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  1. Just increase the payout for lethals
  2. Do it so when he dies it doesnt track anymore
  3. Get a 144hz its worth it
  4. That was way over a month buddy
  5. The community has been wanting to see that for like 1 or 2 years now lol
  6. Your*
  7. I agree with most but after the patch all mk1’s were 8k, was at 0% tax thoug
  8. well recently ti and prime were making fights really aids cause they have the 2 arms sheds, so if they die they would come back in like 2 mins shooting u in the back
  9. They said they are adding gang garage and rebel talent tree. They already did make loadouts cheaper last update. i think insurance and/or making vehicles cheaper would help alot , even smaller gangs would be incouraged to pull armor. east arms should definitly Not be a rebel, olympus said they wanted to remove it cause everybody hated it i believe and it was just ruining gang life on there cause people would just respawn in their arms shed and come back within like 2 mins.
  10. Is there anything that could be done to avoid being naked other than soft iogging then?
  11. @bamf @Gnashes @Mitch (IFRIT) Pls add a button on your phone that allows you to refresh clothing, you guys were talking about adding it but never did, its annoying to have to soft log a lot cause of that
  13. buy a lot quad bikes and block every single car spawn in every town