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  1. Alliance. Must be a gnome. Also EMFH OP.
  2. It's a screenshot of a AH-99 Blackfoot in the editor.
  3. Allow civilians to see their own individual charges. Maybe through a phone app, or allow us to open the wanted list and only see our name by default with no talents.
  4. You chronic fucking tagger. If serious, Constables are eligible to be removed after not logging in for 4 months.
  5. It wasn't. It was initially added as a tester to see if it would be viable to give to other ranks. It wasn't given to Captains for the sole purpose of a counter to the MK200. End result, or the result so far, is that it's not overpowered enough to remove from the cop force, but powerful enough to keep at the Captain rank. But that's not up to me entirely, that's up to CM/Ownership. I'm not entirely sure about the history of the price of the MK200, but I believe it's been the same price since it was implemented on Asylum. The problem is that the meta has changed quite drastically since new guns have been added over time. We're acting like the civilians are hurting because the MK200 is "too expensive to use," but let's be real, even if it was cheaper, you would still buy and use the MK-I EMR just because of how powerful it is. The issue isn't pricing, it's the meta as a whole. Hah. If I had full reigns, I would make police equipment cost the same as civilian equipment. 1:1 ratio.
  6. Sure. We’ll make it the same price as civilian and open it up to Constable+ to make it fair.
  7. "But it costs so much!" has never been a good argument for civilian weaponry vs cop weaponry. Civilians The only barrier to entry for civilians to get a gun is a talent and money. Civilians have a plethora of ways to make that money. Civilians have one rule they have to abide by: RDM. Police Barrier to entry is rank. Cops don't make a hell of a lot of money. Cops have many different policies, on top of RDM, that they have to abide by when using weaponry. Lots of civilians wanting to report cops for breaking that APD policy. All in all, I would call that pretty balanced. When civilians are able to spend even more for suicide vests and speedbombs, I don't think $40k + $5k per magazine is a big compromise for such a gun.
  8. Only Captains (around 20 whitelisted players, less than half of which are active) can purchase this weapon. The counter of this weapon for civilian (MK200) is purchasable by all civilians.
  9. This is very "chief-like." If I want to kill you, I will kill you. This is difficult for me to comment on in specific as I don't recall this situation, but I'll go through what my thought process might have been. We're at an active prison break, by the looks of it (very rebel sided). The rebels have the whole barracks area watching over the bottom of that deer stand area where this individual is downed. Yes, there is a smokescreen down, but keep in mind that with blastcore enabled now, the effectiveness of the smokescreen is reduced. How many rebels are currently active (alive)? Where are their last known locations? Is deadly force authorized? Did I accidentally have my laser off and only realize it after I had downed the individual? After I realize that I have downed the suspect, do I have time to fumble around with the scroll wheel to try to get the restrain option to pop up? Even if I restrain the suspect, it's likely that I will send the suspect straight to jail during this active prison break. Killing the suspect will force the rebels to push to revive, allowing the rest of my officers to down them when they attempt to do so. Looking at this one piece of evidence, I fail to see how Captains are abusive and need to be put in line. You've also fallen victim to embellishing what actually happened to further an unhealthy agenda of APD bashing which should not exist. This is a good example of what the APD has to put up with when people come to us with word of mouth accusations and no evidence.
  10. Captain "Issue" Hey there. I'm going to address your "concerns" here as I feel the majority of them are likely to be unfounded and baseless. I'll start off by saying that I feel that I was put into the position I'm in because I'm able to deal with situations in an unbiased manner and by being a level headed individual. If you've spoken to me before, one on one, you'll know this for a fact. I can almost say for certain that I have never spoken to you personally one on one, so I'd like to think this is all conjecture. That's a fair opinion to have. The problem with spouting stuff like this in a public forum is that you will have people who have had situations arise in the past (not necessarily recently) who will say, "yeah the Captains have done this to me in the past!!! Fuck the Captains!!!" without actually giving any information beyond that. In the past, Asylum was very heavily police-admin oriented and you had admin Captains who would spawn in Armed Ghosthawks, Hunter GMG/HMGs, etc in active fights. Asylum in 2019 is completely the opposite. The Captains, and myself even, are held to a very high standard. I will publicly say that the only time I have spawned in anything "unfair" was when I was trying out the .50 cal BW rounds for the Type 115 gun. Guess what? I got in trouble for it, because there are standards, and you should be very thankful that there are standards on Asylum. There are boundaries, and while they may not be set in stone, they're definitely understood by everyone. Captains have the privilege of being able to go around or above the APD's guidebook when and if they feel necessary. Again, this is a privilege and not a right, and has been that way since Asylum's inception. The fact that this is being brought up and discussed now makes me think there is something else going on here. To go into specifics on this issue here, if any officer is found to be downing a suspect, restraining them, just to take them out of restraints and execute them on the spot, they will have appropriate action taken against them. Please take note when I say appropriate action taken. Appropriate action highly depends on the situation at hand. To give an example, you coming in here and making this post is about as useful as a random individual messaging me on TeamSpeak telling me that "a cop is abusing my rights." While I will fish for more information, word only goes so far. I can't just take the word of someone and take action on that. I need to see it happening, through sufficient evidence (video, screenshot, etc). Action taken depends on the amount of evidence given, the situation, and the context behind the situation. I would also like to point out that it is more common to see a rebel shoot and kill their friend on the ground, or jump off a building killing themselves than seeing a cop unrestraining a suspect at the active fight to kill them. None of our active Captains have the ability to do this except myself, and I don't do that. If you're talking about the retired Captains, there are a couple who have the ability to do this, but as I said before, I don't see this happening and I need to see evidence or a report of it happening, or nothing can be done about it. Again, the ~17 whitelisted Captains have the ability to do this when they feel necessary. Also, when I say ~17 whitelisted Captains, only a handful of those actually log in to play on the servers. Something to keep in mind. I'm not sure where you're getting this information from. Your one and only Internal Affairs report back in April on the 22nd was on a Corporal about racism, which is funny because you have no problem with racism at all (). All of the complaints you are talking about, I just don't see it happening. Community Managers and Owners are able to see all reports, including Captain reports. If they feel the need to step in, they will, and do. In the end, it's very easy to see things differently from the outside. Since I became Chief, I try to make things as transparent as possible, as keeping everything behind closed doors isn't always healthy. Disciplinary action against individuals I feel should always be dealt with behind closed doors, unless the individuals being dealt with would like to make it public. Player reports and ban appeals hold the same expectation in regards to privacy. In the past, I feel as though the Captain role has had a very clique-like feel to it, and I prefer to keep it away from that. While the Captains and retired Captains are fairly close-knit, there is never any hesitation in regards to disciplinary if it is necessary. I've also said this before and I will say it again, I want to see more reports if this happening. I want to see evidence, and not just APD bashing. If you don't wish to submit a report, you're always welcome to approach the Captain you have an issue with as well. We're all big boys and can handle a one on one civil conversation that doesn't involve "you're a fucking retard."
  11. Hey there. Throw in a Character/Account Support ticket here.
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