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  1. @Clint Beastwood now I don’t have to worry about locking and unlocking my Prowler anymore just to get VDM by some random civ....
  2. The whole you didn’t tell them your name so they shouldn’t know who you are isn’t really done over here, unfortunately there are robo cops so if you feel you are being abused just request an higher up
  3. They could’ve saw your name or sidechat, it’s a light rp server not too heavy
  4. Then that’s assisted kidnapping
  5. That my friend is kidnapping (assuming you moved him)
  6. Unfortunately for you this is a light rp server, if you kidnap an officer they’d have all the way up till restart to find and charge you, you are able to role play a bit but when you kill the two officers and then turn yourself in right after, you shouldn’t expect much
  7. Hot drop god rogueeeeee
  8. @BishopActual
  9. Looks like he took a good bite out of you
  10. I see nothing wrong here, this is just the FSAPD completing our mission for Allah
  11. Looks great, tyy
  12. Name/words wanted on the GIF: Kevvv GIF(You can send me one or I can find one for you): Something Kanye west or Lil Uzi vert related Font (If you do not know I will pick one for you): you pick Different Size:(Y/N): Whatever fits my profile background Anything else? <3
  13. I think it’s best we leave it how it is and if anything lower the percentage paid if lethaled a bit more to try and convince officers to down more
  14. Thank you<3 @bamf