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Something old, something new. New Senior Admins.

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3 hours ago, RoguePilot said:

Welcome @Akulaas the newest Senior Admin. Thank you for stepping up and taking on a lot of extra work. Keep it up!

Also, welcome @Ronald!! I know it has been a few days! Thank you for your hard work now and in the future.

We all appreciate your hard work guys!


Damn @Akula you're getting old. Keep wearing those fresh cowboy boots and hats though.

Akula, Donald and Raza like this
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23 hours ago, Wang Liqin said:

crikey pikey, who would have thought 7 years ago driving the 16 wheeler on the dusty sofia roads to pick up another load of logs the woodcutter would be a sr admin

i more expected the tag "perm banned"

Hahaha crazy times m8.

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