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  1. Whats his soundcloud he didnt wanna tell me lmao
  2. You’re retarded
  3. What a #savage
  4. LMFAO stfu
  5. Shit gangs?? Wasnt there proof of cory b saying they shit on nv easy??? I think your getting the wrong gang!
  6. LMFAO whats your souncloud
  7. We could say that
  8. smoke weed and gym
  9. Talk when you get your first double kill!
  10. WHo tf are you gtfo
  11. Some guy in my school knows lil peep cause his brother was close with him and he was pretty sad today rip
  12. Dont know why ppl hate on everybody from olympus when they come to asylum when half asylum started playing olympus cause its a better server
  13. your still trying to convince people u play on a laptop you fool
  14. He left way before strife lol
  15. Yesss detective