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  1. how do i screen shot my age?


    1. Rafael


      You dont, you screen shot your talent points 

    2. Rafael


      You write your DOB along with your age

  2. Its hitting PR tomorrow... We about to sink down to the ocean
  3. Jesus this is gold...
  4. You are seriously the most disrespectful SGT not just on P1 but on the entire APD. You have just lost any kind of respect I had for you. @Jaeger We need a lock here, this went off topic the second it started.
  5. Of course
  6. I sincerely regret ever thinking you'd make a good SGT. You are legit the definition of everything wrong with the APD
  7. So is giving wrongfully verbal warnings So is paintballing a cadet after telling the cadet to stop doing something that is not against the rules So is metagaming Don't this things sound familiar to you?
  8. APD works better with straight common coms, no need to complicate our officer more with silly 10 codes. This is a game, also a light RP server..
  9. Be original my dude, that's the art of role play.. Coming out with your own stories or scenarios.
  10. .... Stop pls
  11. Would be a great addition. Playing with the same old vehicles gets old. would be nice to have some change in the ELS. +1
  12. @Survivalizer danmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Grats brother. No more slat for the day now, eh?
  13. He actually is terrible