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  1. everyone already did leave or got banned
  2. airpods
  3. definitly not. on olympus they have both caps and everyone only fights og. 99% of the fights are gonna be only og
  4. if the servers do get fixed and fights come back, everyone would just pick og every restart
  5. La*
  6. You already know
  7. hmh used to live there 3 years ago now time to go back
  8. might come back depends on how the servers are
  9. aren't you dead
  10. dunno bro fuck fortnite and arma
  11. Moving back to italy the 25th, and idk if i wanna bring my pc since its so dead. If i decide to sell my pc, well was fun boys Ik its short so i added 2 olympus clips in there since asylum is completely dead, hopefully Poseidon fixes this shitshow EnjoY! #ripReq
  12. yes
  13. that fifa song xd
  14. either load in to a server like chipotle said, but log in completely then back out, or try deleting the mission file. used to always take 10 mins just to log in s4
  15. #azeh4cm