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  1. EthanS

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Big oof
  2. EthanS

    Montage 2

  3. EthanS

    Free runescape member

    I know there are a few people on here that like runescape or maybe interested in it. Twitch prime has a free membership gift rn so go get that if you are interested before its gone.
  4. EthanS

    Fix Panagia Helicopter Spawn

    I think that’s been fixed already
  5. EthanS

    Feenix Hot Hot drops

    legendary video
  6. EthanS

    Something New

    I just don’t think mods would work with asylum I know a lot of people that just don’t wanna deal with them and enjoy have enjoyed vanilla arma for 1000s of hours. I just don’t think asylum is the community for mods
  7. EthanS

    need girl advice (srs)

    Reminds me of this reddit post (look at the subreddit too)
  8. EthanS

    New pc build opinion

    Looks pretty solid
  9. EthanS

    Re-add seatbelts

    O now I see. It is worded weird I understand now
  10. EthanS

    Re-add seatbelts

    Please no
  11. EthanS

    Re-add seatbelts

    You are playing the wrong server if you want immersion. The best immersion you will get here is somebody teabagging your dead body
  12. EthanS

    Minitage 1