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  1. +1
  2. I live like 40 mins south from that shits crazy
  3. Looks cool aside from the way the cop runs
  4. Is that Meek Mill's song in the intro?
  5. @frantic no
  6. okay Mr Icon Aleec Spazeed
  7. Where do i sign up to become an official Fudger fanboy
  8. Ok who guessed his accounts password this cant be true
  9. Wowowwwww sams parkinglot<3
  10. The APD has probably had more people apply in the last 6 hours then your gang has in the past year
  11. You'll get there one day. just not for a while...
  12. Does that include rubber
  13. 39k for 30-45 mins... it’s been a while since I ran oil on the boat but I remember that being something like 65k in 40 mins Edit: try making it so the truck processes the oil itself or something so it takes less time and makes it worth it
  14. first... fucking @Clint Beastwood nvm the voices are golden