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  1. Insane!!!!!
  2. Server no longer has performance issues because they can no longer reach high pop.
  3. Loos like our roleplay was cut short brother.
  4. Ur nuts
  5. Olympus is pretty fun. Need to remove the hawks though that shit is aids
  6. Save your breath for the 30th I’m sure hot wings will be out in full force defending the disaster that got released. Like how you gonna charge 200 dollars for a car and deliver a map as big as Kavala square in 3 years of development lmao
  7. Quite a few emergency landings last night.
  8. I know Azeh isnt an admin but he seems to know most of what goes on behind the scenes It was then confirmed by Henry to be a thing
  9. So you are suggesting an arma hour requirement and not a Asylum hour requirement? I could see needing 300 hours on arma 3 to participate.
  10. Play time requirements???? How are we even supposed to check aside from messaging the admins? Because if I’m making a team I need to be able to check and see that everyone is steadily getting their hours in. For Olympus gang wars our team had 4-5 people AFK hours to hit the 150hour requirement. It doesn’t prevent players from other servers from participating it just wastes everyone’s time.
  11. When will there be guns in the game? 2019 SWAT module?
  12. They will acknowledge but nothing will ever change. This server has dropped in population by 50% in a year. By next Christmas there will be one server and the devs will continue to think they are doing everything right.
  13. Didn’t you get promoted and immediately transferred? Why does server 3 need 8 LTs when the server never has more than 15 people on it?
  14. Don’t whitelist those P3 retards to the other servers lmao no one wants them