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  1. @[email protected] (IFRIT) check your pm’s pls:(
  2. nice shots waifu pillow
  3. yw

    support team roice incoming
  4. yea join for ez ddos that actually made me laugh tho
  5. u mean bunni trying to make it sound like it was me even tho he hit me off right after we wiped u? yea ok
  6. thats weird, all of us were getting hit off in the old ts and we had to get new one.. since only me nomadox and steve are the only admins in this new ts no one connecting to our ts gets ddosed.. i can assure you no one in my gang ddoses
  7. thats the nmd break, i prob play nmd more then asylum and everytime i host one i get ddosed by temper
  8. yea true @temper is a true kavala gang
  9. you should prob watch a bit more and try to learn something then
  10. don't think anyone knows who you are.. i've seen tons of goodbye posts and wether you like them or not why do you care? gtfo of this thread retard
  11. you dont even know how i playhow can you say i have no game sense if you have never played with or against me at this point you are just saying anything that comes in your mind for attention
  12. He is pretty gay, he was also sending his gay friend anthony dick pics
  13. Im still not donating till permanent rewards tbh
  14. MK18 is also better for long range, mk1 just has less recoil