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  1. Ram was probably being used in different places and rust wasn’t getting what it needed
  2. Minecraft best game don’t @ me
  3. Just be this “man” https://people.com/human-interest/wyley-simpson-pregnant-man-baby-boy-texas/amp/
  4. Squire/Sarg/Allaround bot reporting for duty o7
  5. EthanS


    I just had an eargasm
  6. YeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeah
  7. i prefer it going straight to GB just to prevent general aids like people sitting outside cap just to shoot you when you take it or some random kid who just joined your gang from taking all the cartel money However i do see both sides in that it could make more fights and this creates a kinda risk to it but i still prefer GB over the fridge system
  8. EthanS

    world war z

    Why is everything going to the epic store. It would be so much easier if every game was just on steam
  9. Damn this song threw me back wtf
  10. Wait a minute, this was never suppose to happen https://www.twitch.tv/mrhollyhock/clip/NurturingTenuousWaspRaccAttack
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