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  1. Fudger

    Crying wars 8

    i wouldve done the same lol he prob still has a headache from that gw
  2. Maybe the windmills can spawn lithium and you grab it and sell it instead. But i fuxx with it
  3. Fudger


    if it actually comes out, sure
  4. Just start a gang and go mass recruit anyone you see. Make money and fight them together. You might lose a lot at first but its worth it
  5. Ahhh good times man. Good times.
  6. throwback for the boys @Nomadox @Winchester
  7. I can tower drop I can tower drop
  8. Fudger

    Summer 2019

    Clint and bada knew what they were getting themselves into when they bought it. The mission file has been like this for years
  9. Fudger

    Crying wars 8

    There would be way too many cheaters and not enough gangs tbh
  10. You are the thumb itself willmong
  11. agree with all except quilins. i would say 25k
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