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  1. Good Bye my friend
  2. It good video
  3. The ending hahahahahahahaha! good vid
  4. Had fun do more!
  5. It can be hard starting out but if you find some nice people that you get along with then you can get stuff done with other people. You should maybe apply for the APD because you can meet a lot of people on there hope you find this helpful.
  6. -1 I didn’t read it but -1
  7. I give 25 for a debit card
  8. I fucking agree
  9. xD
  10. Song says bad word but good video
  11. Idea: The evidence wipes every restart so it doesn't stack so much in there
  12. Poor Sliick @CrispySliick
  13. Like the song nice job!
  14. +1
  15. Nice man!