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  1. How do you think anyone gets rank up in P4
  2. Well usually Sliick is bent over
  3. Bye Google
  4. 210k
  5. I’ll give you 160k
  6. The funnies
  7. But do you guys intend to add anything else to the bounty hunter arsenal?
  8. Herro
  9. So sometimes when I get on I click server 4 and It says not connected but I can join all the other ones my internet is fine and fast also when i'm playing I get no message received and leave and try to come back the server says not connected. How I play. This happens and I have to wait a day before it lets me on server 4 again, What I have tried. I have verified game cache, restarted game/Pc/internet
  10. My name is Gagss in game
  11. I'll buy those mk14s also the spike strips I'll double there price and take them
  12. You moved the jail to the salt mine and now if we want to drive anywhere else it hella far before it was just in the middle of all the towns please move it back.
  13. Yeah I did and I had good video proof they just denied with no reason why.
  14. Whats everyone's average frame rates on servers 1-4