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  1. lol bounty hunters are not anywhere near whats making the server die, olympus has bounty hunters and they arent dying
  2. o7 bud
  3. shut it before this guy montages you, you fat noodle arm idiot
  4. combat log update is the best thing, made 300k so far off filthy combat loggers like @^Connor_K use that 1 month to reflect on your rule breaking ways
  5. bye connor K
  6. hmu ill carry you
  7. give me more advantages, my free loadouts arent enough
  8. sounds about right
  9. goyneyyy is use to getting embarrassed like every time he tries to fight a cartel
  10. these clips must have been recorded when i quit playing, i dont even think you've gotten a single kill at a cartel since ive been back
  11. @BishopActual
  12. your forehead is massive
  13. dont ever montage me again