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  1. your bad at memes
  2. Hows the motorcycle gang coming along?
  3. I am confuzed what is this about?
  4. DK was about lethal you
  5. I wanna see it
  6. Thanks for the educationally video
  7. Notice the suicide vest
  8. who even is dick romney?
  9. LIKE OMG YOUR GOD!!! 0:50 You killed a guy coming up a ladder and like every other kill was always someone wide open in the middle of nowhere
  10. In-Game Name HaydenD Gang Name (if part of one) none Guns wanted AK-12 Quantity of Each Gun 128 x AK-12 (we gonna kill everyone in kavala)
  11. And that matters? @Valencia
  12. Legend has it @rockchuck fired a shot 4 years ago and its still traveling to its target till this very day...
  13. Are you getting a testosterone booster?
  14. is this a real life script?