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  1. I feel like I'm missing something, why was this comment accepted?
  2. Love that there is no more lag!
  3. https://plays.tv/video/5d34aaddaad7c6fb95/hottt https://plays.tv/video/5d34aad829b40e6a94/god-tier
  4. I feel like I'm missing something, why was this uploaded?
  5. TBH, this rule is only going to be forcing lower ranks to give low tickets in order to not seem like robocops. The majority of the no role-play problem comes from the prison conspiring straight to jail rule. "Officers discretion" is based on whether or not the cop likes you, or if they want money. Remove it and you fix most of the problem.
  6. lucky when they unpermed me for lag switching I was told I couldn't get banned for another month
  7. Hard to report someone for breaking the guidebook when their rank gives them the option to break it
  8. Don't ever talk shit about Big G bro.
  9. people were expecting v2 and told a date. They are pushing it back for the second time. Idc it's delayed, but I'm explaining why people care.
  10. woah there, thoughts @Reapered?
  11. +5 infamy for every thousand you are wanted for, maybe 2-3 actually
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