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  1. DonDurka

    V2 feedback

    Being good at ArmA has absolutely nothing to do with my reply to your post. I told you what's happening, if you're not going to listen that's on you. Good day sir.
  2. DonDurka

    V2 feedback

    Bounty hunting among other things has to be scripted back into the new V2 mission their way. We were bound to lose initial features upon the release of V2 that hasn't been a secret. It's also no secret that bounty hunting will be brought back along with many other features. These things take time, they rewrote a mission file from the ground up this was no hot fix. They fixed server / mission file stability which could not be accomplished any other way. Server stability drove the population away from Asylum. This is the long game, no one is thinking that population will come back or all of the features will be brought back in a week or 2. You act and talk like you think they're purposely taking out features because they no longer want to incorporate them which is so far from the truth I don't even think your complaint is valid.
  3. DonDurka

    V2 IS LIVE

    I heard from one of our devs some time ago that this is an ArmA bug not an Asylum bug. I believe there are workarounds from what I've seen but I don't have the knowledge to comment on the issue further.
  4. DonDurka

    V2 IS LIVE

    After playing for around an hour tonight I have to say I wish I could play longer. Server / mission performance are at a level I never would have imagined. You guys did an insane job on this. Sure there are some issues which is to be expected but oh my god, the smoothness of the game now even with a server that's nearing capacity is insane. Thank you for your hard work, again. This is really what Asylum needed.
  5. DonDurka

    V2 IS LIVE

    The server is going to remain locked until some issues are resolved with Battle Eye and the new mission behaving well together as well as some other issues that I'm not fancy enough to give the specifics of. Vehicles will be persistent through soft restarts.
  6. DonDurka

    V2 IS LIVE

    Some of the players in the server are testing issues.
  7. DonDurka

    V2 IS LIVE

    Thank you for all the hard work leading up to this.
  8. DonDurka

    V2 feedback

    Yep, V2 looks good. Whitelisted medics are coming, that's all that matters to me. Future medic DonDurka at your service, citizen.
  9. As someone who owns a 17 ST, not bad.
  10. Support Team agrees @Mitch (IFRIT) is toxic
  11. Your crates will disappear but the storage will still be there, there's no reason to comp for crates that are already placed in a house being removed.
  12. Welcome back Grizz, I remember you. Despite a lot of delays due to real life setbacks we should have a new mission file very soon. You picked a good time to come back for sure. Sorry to hear about your mother as well. I went through the same thing with both my parents in the last 2 years, It's not easy for sure.
  13. I know all too well what happens when you put ArmA before life. Thanks for the updates.
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