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  1. First
  2. Good luck!
  3. Take care and good luck
  4. Back in my day... Grandpa Mayhem
  5. Interesting read! Hard to follow if I were to be brutally honest but very great effort.
  6. I was hoping he would lock you inside of it and just run away.
  7. Might be more worth asking here:
  8. Haha it's the whole company not just RS3. I agree though and there's a huge outcry on the Runescape subreddit about the overwhelming amount of MTX. The main thing I dislike about RS3 isn't MTX (you can choose whether or not to use it) but the stupid new combat system with the action bar. I don't feel like it fits in a game with a 0.6s tick system. Makes everything extremely clunky and slow.
  9. Is this better?
  10. What 99 grind?
  11. This seems more like an introduction than a farewell, but very good read nonetheless. I'm curious what your routine is each day and how much time you spend doing everything. Do you even have a set routine or do you just do what you feel like doing for the day?
  12. I haven't thought about it and this is just an off-the-cuff idea - if there is no payout for an APD member killing a suspect, take out the pardon from it as well. In role play aspects, this would not make sense, but would at least prevent "free pardons" by barricading yourself inside a locked home or putting yourself in an unreachable location and forcing the officers to kill you. Just read the edit. Cool. Edit: So I think there could be a misconception that officers use lethal ammunition for the quick payouts. The payouts for using lethal ammunition are abysmal as they are currently, which is good because you should not be rewarded, as an APD officer, for killing suspects. Your job is to bring them in and question/process them (where possible). It wouldn't be a huge change on the cop side of things, only the civilians. Out of curiosity though, why not just remove the payouts and pardons? Why is it between those two options, being able to only allow a revive from an APD officer or reducing the force respawn timer? Thanks.
  13. First
  14. Hi.