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  1. Needs to be rainbow coloured with an "I'm with her" sticker on the back
  2. Is this the same thing?
  3. I wouldn't necessarily call it that. Think of it as art. I post the art, you perceive it how you will. Although I would call it art which clearly depicts how apparently good I am at the game
  4. Better than doing nothing and just complaining whining on the forums.
  5. Is CNN leaking to Asylum?
  6. Fallout 76 is "finished." "fully released." Identity is in Early Access.
  7. The MP5 SD? That's literally all I've been using lately. Edit: It's the biggest troll weapon ever
  8. Can I P90 rush B?
  9. What is rap?!
  10. Rap, more like cRap
  11. You changed your name to The Goverment of Altis. Deeeeeead giveaway. Clever strategy though, I'm sure it helped you guys win in some way!
  12. I’m good, already started out when it first came out. I think I bought about 4 bonds and sold them for 5m each back at launch. I also though I had you added already!
  13. I definitely do now that it's on mobile. I don't have the drive to have RS3 and OSRS open at the same time as well as any other game I am playing in the forefront. I'm even thinking of grabbing an iPad and having it mounted on my desk to play RuneScape on. It's not something I'd purchase an iPad for exclusively, but it's just another reason to get one.