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  1. That issue is weird. If I put my hands up for an extended period of time, my frame rate gets lower and lower as time goes on (then back to normal once I put my hands down). Slightly off topic but I thought I should reply as I've had the same issue.
  2. Basically answered here: Him pointing the gun at you and giving you a demand is the hostile interaction in this case. It's implied that he will shoot you with that gun if you do not comply.
  3. Fair enough. I would think it would make gangs want to try to dominate the zones that are the most worth doing at the time. Are you commenting about the placeholder numbers or are you thinking of something else that I’m completely missing?
  4. Increase the base price of everything affected by the market but also make it so it takes less material on the market for the market fluctuation to come in to effect. Example (numbers placeholder) Meth is $3,000 each, cocaine is $2,500 each. Someone sells 100 meth to the market, which makes meth $2,000 each because of the market fluctuation. Cocaine is now more expensive and more worth it to craft instead of meth. The positive outcome I would hope for from this is to have the "top money making method" rotate around so that the less popular money making methods are more viable. This could be for just illegal ways or legal as well. Just a quick idea that popped in to my head. I haven't thought it through thoroughly or anything.
  5. I'm guilty of posting here for suggestions in the past but y'all know there's a suggestions/feedback forum topic right?
  6. spooooooooooooooon learn to embed omg
  7. Justice is served.
  8. Oh shucks! Darn. Yep, guess so. In all seriousness the viability of weather at the moment is probably fairly low due to performance. If it can be added without a large performance hit I’m all for it. It’s been a few years since we’ve had weather I believe and Arma has had a bit more than a few updates since, so I’d be happy to see what it’s like now and if it’s bad on performance then just remove it. It’s a bit of a compromise.
  9. Loved the weather when it was on Asylum. Nothing makes me more cozy than picking ephedra in the pouring rain.
  10. Put me in for grammar Nazi, chief
  11. Q: Why is my screen black? A: Press ESC and click Exit to Lobby. Ensure you're in a purple civilian slot or green independent slot. Blufor is for whitelisted officers only. Q: How do I access the Blufor (cop) slots? A: You must apply to become an APD officer. More information can be found here once you've registered on our forums. Q: Can we get Tanoa Life or Strife back? A: There are no plans in the future to bring these gamemodes game modesNo space between those words back. Just a couple of improvements I could see so far.
  12. Hmm - I hear that a lot. What makes having the oil cartel in the water on an actual oil rig, or spread across multiple oil rigs, a shitty idea in your opinion? "Just because" is a valid reason. Only curious. I personally am one of the people who would really enjoy seeing the oil cartel in the water, but I just want to see more water based activities to begin with.
  13. Hurray!
  14. I don't know how I feel about a non Canadian CM...
  15. Hah. Get Enclave back and revive it. It was such a respectable gang - one of my most memorable because they weren't complete asshats. Usually.