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  1. Doesnt matter if RPG's are the norm or not. Or even if they're fun. They are not balanced. No reason you should be able to shoot a projectile and instantly blow up any vehicle in the mission, armor or not. There is zero counter play. Also gonna point out that they do not have RPG's on Olympus for this same reason. They are OP and no price tag will keep people away from using it.
  2. The montages only came after the damage handler was removed. And its not just DS. Its every gang now.
  3. @Blake Suley gave me the idea. I dont think its game changing but I imagine it would be easy to implement and helpful for people that decide to run guns instead of drugs.
  4. Just because they're new doesn't mean they shouldn't face the same risks as everyone else. Ive been a cop for a while and have never actually been in a situation where a hatch/quad held more than 5k in contraband so I dont know what you mean by seizing every hatch back.
  5. Why is it considered robocopping to Seize trucks at the drug fields but no one cares when the hemmit that held gold bars get seized? Its not robocopping, its part of the risk of running drugs in large vehicles.
  6. Nerf/Remove RPG's. (They currently one shot armored vehicles such as ifrits so adding the damage handler back would prevent that). There is absolutely no counter play to the current RPG situation. They cost around 20k and can blow up orcas on bank roof from far east (Around 500m away). They also one shot vehicles such as ifrits as they push the cap or hunters as they push the bank. The current RPG situation makes people not want to pull armor. I dont believe a simple price increase will be enough to deter their use and so I suggest adding the damage handler back or removing them entirely. Add "Civilian Representatives" that will be brought into dev meetings and discuss future changes. Obviously we have the Suggestions forum but our ideas can often times be overlooked or misconstrued. Type too much and people dont read it. Type too little and you cant get your point across. Giving the community a voice in the dev meetings will help ensure the changes are for the better. I will note that Mitch made a good effort when he was brought on as Community manager. He put on a VPN and went around to multiple gang team speaks to see what issues are of the biggest concern. I'd like to see more of that if another community manager is brought on. Make it so cops receive money for seizing vehicles based on the cost of the vehicle. (Seizing an ifrit should give the cops around 40k) I dont think this will be too controversial. If the cops manage to capture vehicles holding contraband they should receive payment when seizing the vehicle. Increase the minimum bounty able to get turned in by a bounty hunter to 10k (Please read my reasoning below before voting) Cops always complain (Myself included) that cop life is turning into more of a driving simulator. Lets give them something to do by forcing the bounty hunters out of the cities and after the bigger bounty's cops are unable to track or not skilled enough to take down. Add the ability to get infamy for crafting illegal vehicles/weapons at black market I'd say around 5 infamy per gun or 20 per vehicle would be a nice incentive to keep crafting items.
  7. No way to keep them from cartels besides adding something like an invisible spike strip that spans the free fire line and drug peninsula opening. Also RPGS's currently one shot ifrits so Im not sure if removing qilins completely would be beneficial right now.
  8. If no qilin nerf happens I will add a poll for complete removal in my next post. But honestly the community seems very split on the issue so reply with other ways to limit their use.
  9. Could also just remove qilins/prowlers but ifrits would need to be cheaper and SUV’s/Hatchsbacks would need tire buffs
  10. I thought the same thing but after talking with a few people it seems most are against a complete removal because hatchbacks/SUVS offer zero protection. Of course that begs the question of should everyone be allotted a cheap vehicle that offers a wall of protection against every gun in the server. Currently bad positioning is often gone unpunished because of the strength of qilins.
  11. But you dont drive directly from the distillery to wongs to sell scotch. You will always age scotch in a house and then sell it. So no price decrease would occur. Coke castle wasnt that bad of a cap. But its distance kept it from being fought. The same applies to the spirit distillery. Its so far away that the cops dont check it.
  12. Nerf qilins/prowlers by making them illegal and tripling the base price. Qilin meta is too strong. If they arnt allowed in gang wars that should say something about how much they are wanted. Move Spirit distillery closer to a main town so cops will check it. Spirit is almost never checked. Only SGT's seem to do it while on heli patrols. Moving it closer to a main town or road will increase the risk of running scotch and help cops make money. Remove how the Bank/Fed payout is decided upon how close the server is to restarting The best fed/bank payout is made when racing against the clock to get to rebel before restart. But with only hard restarts you lose the hemmit of gold if you dont make it. Also makes people not want to do consecutive banks/feds after a restart because the payout is abysmal. Add the ability to claim illegal vehicles at chop shop for 50% of the vehicles cost. Increase eveyones illegal vehicle inventory by allowing them to be claimed at the chop shop. Change Pyrgos HQ to allow for more HQ attacks. (I suggest removing the towers/Adding an alternate entrance) Pyrgos HQ has so much more defenses than any other HQ. Air HQ has 2 entrances and 2 deer stands compared to Pyrgos's one entrance, 3 deer stands, and 3 towers. It needs a nerf to allow gangs a fair chance at saving their friends. After the success of the last thread I will add that by keeping this thread clean of personal attacks and other drama we may see some positive changes.
  13. You dont have to deal with cops if you have a rebel house. And heli's to leave. Also increases gear time substantially.
  14. Better than having 3 gangs attempt to gear at one rebel. They could put it anywhere as long as its close to the cartels.
  15. @bamf @Gnashes @Gen. Henry Arnold I think this is about as many votes that will come in. Hopefully you will take the community’s opinion into consideration when creating the next patch or we may be down to 1 server after winter break.