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  1. Batcan

    Who is big ray

    big ray is big ray the fuck do you mean?
  2. Boycotting playing civ until fixed. You're welcome @APD
  3. Application Format In Game Name - batcan raul safar Age - 17 How may hours on Arma 3-(SEND A SCREENSHOT!!!!)- 758 Bank account -(SEND A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!!!)- 150k Have you been banned on Asylum? and what for? - never Send your discord name- bigdickrick Previous gangs - Drunk Team, EXC, 2 eyed snakes, kavala police department, & the APD Why do you want to be in are gang- my friend @Mason Statham is in this gang
  4. ok, but why now? It wasn't deemed a large problem years ago, nor was it last week.
  5. The hatchback max speed (without nitrous) is not even up to 300 now. We want 326 km/ph and upgradable car speed for cars that are fast to make it faster and cars that are slow to make it fast so the car isn't so slow and instead of being slow we can go faster and have a better roleplay experience like the cars and speed fast/slow used to be fast and slow, but now it can be fast and faster.
  6. Are you retarded? If you get abused make a report instead of complaining on the forums. Anything can be abused
  7. Batcan

    Gang Split

    accepting people into my gang Envious or NVs also known as Nv
  8. Batcan

    Gang Split

    good idea
  9. didn't think he'd actually do it wow
  10. We talking farming equipment or some bitches?
  11. Unfortunately, though we've tried time and time again, Red Burger will not endorse the Altis Bounty Hunter Association.
  12. 5k-10k, otherwise it is not worth it.
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