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  1. I had a iron sight shot from old prison to tower of HQ with the mk18
  2. they're an impostor...
  3. I mean explode to point of gun blowing up in face causing 3rd degree burns to the face and arms, loss of the right eye....
  4. Fuck it Bullets that explode?
  5. Honestly I'd like to see the she moved up to twenty... all these 17,18,19 yr old immature fucks ruin the game
  6. Ladies ladies let's just remove turf perks and make turfs for the apd
  7. B
  8. B
  9. No your point is invalid
  10. Your point is invalid
  11. Make it a non illegal thing to do? Just you can be Kos by rebels, I mean how often do cops patrol legal areas? Lol
  12. What about if to craft a hunter you need 10 rubber, 20 oil, 20 cut diamonds and 2 flawless + 20k or 30k?
  13. Gangs have homes..... they called gang houses
  14. no fuck off nerd... jk okay when?