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  1. Bi poded
  2. Identity will flop. They are struggling to put out Kavala square after a few years. I doubt the game will ever come out of beta.
  3. Pretty sure an admin gave him money. That or just random people on the server. He bought the RPG and the rockets on his own.
  4. I dont understand any of the code lol, thanks for the feedback I think this will be great
  5. So you pick up the body bag and take it to the court house? Or just scroll wheel and send to jail?
  6. It’s not like we all get FPS lag..... the server takes a shit and crashes. The reason you haven’t seen it is because the biggest fight that occurs on S1 is between the biggest kavala gang of the week and the APD.
  7. Fights are on S3 because S1 and S4 lag too much. You haven’t seen the lag because most fights are on S3.
  8. No, we’re all just tired of seeing you spam your shit tier montages on the forums shit at arma and shit at siege you should just stick to Minecraft kid
  9. Post montage 2 no balls
  10. Permission to do what exactly? I don’t know to much about all the Bohemia donation rules.
  11. Cant wait to ifrit drop on people on Identity after I engage the parking brake and roll my windows up
  12. No one that actually fights cartels wanted a water cap. Oil gives shit money so its not worth capping. The cap is terrible so its not worth fighting. Doesnt matter if you make 200 ways to get in if 199 require a wetsuit or a boat and the other way is hot dropping on top of people.
  13. Its clear people combat log to save their load out, bounty, time, or a combination of all 3. When someone gets a CL ban they should get an admin jail the second they log on the server and their bounty amount taken from their bank account and given to the reporter (Up to 100k). Guarantee people wont combat log as often.
  14. Not gonna write an essay explaining how aids the market system is on Olympus but ask someone that’s down group runs how fun it is making sure everyone sells at once and then having to run another drug because the one you just ran has a saturated market. I’d take the rotating fields over the ultra sensitive market any day. Something that might be a cool addition would be having a high demand legal and illegal money maker each restart. The profit would be roughly 15% more for each and you would check the market on your phone to see which money maker has high demand. Could lead to some fights at the high demand drug locations.
  15. Idk how its going to be scripted but anyone should be able to put vehicles into the garage similar to the gang bank. But only the highest rank/second highest rank should be able to pull from it.