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  1. Devs could change everything listed and it still wouldn't revive gang life. The servers are too laggy to support fights with 70+ people on the server.
  2. I think his point was that they still dont do enough damage to warrant a 50k price tag. 50k for a rocket that disables a vehicle is a bit steep dont you think?
  3. He took a screen shot of what Gnashes said in SGT chat. Olio confirmed the screenshot was legit. You're just being an ass
  4. Make a new forum account. Say you are 17. If they ask for proof take a friends school ID that is 17 and send a picture of it to the LT. Just remember to put that you are 17 y/o if you apply to a gang. gl!
  5. Yea I'm gonna need an unban. My plane ran out of fuel and was seeing if anyone in the tower had extra
  6. dead af the other 5 days of the week
  7. Crazy how a gang can disband over gang wars............ only like 3 of our members quit arma after we lost I'm so grateful
  8. Suck his dick more you might get admin before Bamf shuts down the servers
  9. I don't think Asylum is close to death. But gang life's been dead for a while and anyone with even a few fingers is following the people you guys banned off of montage clips.
  10. It needs to cost something. The current pop up is aids and having some new SGT spamming a message every time a Prowler leaves coke field would be terrible.
  11. Are cops able to use the announcement from Channel 4 news tower? I dont see why cops should get a free server broadcast when civs pay 30k.
  12. I'm 99% sure it's falcon. A Sargeant.
  13. That kids smoking dick if he thinks you can craft an orca for less than 60k without panagia and having gathered the resources already. And somehow 60k is even a reasonable price for a heli that can be shot down by a rook.
  14. I also consider gang life suggestions "Porn"