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  1. About time we execute the plan Amir Aleec, @Clint Beastwood You are first
  2. oof
  3. ha... heard that one before
  4. @Alec-I x10
  5. NFL

    Won more then the Nfc east, don't ask about this year tho
  6. How's your monitor
  7. I vote @Tony. <3 you tonerz
  8. Cya

    Come pick me up from college
  9. Imagine getting mad over a video game that looks like gmod and has a $40 cat... YIKES
  10. I mean it doesn’t help when he acts the way he does towards other people
  11. @Smarty is still the only person I know who spent that much and won 5 mil i think
  12. Woah man, I didn’t choose to be put on p3...
  13. Nah, I’m pretty sure most of us would want to transfer precincts but that’s not really our choice
  14. Wow man we got some real edgy gamer's arguing here boys!
  15. Look at the date for the last time he posted. As for Bamf, idk where he's been