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  1. You mean Asylum?
  2. 2$ a month
  3. Rip my ears
  4. im not joking just so you know btw thx for keeping us updated and hard work
  5. i was jerking off as they released the update
  6. how much was the donation goal?
  7. ikr these monkey devs did a great job flawless as always
  8. it will take end of this year for us to actually see the update on the server
  9. Its actually comingout later this week
  10. Maybe we need to donate more $$ so @Poseidon finish rest of the work
  11. End of this year
  12. @Poseidon this week over and update isn't out yet
  13. @bamf getting over 100+ fps
  14. did you get to compare them? i still have time to return my mine thats why asking i think wireless headphone are great if you always end up fucking up the cable