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  1. and we dont have armed planes that shoot anyone on warzone every time there is a fight
  2. we only have 15 on during the events . we have 2 more than you and you dont wanna fight
  3. maybe if you could keep a gang active for more than a week there would be more fights
  4. So make it that you get more from processing
  5. I really dont think removing raids will resolve any issue tbh
  6. #freejwilly
  7. Also i was playing on s3 about an hour ago and it was really laggy.
  8. If you could get more than 6 people we are always down to fight. You guys could be fighting us everyday, dont act like theres no one to fight cause we never turn down a fight
  9. xd sorry your in stellar now
  10. You were in the gang for a month, what? Stop lying steve we know its you
  11. Lol thats you @thero
  12. @Jesse please buy asylum xd
  13. a year or 2 ago when gangs were around they still fought everyday with the lag. and you know it was a lot worse than now
  14. can name you at least 3/4 players that would bring back a good gang to fight each.