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  1. first player i've seen thats nuttier than xehons
  2. nuttiest hard aimer on asylum
  3. Just bought one. Will let you know what happens.
  4. i can only imagine how the onyx v2 vs EXG fights get ruined by cops. unlucky man.
  5. absolute monster
  6. @bamf @Gnashes
  7. yes because those are 2 things that are easy as fuck to implement. and adding the old bank back and putting cartel money straight into gang bank isn't going to bring gang life back. my point was that there's clearly some issues with the asylum mission file that's causing server performance issues yet they're too lazy to fix it. I don't see this as "trying" when they cant implement things that they promised months ago.
  8. Ideas aren’t bad. But once again the fact that people are still putting in effort to come up with ideas for the devs is kinda sad. I think it’s pretty clear at this point that none of the ideas we give are going to be implemented. It’s like talking to a wall.
  9. No shit he's the community manager and he's doing a great job in my opinion at trying to forward ideas to the devs. We've had several talks with mitch about tons of different ideas but at this point anything that requires a lot of work isn't going to be coded due to the laziness of the devs. The reason we get frustrated is because it's always a bunch of career cops that are giving ideas and they're only ideas that benefit cop game play rather than rebel game play which is basically the only way to revive asylum at this point. Practically every cartel gang is now off asylum due to people exploring other communities and seeing how much more they actually care about regular updates and improving their servers. To use an example, asylum devs are using the same old excuse of "It's a bohemia issue for the server lag" when I haven't experienced anything like asylum's lag on any other servers. It's pretty clear at this point that it's just them being lazy and not wanting to change some things in the mission file to not stress the servers so much.
  10. you really got me retard!! gave me a forum point for a dead community
  11. Got Badabing'd
  12. There sure are a lot of fights for us to utilize this ifrit skin!!!
  13. KillaJr back at it again with another banger
  14. Oof. You literally made up an entire fucking story on us ddossing tryhard. Ever since I've talked to tryhard I liked him and thought he was a cool dude. You're literally making up a bunch of bullshit stories and throwing people under the bus. You know damn well kid that I never said any of the shit you claim I said. Vid honestly made me laugh because it just shows what you'll do to get trial in a gang to rebuild your "reputation". Pathetic. Saying shit like "we aren't friends anymore" yet you ask me to play with you and help you fight daily and ask me to play siege daily. Just sad you have to make up stories about other people just to try to rebuild your reputation. I was one of the few people that actually defended you in most situations. Wont be anymore. Hope your rep goes up a bit more from this because you'll need it.
  15. Can confirm Mathews booter hurts