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  1. @HomeTrlx
  2. When the servers get enough players on each theyd come up and it has been a pretty popular weekend for the servers so who knows as for what you said about twinkie, if you're going to bring up the topic about people being kicked then you shouldn't be talking after all...
  3. Its currently up
  4. Whattt frantic nooo
  5. well that sounds good but what if the servers barely ever reach enough players to bring 2 or in some rare cases 3 up, say 2 maybe only comes up like twice a week.
  6. So is the thing Gnashes said actually going to happen? cause what @Steve has mentioned multiple times sounds like a better plan to me instead of messing everything up involving Precincts, House value, etc
  7. @william oh god look how big and mighty he is, i can see the Milsim in him
  8. Stay safee
  9. Just make a new forum account before you become a meme
  10. Aren’t you the same person who said to keep the servers down?
  11. Option 2 in this case would be Get Cpl> Go on uc slot>Buy a bag xd
  12. So you’re telling me the 80+ for certain servers to be up thing will be happening?
  13. Wow ok too far... still 10-2
  14. already had that typed out ez promo
  15. whats youre paypal i can change that xd jk