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Luke SwagWalker

Money Making/Crafting Calculators for Asylum

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hey everyone @Josh Boon And I made a Spreadsheet for everyone to download and use. it has Gun Crafting, Vehicle Crafting, Liquor Running, and Drug Running Calculators. We're Going to Keep Updating it as Time Goes on, so its in no way finished. I am in no way Perfect when it comes to Google Sheets so if you see bugs report them here and ill try and fix them as soon as i can. Or if you have ideas you can talk about them here too.

NOTE: Some Calcs Are a work in Progress and aren't Totally finished


To use the SpreadSheet Follow these instructions.

1. Have a Google Account.

2.Click the Link Above

3. go to file then Make a Copy

4. Name it and then Save it to your Drive.

Edited by Luke SwagWalker
Latest Version 1.2.0

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Updated to 1.2.0

  • Added Tier reward multiplier (For Y inventory only Currently) to all sheets just select which tier or none at all.
  • Fixed the back-end of every sheet calculator to be more organized.
  • added a WIP Legal Calculator to calculate all your legal needs.
  • added asylum Wiki Guides to each calculator in case you get stumped.

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15 hours ago, Luke SwagWalker said:

what prices and trunk sizes need to be updated?

I believe most of the vehicle trunk sizes are incorrect as most were increased such as the Hemtts. I'm not sure if prices are still accurate.

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