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  1. Shit I should have applied. I know French. So many French Canadians play here.
  2. You can't be seriously considering wiping the servers @BaDaBiNg_10-8. I think this would really drive people away. Why come play on what you have built for years if it just gets wiped? Don't do it.
  3. BeefPatty

    Peace Out

    Good riddance I say.
  4. I agree, Kavala is empty as fuck now. Nobody does weed but if there were a better drug....
  5. I'll give you 20 Ak-12s, 10 AKMs, 2 rockets and a bunch of mags
  6. @sealooter I'll give you 1 mil for it right now.
  7. This is stolen from Olypus?
  8. @Mitch (IFRIT) eta on Vehicle Factory being fixxed? can't sell vehicles?
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