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  1. oof 1:20 @Roice
  2. @Bcrichjosh hahahahahahah
  3. Look's like the admin policy is the same over there.... plz no ban, Free Aleec
  4. <18:28:48> "[Lucky™] Lucky™" was removed from server group "Sergeant" by "Kevin". <18:28:52> "[Lucky™] Lucky™" was added to server group "Corporal" by "Kevin".
  5. His final words <17:08:07> "Aleec Spazeed (Alec-I)": brother <17:08:11> "Aleec Spazeed (Alec-I)": asylum will go on
  6. @jcaldwell2112 nice guy
  7. Wait someone actually gave him $100, shit I have to make one of these
  8. Just do Van runs if you have the dlc, if not try Mohawk runs as for smash and grabs, the only nerf I can think of that won’t completely delete smash and grabs but rather make them harder is if they add fed and bank guard duty(spawn at the nearest hq) like how there’s the prison guard duty due to how much longer it can take to softlog for people
  9. no clint.... edit:fuck he got it
  10. Just go tell the admin that that happened and they'd unban you, At least they did my buddy when he got banned for this, although i do think he got the officer to tell the admin so just always record incase
  11. Eh wasn’t too expensive and we got 280k from the bank we were at with him but after what he did to William... I had to
  12. Paid good money to buy you off of them just so @william can feel better after what you did to him
  13. Congrats to all @Roicesb niceeeeee