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  1. The poll speaks for itself
  2. Loot crates = uniform skins other 2 are vehicle skins
  3. Wait where did the CL bag went tho?
  4. Maybe pilot coveralls NATO-AAF with no armor
  5. Keep in mind you need the BH license to do so
  6. English please
  7. Agreed 1:16.5 Doubt anyone has that ratio
  8. You need SQF some GitHub some server hosting experience some SQL..
  9. who is your friend at 2:31 who knows how to rush a tower?
  10. The main issue is the ability to zero in thus making roaching inevitable everywhere
  11. outplayed by the trees tbh
  12. Whats the easiest way of getting a level 3 vest?Or a MRAP to push?Have your friend play medic ofcourse!
  13. K Den
  14. 2 hobos with PO7s probably tryed to be rats and wanted the good cash.I am sure this damage is not permameant and even if it is im sure Roice is a millionaire
  15. Locked