do eagles talon all the time with. roaching  peoples drugs and getting into all the cartel fights! 

@YuSheng the only support member that complemented me and said I was good at the game lol 


@cHIP oTLE cool guy to always hang out with and one of the more active members of DS and a good damn fighter to!

@DankBud you always seemed like the laid back chill kinda guy and always knew what was up

@DS_Billy thought I was a spy in the gang for awhile but still funny as shit 

@Clint Beastwood thanks for bringing asylum back to life then sending me to prison instantly for getting your strider chopped 🤣

if I forgot to mention you sorry! But these were the names that came off the top of my head. I wish everyone fair well for now even though some of you were toxic as fuck but that’s just how people are. 

and finally have fun!

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Noooooooooo.... well take it easy bro,was always nice to have ya around,even tho we gave you alot of shit in the TS...always a good sport about it an prob the most mature younger person we have had come thru. Hope you well an hope you come back sooner then later,dont forget to jump in ts from time to time..


P.S hope you step in a puddle with your socks on,an tell me we all said hi!! :D

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