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  1. don't be a stranger, still hope to see you in ts from time to time
  2. Thank you for your information, we are working diligently to fix the issues.
  3. The fight lasts long because we keep killing the same guy over and over.
  4. glad you're representative of the entire APD. You don't need an RPG to capture rebels. You'd just be killing them, and sometimes the only way for rebels to take out armoured vehicles is with an RPG. Bipods make your recoil and sway pretty much 0 and they should be added to rebel through a new system such as war points as previously suggested. Also, you can have the LIM that gun blows.
  5. yeah still waiting for a new hell cat @Gen. Henry Arnold
  6. Batcan


    this is some quality roleplay
  7. yeah i was pretty sure this was already a thing based on what higher ups have said in the past.
  8. it rhymes in his native tongue
  9. [Application] Name - batcan Are you a member of the APD (rank) - not currently will be cadet soon Age - 17 Hours - 3k Any previous Gangs - Golden Triangle
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