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  1. Look at the date for the last time he posted. As for Bamf, idk where he's been
  2. o7 <3
  3. Finally a reason to launch the game
  4. @Poseidon
  5. This is the most entertainment I've gotten from Asylum in a while
  6. o7
  7. All I know is that the cowboys aren’t making it @Buck
  8. @Smarty Lmaooo, that day was funny af
  9. oof 1:20 @Roice
  10. @Bcrichjosh hahahahahahah
  11. Look's like the admin policy is the same over there.... plz no ban, Free Aleec
  12. <18:28:48> "[Lucky™] Lucky™" was removed from server group "Sergeant" by "Kevin". <18:28:52> "[Lucky™] Lucky™" was added to server group "Corporal" by "Kevin".
  13. His final words <17:08:07> "Aleec Spazeed (Alec-I)": brother <17:08:11> "Aleec Spazeed (Alec-I)": asylum will go on