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  1. LMNOP
  2. I feel like I should get SGT for the weekend and lead the squeakers
  3. Nothing. The house could only be used for camping heroin. Half the restarts. Waste of a house slot.
  4. I think Slayin got permed for something similar. But Im not too sure its enforced after seeing the Tom and Winchester thread.
  5. This @MatthewV guy seems like a real gem.
  6. Sell the house to market and then buy it back.
  7. Make me corporal
  8. Rotating Police HQ's please. Lets not forget about our boys in blue.
  9. Never played on ALRP. Do cops only lethal? And whats up with so many kills on the highway?
  10. Policy Update 3+ points to any officer that refers to a cadet as "cadet"
  11. Make them expensive. Like, 300k and non craftable. Turn rotorlib off. Problem solved, you now have risk. Risk to your bank account and not being able to replace it. And still the possibility of it being shot down/stolen. A taru could become a nice endgame vehicle.
  12. how much for each
  13. He did this without panagia and post nerf. Its probobly not much more profitable than a coke run tbh. The old gun running was op. 8k per AK12 and the price never lowered. And with panagia you could craft a few extra guns per run.
  14. b
  15. b