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  1. I hope not. Its something the community has asked for and we haven't seen a content update for a year.
  2. I found this screen shot on the Silky road grotty gang thread. I dont see how its any different from recruiting into a gang. SGT's have to go through a process to accept applications and Lieutenants give those people interviews. If someone with as much notoriety in the community can make it past both maybe consider some additional training/steps to accept people into the APD @captains. Double standard for cops and civs once
  3. :36 @ApacheWarrior with the fancy footwork good plays man!
  4. What a joke
  5. Well, I know that whenever you invite someone to the gang they have to relog to join the gang group so Im guessing the server will only put you into the gang group when you connect and there is no way to rejoin it besides relogging.
  6. Is there anything you can do to fix the clothing bug? (Clothing/Vests not showing so you have to relog or "tap" the clothing store) Also gang group has been broken since I started playing on the servers. Random people can glitch in to gang group, if you join a group you have to relog to rejoin gang group, sometimes people glitch out. Its honestly a mess so anything you can do to make it worth using would be nice.
  7. Add a downvote button @bamf
  8. LE before the rank adjustments is like current MGE. If you weren’t supreme/global than you really were not that good. And RWS means nothing without context. We’re you probably playing shitters in rank D+.
  9. Everyones leaving or getting banned
  10. Log the boys on and make 288 groups with 10-30 people on the server . See if it crashes
  11. On Olympus they doubled the price of qilins and decreased the ifrit price last patch. I have seen one ifrit since and it’s been a month. Wouldnt be hard to make the qilin/prowler balenced, make the car illegal and nerf the tires. If that’s done the APD prowler would need to be taken away though. I would also like to see some buffs to the hatch sport and SUV tires @bamf . Give us an alternative to the qilin. Ifrit price reduction would be nice as well.
  12. turn on server 3 the other 2 are shitting the bed
  13. 5 LT's and 1 SGT glad to see we have some more people that think the MK1 is impossible to spray with
  14. 1:40 sit @ChicoXL