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  1. Are you unbanned?
  2. Wtf are you talking about try using a pulldown and pulling down on your desktop you will see it pulls down consinstently not up and down you fucking mong
  3. This is why your an LT in the INFADOGS guild,. Goodjob young JEDI
  4. Wow google you're so racist this is why you got banned
  5. Gta i think did colored hexes a few months ago, maybe this for 8.0?!:)
  6. Hes just mad cause he gets bullied when he goes outside, nothing special, just an overweight arma 3 warrior
  7. Go play minecraft where you might actually be better at than this game
  8. Hey thats a different than the way i controll recoil in that one clip of my 72 montages lemme and my boy gaytoy report and my 30 y/o no life friend squirtle with his new hype ass booter ddos people before fights so we dont lose!
  9. R 0 ! C 3 - instinctlyfe
  10. He didnt pass trial
  12. And then you find clarity/reliance 'stop talking shit or we wont fight!'
  13. Fsa are long time hackers bro dont u know they use esp and the admins give them bright skins
  14. What? He did rage in ts but he was your carry
  15. Stellar without marzoh cant even beat reliance.. oh wait with marzoh u got wiped by dogs 3 times lol