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  1. energy is so fiend for DP 5 house lmao
  2. WTB DP 22 house any server
  3. In game name: jose Hours spent on Asylum. 854 Wealth [Money]: 1.5M Age:22 Why do you want to join our gang? Looking for new home after coming back from a break, i just wanna wanan get down and fuck shit up What do you bring to the Autism N Rat forces? i been playing for good amount of time, i have great tactical communication and i have great shot. Do you know any members of our gang? N/a
  4. In-game name: Jose Age: 20 Hours in-game(screenshot) : 276 i know the requirement is 600 however poklee told me to apply hes my best bud Previous gangs: Drunk Squad Are you a cop: Yes Why do you want to join this gang: I have played with a few with your members and you guys seem pretty chill and decently organized, i am looking for a home in the island of 1 and i think i will fit in perfectly Tell us 3 things you are good at in-game: i am great at close combat, i have very good tac comms and my flying skills are superb
  5. - In-game name : Jose - Timezone :PST - Arma 3 Hours? : 550 - Previous Gangs : Drunk Squad - Who can vouch for you? you can talk to people from my gang in S4 drunk squad, i am very reliable member, i have a very good shot, and make a good amount of money every my balance right now is 250k in addition i am great to be around i have a unique personality
  6. In-game name - Age - 20 Timezone - PST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - 231 https://gyazo.com/bc5977e3af200bf824f28026162d180c Previous gangs - Drunk Squad(s4) APD rank (if any) - Constable Why should we accept you? - i been playing the altis and tonoa life for over 200 hours, my shot is really good and i am good with tac comms
  7. In-game name:jose Age:20 Hours in-game(screenshot) :169 https://gyazo.com/541f3a9c78a6f2f7810d28f81a21f37b?token=9f87bb37ea899cfd81ba09b71bd66eb0 Previous gangs:Goon Squad, Drunk Squad Are you a cop: Yes constable Why do you want to join this gang: i wanna play with good people in server 1 i was trying to save you early but i failed axha Tell us 3 things you are good at in-game I am good at making money meth runs are way of life i have really good aim i played cs for 6 years so its transfer over i have good tac comms to take down enemy groups
  8. In Game Name: Jose Age:20 Arma 3 Hours :200 however i play alot, i play around 4 hours on the weekdays and 6+ on weekends Do you have mic?yes Previous Gangs: Drunk Squad server 4 Why do you want to join CoRe? i am looking for a solid group to play with in server 3 that are friendly and skilled, i very financially stable i usually have 250k + on me at all time in addition i am great shot so i think i would be great addition to the gang Anyone who can vouch for you? n/a
  9. In game name: Jose Age:20 Location/Timezone:PST Arma 3 hours(screenshot): https://gyazo.com/11af59101e1f71c7f9d56eb8b444369e?token=97bdae5715264b0a871d37c4cffd2f49 142 hours Asylum hours:141 hours Previous gangs: n/a Asylum cash (screenshot): 270k https://gyazo.com/985620a741bd40601317cce84c5c5e12 Why do you want to join us? (2 sentences minimum):i been making alot of money lately i wanna be able to use it to do fun stuff, in adddition i heard you guys are really good and fun to play with and i think i would be a great addition to the team. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you?: n/a
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