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  1. Lmfao reapered retires and goes on a flaming spree. I love it.
  2. Mr.Ballbags's Reaction
  3. It legitimate criticism. He is right don’t montage you killing nakeds with sdars even if you killed 6 of them. Just take the criticism and make a better 3rd instead of starting a flame war
  4. Dafuq
  5. Masterpiece
  6. o7 innate
  7. I may not be an og but last year was a lot of fun for me and all my friends
  8. I got bored in study hall and started looking at my old vids and I wanna see yours now, post all of your throwback vids, here are some of mine was worth the ban^
  9. f
  10. Steve, you used them on west rock like 5 times in a day it was amazing
  11. I like LeBron James more