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    I saw and posted this somewhere earlier today... thought it was hilarious. Nathan W Pyle's work is great.
  2. I'm still waiting for your RP montage to be posted.
  3. Hey dude, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No hate here. Everyone’s opinions are equal as long as there’s no personal attacks and it’s constructive.
  4. Hey that’s totally fair, man. Different strokes for different folks. That’s the wonderful benefit of a very diverse community.
  5. You're missing what I'm trying to convey. The APD does not need any buffs. The APD needs QOL changes affecting all officers to make their jobs less frustrating. If we're talking about the vest and helmet that I was given access to be able to test: a vest and a helmet given to (potentially) five, or six officers on the APD (the Captains) is not a buff to the APD as a whole. On the flip side, a helmet and a vest given to five or six officers on the APD does not help the lower ranking officers which only typically have access to 6.5 mm MXs and sports hatchbacks, to fight against swaths of completely overpowered Ifrits, armies of guys with access to RPGs, large quantities of grenades, 7.62 mm rifles, etc. A group of average officers should not be expected to rely on higher ups being on duty to be able to stand a chance against a group of rebels, given the numbers. The higher ups being on duty, in my opinion, should be an added small boost to all of the average officers on duty. By average officer, I'm talking about 90% of the APD (Cadets, Constables, and Corporals). On the other hand, the APD should not be balanced around one large group of rebels who hop on daily and typically force most of the cops on duty to go off duty. On the other hand as well, temporary problems such as this, require temporary solutions, which is, I guess, where the vest and helmet idea came into play. We need to look at the bigger picture here. Thanks.
  6. Hey there @TRYHARD, I'm not sure where you're getting this information from. I'm almost certain that we recently implemented a bunch of policy updates to improve the quality of rebel gameplay to reduce frustrations from the rebel side while fighting the police. We were comfortable making these changes as cops are now only required to attend these events a minimum of two times. These Federal Reserve, Bank of Altis, Prison Break, and Evidence Lockup robbery events are typically fairly fun events for the police to fight as it can prove to be a small break in activity from sipping on coffee and eating donuts with the peach pickers and diamond miners in Kavala. When all of these robberies are being done back to back to back by the same group of rebels who have many years of experience on Arma 3, it starts to become repetitive and not very fun for the police that are on at the time. It gets to the point where they're more interested in logging off than even going back to Kavala, or Athira, or the illegal drug fields to have interactions with other players. There needs to be an understanding that the citizens of Kavala getting pistol banged need attention as well. The cocaine runners, the drug runners, the elusive scotch runners, they all need to see the police force as well. The police force does not need better gear. The police force needs quality of life improvements to make playing against larger rebel groups (such as your own) a little bit less frustrating. Pulling armour against a large group of rebels who has access to, and almost usually brings upwards of 10 RPGs which tear through armour like it's nothing is largely not helpful. This leads back to the fact that there needs to be some sort of quality of life updates for the police force, which is the goal of the newly revised Suggestions Box, which you so kindly are taking part of (I'm very glad it's become a success so far!) When you're done treating Asylum like your personal playground, you're welcome to come join the discussion circle of behaving children over at the Suggestions Box to help provide constructive feedback to help make the APD better for all officers, like you (very awesomely) have with the latest policy updates. Keep them coming. Thanks!
  7. Small wording change with the Prison Conspiring charge. Assisting in and initiating a prison break are not automatic straight to jail charges. Any suspect who initiates and/or participates in breaking people out of prison may be sent straight to jail at the officer's discretion. This includes anyone with the Prison Conspiring charge.
  8. Effective Immediately Vehicle Seizing Policy (Lieutenants) Lieutenants may no longer repair any illegal vehicle and drive to the closest headquarters for seizing. This policy may come back in another form in the future, but for now it is being removed. All officers must follow the proper vehicle seizure policy. An area must be deemed "all clear" by the highest ranking officer on scene before any vehicles can be impounded or seized. Vehicles may be seized in combat if at an HQ. You may search/seize contraband from a player or vehicle at any time or place, even if in combat. You may only seize a vehicle which has over $5,000 worth of contraband in it if the suspect is aggressive and/or evasive. If the suspect is compliant, does not shoot back, and cooperates fully with APD officers, you are not allowed to seize their vehicle. Seizing and impounding can occur before or after a ticket has been issued. If there are no nearby police vehicles to put a civilian's contraband in, officers are allowed to drive the civilian's vehicle to the nearest HQ, checkpoint, or garage. Officers may then pull out a police vehicle, seize the contraband, and then continue to impound/seize the civilian's vehicle as normal. This does not apply to illegal vehicles, which should never be driven by an officer. Cartels Cartel raids have been removed completely. Officers may only enter an uncontested cartel if tracking a warrant or in active visual pursuit. If a cartel is contested, officers may only enter if in active visual pursuit. Uncontested Cartel Officers may only enter an uncontested cartel under these circumstances: Active Visual Pursuit APB or Warrant Tracking Contested Cartel Officers may only enter a contested cartel under these circumstances: Active Visual Pursuit If an officer has a warrant or APB tracker near or in a cartel (contested or uncontested), the officer may get just close enough to update their warrant and must leave the area once the warrant is updated. If the warrant remains in the area, officers may set up a perimeter around the area within a minimum of a 1km radius of the cartel to wait for the suspect if they wish. Federal Reserve During an active Federal Reserve robbery, officers may not seize gold bars out of a vehicle unless there is a 1 minute all clear. If the vehicle with gold bars manages to escape the Federal Reserve and is stopped en route to a rebel outpost, officers must now wait for a 1 minute all clear to seize the contents out of the vehicle. Officers, under no circumstance, may enter a vehicle with gold bars in it to drive back to the nearest HQ for seizure. Illegal Areas (two life rule) When entering any illegal area, officers now have a two life rule. Officers may only patrol illegal areas once every 20 minutes if no suspicious activity is observed that requires their attention. Officers are allowed to return to illegal areas before the 20 minute timer is up under the following circumstances: If a 911 text is sent within the illegal area. If a fugitive pings from inside of the illegal area. If a vehicle with a tracker enters the illegal area. If nearby traffic enters the illegal area. Active visual pursuit into the illegal area. If an officer needs to update a warrant or APB. If an officer dies within an illegal area, they may return one more time per engagement. If the officers are wiped in an illegal area, no officer should return back to the illegal area for 20 minutes, or until another form of probable cause is obtained to enter the area before the 20 minutes is up. Rebel Air Drops APD officers may not freely patrol rebel air drops. Officers may only enter a rebel air drop area under these circumstances: During Active Visual Pursuit APB or Warrant Tracking Temporary Policy There is currently bug where a suspect's individual charges may not be displayed in some circumstances. If a suspect's individual charges are not able to be displayed, officers are not required to read off individual charges to the suspect, but may use their current bounty price as their "current charges." For example, if a suspect's individual charges are not currently showing up, you may use any variation of this line to "read the suspect their charges." "You are currently wanted by the State of Altis for $75,000. Can you tell me what happened?"
  9. Effective Immediately Temporary Policy Update The temporary policy put into place regarding suspects being able to get back up after being downed has been rescinded. Bank robberies, Federal Reserve robberies, Prison Breaks, and Evidence Lockup robberies will follow normal lethal ammunition policies once again.
  10. I find this question to be a bit peculiar. Cops don’t actually need to remove their current gear to change it, so dropping their gear onto the floor to seize it is ineffective. This is, of course, unless they are intending to go on patrol without a substitute for their default loadout.
  11. Do rebels always need an “equivalent” to APD equipment? When will the APD receive an RPG equivalent? What about .50 cal off-road, or a LIM Jeep? How about speedbomb or suicide vest? Just playing devil’s advocate here to spark some conversation. Also I’m curious to know what the difference between the LIM and the SPAR-16S is, if anyone knows?
  12. While it would be beneficial to have more people who are able to hard restart the servers, it's definitely not necessary (or shouldn't be necessary). With server performance only getting better, it will only become less necessary to have that kind of access.
  13. Effective Immediately Therisa (Donor Town) Policy Removal The threat of the rebels has come to an end in Therisa. Civilians and their families have started to move back into their homes and populate the area again. Officers may now patrol the town of Therisa freely again. Officers are still not to be in the area for a prolonged period of time. Flashbang Grenades Flashbang grenades may no longer be used to intentionally destroy vehicles in any circumstance. Any officer caught attempting to do so will have disciplinary action taken against them.
  14. I probably couldn't have said this better myself. Emphasis on the: Maybe In the future it will return As well as: Big deal you have to change your tag. They're letters. It will be fine in the long run. Take a breather, relax, and live through it. Let's be clear as well, changes like this don't happen with an ease of mind. Nobody is thinking, "who cares about them?" (The above is my personal opinion and does not reflect the rest of the staff team - FYI).
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