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  1. this ones better
  2. you werent hear a year ago then ha gnags were scared to fight because if you pulled an firit you were 80% certain it was gonna be lost due to mass kick and then someone running up and jumping in it when the servers came back. \ The fight was the first one to the ifrit, not the cartel .
  3. thers a group about this
  4. do ahks work in this game?
  5. 14 mk1s same as any vehicles, they all have same space when it comes to I space
  6. i have a better suggestion. Add a duping fountain to square. for ever 1 item/money/gear you put in it, it doubles said item. Problem solved, asylum is alive again
  7. massdrop= Massis proxy to his PAyPal bank account
  8. both of you stfu and lose your V cards already
  9. what youre saying is kids that dont have a deep voice shouldnt be accepted while kids with deep voices should. Its bias AS FUCK and its not the attitude the APD even wants. im not backing the APD here, i got removed for lethaling civs, and stealing cars while on cop, but youre argument is a fucking terrible one.
  10. so youre saying the one with the bigger dick should be accepted. Small dicks have high voices, big dicks have low voices. thats pretty sexist man, you should come to America, you'd fit in here.
  11. squeakers, JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, UN
  12. did he submit a report though. Wont get comped if he doesn't report him.
  13. i got permd off the forums bc of these photos. I think i posted it to like 100 recruitment threads once haha