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  1. I LOVE YOU i knew something was up when i saw the macbeth name on steam lol
  2. @Midamaru to be fair tho the amount of times i get charged w disobeying without being warned on that server is prettyyyy high
  3. sigh ik, was lazy...
  4. if we play tagged you guys dont show we were literally asking for fights earlier in the day and you guys wouldn't come so we changed our names and guess what you guys finally came, also go fix your router and stop crying
  5. beat them at a fight and they make instant excuses then said we won because we were playing under undercover names...
  6. Yea fuck that @Obu Obu Obu guy he never drops gear for me when i kidnap him
  7. I did his mock ra do i get a medal?
  8. Lol love youuu come backkk
  9. -1 @2:50 Exploit lol jk nice work man
  10. Is he really a country feller?
  11. @SafeMode yea fuck you lol
  12. @RoguePilot bet you'd love this lol
  13. Must be nice to get good stuff from the packs....