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  1. Fudger

    Gang Split

    Do they even still play
  2. Fudger


    Remember back when it was only the 4 og’s we’ve come so far boys
  3. Fudger

    Gang life is dead?

    Or because theres no good players left on arma
  4. Everyone’s just huge cry babies
  5. Still better than your last one
  6. Only thing is you dont dream nearly as much. When i take breaks from smoking for a week or two i start having crazy and vivid dreams i think thats only if you smoke for a while tho
  7. I think he still plays today under a different name i forgot what tho
  8. Fudger


    Dont know much about it but same shit all the other mongs have
  9. Fudger


    There was proof of the retard buying cheats and admitting to ddosing btw
  10. Fudger

    Prime Meme Thread

    WHAT?! take it back or im disbanding
  11. Fudger

    Prime Meme Thread

    Why am i a member on the roster when i have meme team leader in discord????????
  12. I knew It was only a matter of time before they stole you from explicit
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