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  1. its getting to the point of no return. and where are the devs? wheres the owners? i mean come on guys we have a community dying and zero fucks are given by the people who *made it* haha what a fucking joke
  2. im sure we will see KBW days before asylum servers are shut down.
  3. i got a 500gb Samsung SSD for 250AUD which is like 200USD i have my OS on a 128gb SSD, all steam games on the 500gb, and i got a 2tb for other shit
  4. I like to sit on the heli pad at hospital and shoot at my bounty’s after texting hands up or die so I don’t have to be down on their level. Oh wait.. that usually gets me shot in the back by a cop And texting hands up or die to someone driving isn’t proper either. It’s stop the vehicle get out hands up or die.
  5. I run the i7 6700k 4.0 oc to 4.5, Corsair 16gb DDR4 2133, 1080 8gb, 850W psu Corsair H80i V2 cooler and I get around 80fps on ultra in towns and around 100 out of towns depending on the player count I peak around 120 fps tho and I have a fair bit of background apps open and I have two 27inch 144hz screens,
  6. 911 always works to initiate on cops and side chat civs.
  7. It was irrelevant to mention JB is a captain and white listed on all servers? Anybody with a brain knows.
  8. I mean the post wasn’t just about JB but your right reading must be hard. Clearly for you anyways seeing as you missed the part where it mentioned clock, zim and utilize. No I don’t have any clue but one would think being a Co-Owner to the community one would think he has a lot of power.. more than anyone else besides the actual owner.. but common sense isn’t normal these days, it’s a gift that some people have, many do not.
  9. actually bamf is co owner can do a lot more than people think
  10. i mean yeah JB is retired captain, but the rest aren't tbh idc its just funny how u think everyone is a retired captain so they are already 1-4.