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  1. WORK IN PROGRESS AVAILABLE ON MARCH 2ND 2019 Welcome to the Yacht Club, we have all your needs covered when it comes to guns, gear and barley. Our associates are skilled in the manufacture of firearms that are best used to murder cops, rival gangs and the occasional Kavala rat. The barley that is produced by the Yacht Club is of the highest quality, hand selected as seeds that are then grown on the finest fields the island has to offer. We offer bundles on all our products. Just think of how much time you will save by buying in bulk for your entire gang, or for personal use. RULES OF PURCHASE: You will come to me, there are NO exceptions to this rule. I am not a taxi service. Money will be transferred or given to me directly before any goods leave my property. Once the goods are loaded onto your property they are yours and cannot be refunded, nor am I responsible to what happens to your or the goods once they are given to you. I am not a charity. CURRENT INVENTORY: Katiba(x16) AMMO: 32 mags AK-12(x16) AMMO: 32 mags(shared) AKM(X16) AMMO: 32 mags(shared) Mk18(x16) AMMO: 32 mags(shared) MK-1(x16) AMMO: 32 mags(shared) Mk14(x16) AMMO: 32 mags(shared)
  2. Looking for a shed in or around Kavala. Also looking for a house with an ATM attached in or around Kavala.
  3. @Clint Beastwood whenever you are on can I talk to you in TS?
  4. I'd like to say thank you to @Reapered @Gnashes @Mitch (IFRIT) @SharingWriter and anyone else that was involved in me getting un-permed and allowing me to have a second chance.
  5. They made this retard a SGT? LOL
  6. @Mitch (IFRIT) I'm a homosexual I'd like this player banned.
  7. I remember this little man child a few months back slurping the semen straight from APD higher ups. This kid is a cheat and a corrupt individual, lies about things he sees you doing while you are on Civ just to give you more charges. My feedback would be to cut off the supply of APD higher up semen to this kid so he can shrivel away and become the pesky little RDMer that he loves to be while on cop. I guess the APD would promote anyone nowadays. Doesn't surprise me honestly.
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