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  1. Can't wait to have some fun with you guys 8,)
  2. The first sexual assault allegation I have actually believed because... hey there's proof!
  3. first
  4. Merriam Webster is fake news. Also how is "homosexuality" a gender?
  5. Those are sexual preferences. People get confused between gender and sexual orientation. There are two genders which are male and female.
  6. Apologies if I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, but that's not exactly how the developers work. It's not "if they want skins I'll make them." It works more like "I'll make some skins and if they like them they'll add them." I'm pretty sure, at least. You have to work on them with the intention that it will never get added to the game. If it does get added to the game, then that's a bonus.
  7. Of course new skins would be great. The black Hunter is a bit bland. Wouldn't mind it to be more "police" like.
  8. Always lovely to have more help with those. We do have a LOT of admins though.
  9. If you list anything in Kavala for 999,999 you'll likely get it pretty soon.
  10. intended?
  11. You can double click the Y inventory items in the lists and it'll select the maximum so you don't have to type it out every time.
  12. MXSW for Lieutenants is certainly interesting. Assuming this isn't a joke post but a suggestions post, what was the thinking behind the MXSW for LT+?