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  1. @Barkin take notes
  2. Can i afk and make 60k an hour?
  4. Oilio is a community manager.
  5. Who wants to have a roleplay house party with me! Its is gonna be so lit!!!
  6. Lmfao just looked on the reddit and everyone is saying they are getting refunds. RIP Asylum fuck identity. Good meme on the reddit
  7. You should put in the title *Spoilers*
  8. Better development than asylum?
  9. your video is ass ... and telling you the truth makes me a 100% better person than all the guys that liked your post because you told them to I was not told to like it and i know my friends were also not told to like it. it was a funny meme
  10. The server hits 50 at prime time
  11. Look the server pop. I have not seen a full server in ages
  12. can i suck your dick
  13. Scum, great idea terrible execution imo
  14. I stopped playing a couple weeks ago