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Rotating Cartels


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I would hope for OG and house cap or tower cap to have a cartel on it for sure every restart. They house the best fights and I dont like flying to a island or into the ocean for a cap personally. 


edit: also can we make drug or arms have to be on a big cap location? not out at sea or on a island. 

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On 12/4/2022 at 1:32 PM, King said:

Please either completely revert this rotating crap or make it so only Drug/Arms/Wongs can be in the main locations(OG, Church, House, Tower).  Nobody wants to go to the shitty lighthouse cap to take Arms/Drug/Wongs.  And also remove the Oil Rig cap, shit is terrible and impossible to push, put it at the lighthouse cap

Already something like this happening next patch

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