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  1. Just bring back dogs.. ahh I remember dogs vs envy in the golden days
  2. I really dont think asylum will carry on to arma 4.. who is going to recode everything again? When people asked gnashes for a new hud he said he was basically too lazy and I don't think bamf would do almost a whole new server himself
  3. Nobody brings orcas to cartels, and not even rooks.. theres been plenty of posts saying to remove an do showing that a rook can disable an orca easily but you just don't get it huh.. the majority of the community<Gnashes
  4. Show your montage dude!!!
  5. Better than most ROBLOX players out there
  6. True, but if stuff to fight cartels is too overpriced compared to how your making money (1hour of meth = around 3 loadouts) people are just gonna complain.. why not just lower a bit?
  7. Ok man go fight a cartel with a 6.5 where everyone else has csat and has better gear and fight with ifrits and see how you do
  8. Sometimes i just think that if the devs were rebels and actually fought cartels etc., they would think waaayy different
  9. Silly Drunk house
  10. Better than 8.0.. thanks for listening to some stuff! Also you should try and add house cap or sfaka again and see how people like it just as a test..
  11. Ye from what I've seen I don't think that's enough to ban you tbh.. also some of the evidence was the other Sammy wasn't even you lol
  12. You should also make a group cap pole and see what people think about that
  13. did t Sammy get banned?
  14. Csat/tacvest mk1/mk18 about 12 mags arco - redgulls, tac bacon defib blood bags etc And a few smoke grenades a lot of people have been saying loadouts cost a lot and if you'd make them a bit cheaper i think it would make a lot of people happy