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  1. Even more retarded then tbh. Why not just wait until they finish it it's even worse we have to actually depend on them to be on to bring the servers up when they're already inactive not only inside of the game but also outside of the game.
  2. That's the thing is they didn't. They just added it without saying anything. And now when the servers do get 80+ players it seems they don't turn on automatically and they have to do it manually. They've been off all morning and now suddenly s3 is up. So they either fixed it or they actually have to manually bring the servers up.
  3. dev's are retarded. probably said they implemented something but in reality they really didn't. The devs didn't even make an update post to update us on what they were doing to the servers. All I can say is let them tbh, the servers are just gonna die quicker the more they pull stupid shit like this.
  4. UPDATE: They just did the complete opposite of what they should be doing...they really upped the player count to 110 players on the servers? These servers can barely handle around 80 people. Not sure what it's going to do having the extra 10 slots on there but i'd imagine it's not gonna be good. Also, both of the servers have 80+ players and the other servers have yet to turn on. Not sure if the dev's are just full of shit and didn't really implement this new feature or if it's just broken..
  5. I'm all for giving it a chance. This is why I want opinions of other people just to see what others think about it. Just kind of annoyed atm that without warning they just shut down the servers. If this is going to be a permanent thing I would rather just sell everything I own and move to s1 or s4 at that point. It does seem like when the servers are completely full they seem to run into more issues compared to when there's 70-80 players on. That's just what I've experienced. Also, all of a sudden asylum's population seemed to jump up over the past week or 2. From what I heard it's because steam had some sale for Arma so a bunch of new players started joining. I guess that's why I'm confused if the reason they're doing this is to attract new players since it seems like the new players that bought Arma during that sale have had no problems with finding asylum as one of the more "popular" altis servers.
  6. Just noticed today that they implemented the new idea of the servers going on / off based off of the server population. For those of you that don't know as long as servers 1 and 4 don't have at least 80 players on each server then servers 2 and 3 will remain offline. In my own personal opinion this is an awful feature to have implemented. Why in the world would you waste your time adding something like this rather than working on something that's more important? I'm really trying to find a way to look at this as a positive change but I just cant. I hate to say it but as we all know this community is already dying and from my experience the only time that 2 servers have at least 80+ people on them is on the weekends. So does this mean that servers 2 and 3 will be pretty much perma shut off during the week and only up during the day on weekends? For a player like me who mainly plays on s3 I'm curious as to how the hell I'm supposed to let my scotch age if the server is only up for a couple hours during the day on the weekends. If you want to implement something where the servers have a specific timer on them such as olympus does for one of their servers then I'm all for it. But implementing something that's all dependent on the amount of players on 2 of the servers is complete dogshit in my opinion especially when it's on a server that is struggling to maintain those kinds of numbers and only really shows that kind of player count on a weekend. Would love some of your opinions on it and possibly what some pros of this new feature could be because I'm really struggling to find any. I know this doesn't have any effect whatsoever on the people that mainly play on s1 and s4 but for those of you that spend most of your time playing on s2 and s3 what do you think about it?
  7. 500k athira house
  8. i wish i was that good
  9. when you ran into the buy box you were sliding all over the place while i was shooting you. honestly thought you were dping glitching the fuck out of me lol
  10. do i need to post the clip of you dropping on the guy with ur frit and whiffing an entire mag into him? had to kill him from 500m out just to save ur bot ass. don't test me child
  11. ya. all the server consists of is BE kicks and rubber band lag anyways
  12. nice post to like ratio retard
  13. a battle eye kick followed by you lagging like a mother fucker. there's a reason i sprayed an entire mag into you on my screen followed by you shotgun killing the shit out of me. don't forget the 2nd part where the same laggy shit caused you to lose that loadout
  14. for real teamspeak was cancer. at one point i muted completely. gf my guy