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  1. pm me it
  2. Dont listen to hotwings. Likely doesnt hit double diget hours for time played on Asylum in the last 5 months and yet he spends 3 hours a day on the forums. Hes so out of touch even for a career cop on rebel issues.
  3. Fire your buddy and hire @OperationSB this kid watches like 4 hours of anime every day
  4. Perm anyone that alt-f4's or uses shift minus end mission. Also perm anyone that VDM's because they are cheating as well. Lets also get Perms to all kavala retards that dupe rooks for the first time. Might as well perm people that change their FOV because that is also cheating.
  5. You are giving your self likes from another account you made........... The only joke is you
  6. Keep the prestige system because we all know it's staying. Have the server keep a 10% flat rate of the money you pull from prestige instead of going up to 75%. How good is 5mil in prestige when you have 100k in the bank?
  7. @Gnashes Do people watch hentai to jerk off or is it more of a anime that gets you hard?
  8. The great DDOS war of 2017 lead most to change their names while in game so they dont get hit off. That with the fact that some gangs will only fight "randoms" because they are afraid of losing to a known gang. While I agree people play differently when the opponent is thought to be dogshit, that doesn't excuse the fact that the kid in the video completely whiffed. Like, would he have hit the shot if he knew it was Crunchedd? EDIT: I dont know if his name is actually "Rat Sprinkler" but Im pretty sure he is using another name because he knows hes bad. He may be tagged but no one knows who he is.
  9. That 30 mil is usable. The 10 mil in prestige is not.
  10. I just want a Stellar grotty gang where the whole video is us saying N***** and calling each other shit.
  11. While your at it @bamf remove gov tax from rebel ty
  12. The Olympus menu stuff isnt really needed. The Shift-R they have to restrained tased players is amazing though. You dont have to mess with scroll wheel while looking at the downed guy. Really good in situations where you are restraining in active fire fights.
  13. How you know Im banned from that tekkit server??? LOL. I'm gonna do 60fps for now on. Recommended Bit rate?
  14. Its a Saturday night. Week days are dead af
  15. I cant even read it