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  1. Everyone that knows me knows I play cop most of the time and although I'd love to use that revive perk if I ever make Sergeant in the future I could definitely get behind a nerf to the talent. I've seen how strong it is, I feel it could be changed to something along the lines of being able to ignore the revive timer once or twice rather than infinitely. Something to discuss in the future I suppose.
  2. DonDurka


    Thus the kappa. My sarcasm is left unnoticed
  3. I would say this definitely needs to happen for all three (Infamy, Prestige and Honor).
  4. DonDurka


    Welcome to the community!
  5. Congratulations @Pizza Man and @Azeh! Well deserved I'm sure.
  6. Wow! Beyond words right now. I'm incredibly humbled and also excited for this opportunity to serve the community. Thank you!
  7. Thank you all for your work! The community is anxiously awaiting the fruits of your labor. Keep up the good work and I wish your mother well Jesse.
  8. So much yes Edit: The unorganized APD (as usual lol) perspective.
  9. Thanks guys! I'll enjoy the benefits y'all afforded us
  10. All I know is the cliffhangers in this show kill me lol.
  11. Still waiting patiently for whitelisted medics.
  12. Thanks Dev team. Good to see new content being pushed out.
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