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  1. By the helipad
  2. Maybe your holster key is bound to something else? Or just arma in general
  3. As of 2018 the only 7.62 tracers are in AK 12.
  4. Dropping=Bounty Drowning=No Bounty
  5. Isn't this a arma thing?
  6. your explosion effects are nice how you get them?
  7. The 80s(possibly the 70s)superiority over the previous is pretty big.If the graphic cards are coming then there might be a sale on the previous cards allowing you to catch a 80 or 70 for cheap.Shouldn't bother with the 9 tier anymore as they are not price worthy.So Either wait and see if there gonna be a sale soon, Find them now for mediocre prices.
  8. Laying prone, almost no recoil
  9. Imagine scrubs sniping everything 1 km or more away with full auto and no recoil.Won't happen.
  10. he is not bh but one of his gang members could have been at that time(ORANGE circle)
  11. How to report your self... gj btw
  12. This is just their trick to limit Farmersville power Expect more countermeasures soon...
  13. Gud Lub Rainbow Six Siege
  14. The reason this died is because of the huge gangs dominating the fields and not letting newbs win their money.The innocent civilians would be wrecked by these big gangs causing them to lose money and eventually leave the server.
  15. Just say that someone scammed you and you want your money back This house would do well heroin on the other hand...