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  1. Congrats guys! @Smee Future FSA admin @HomeTrlx @YuSheng @Term beaner
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ice-arrests-rapper-21-savage-at-border-report
  3. Increasing the price of suicide vests is interfering with the FSA’s training of the FSM soldiers, decrease the prices or @Eazy Reformed Good Boy Will fly to you and beat you up
  4. This is all it needs to be right here
  5. Shit my team can get blown out 100-0 tmr by the saints but I’d still be happy since the cowgirls lost
  6. Lmaoooo imagine having .ahk and “I do not Ddos” in your Instagram.... how antisocial can you be
  7. Might as well comp everyone who died in the video
  8. Maybe a sports section would be nice so I can roast @Clint Beastwood when the patriots lose next week
  9. I have 4 of them, offer a price
  10. Eh it's 50/50 close to spirit but you have to sacrifice storage i guess
  11. Server: 2 House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40K Location (Town/DP#): North of spirit Asking Price: offer or all for 300k Description: Some 40k's really close to scotch, can hold 1 crate/barrel each (They'll always be able to hold 1 from now on) Pictures/Video Walk-through:
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