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  1. Even the cartel location changes which has been given to Mitch hasn’t been done. Shouldn’t be too hard to throw a couple pictures on a thread and have the community vote or ask gangs which ones would be best.
  2. @Blade Got to get SGT back somehow lol
  3. Strife was boring but gang life came back for a bit when everyone had a garage full of ifrits and maxed bank accounts. I remember both temper and tenacity coming back from inactivity.
  4. Looks like you both died in EFT
  5. Short because there's no fights
  6. If you really want them removed then next time someone’s doing a bank go to sniper hill and one shot the orca sitting on bank roof from 600m away. Happened to my orcas multiple times since the RPG’s were buffed.
  7. Trilligy told me the devs won’t add the gun because community members will find ways to get the .50 cal rounds.
  8. Had the same bug. I think I learned the Perk for buying hunters and I was able to buy hellcats.
  9. @Sky-. The constipated 14 year old and @revise the lethal authorizer needs their money back too, we arnt putting the pitch forks down yet!
  10. He then sold them all and dropped the money you forgot that part
  11. Been times where I have just logged off because I can’t even go cap a cartel without the cops showing up. It’s way too hard to log on 10+ for the chance that cops will show up. I could probably get 3-4 on if there was actual gangs on to fight but no one wants to fight cops. I agree that the 20 minute timer is laughable as well. It takes most gangs over 20 minutes to push again so if you are trying to fight another gang multiple times the cops just continue to come back and ruin the fight.
  12. Anyone else watching in 2018?
  13. Server is dying, there will never be fighting like there used to be. The only way to get some good fights are reapereds events. No one wants to fight cops at a cartel.
  14. @bamf @Gnashes It would be nice if the rebel/gang community had some sort of way we could voice our opinions before the captains do things like decide cops can start going to cartels. We cant say anything until its implemented by then its hard to get it removed. Looking at who voted it seems like people that actively fight cartels dont want cops raiding cartels.
  15. If we wanted to fight cops we would do a bank. No one wants to go to jail for fighting cartels. Getting people to join gangs that actively fight cartels will solve the problem, not bringing the cops.