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  1. Google is that you?
  2. Black Desert Online is a troll fest.
  3. @Otto the Autopilot
  4. It's Korean.
  5. Not to mention, probably laminated and professionally done. Does seem kind of cool if you're in to that kind of stuff!
  6. Did they force you to advertise this? @Gnashes @Bohemia Interactive
  7. From what I understand, sometimes when you give someone money directly or transfer it to them, it can give it to "Error: No Unit." If you rob someone it cannot error. Only what I heard. edit: When you give something to "Error: No Unit" the money just disappears.
  8. Yeah I would like to sell my daily likes to someone else. I rarely use them.
  9. You got to be a half-Sergeant for a few minutes.
  10. So do we still shoot the little light on the belly of the orca to disable or is it now the main rotor shaft?
  11. @Bohemia Interactive
  12. Oh boy. The likelihood of finding someone IRL that plays on Asylum is less likely than winning the lottery.
  13. FIRST
  14. ShareX stores everything locally
  15. first