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  1. So what does this mean for precinct 2 cops?
  2. I just want a server that can support 50 people without lagging out.
  3. Your right we need tanks
  4. The medics primary weapons is the nuclear vans
  5. Can’t forget the skate helmet at 1:47
  6. Po7*
  8. I’ve been called worse by better
  9. Well it’s a lot better than doing a meth run and not having to fight cops or rebels. If that is the case then your making pointless money that you are not going to use on gear to fight
  10. I question development decisions often. You have too
  11. Yeah unfortunate for them it’s not like they play on the server or anything
  12. Mostly cops* because no cop wants to drive up to north meth lab
  14. How do you think anyone gets rank up in P4
  15. Well usually Sliick is bent over