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  1. My top 8 favourite movies.. Happy feet happy feet 2 dawn of the penguins penguins attack attack of the penguins almighty penguins penguins of ark for the love of penguins.
  2. Promote to Lieutenant .. let's see what he can do with a mk1.....
  3. Who actually watches anime? And he forgot a anime disappointed I didn't find it on there........
  4. it was a joke obv
  5. lethals him no action taken.
  6. not all the time.
  7. Not all of em
  8. Lol who wasn't? That bitch was a town bike. She didn't deserve him.
  9. RD were trash lol. Only reason they won any fights was because of the numbers they had.
  10. Don't bounty hunt in kavala, 9/10 cl