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  1. Haven’t been able to test it since patch. However, I have 17 rockets in one of my houses to commence testing.
  2. I guarantee you, if I had captain powers, I would “abuse” them every now and then... Not in the essence of making things unfair, but to have fun on a server that’s struggling for population...
  3. I think it may be dependent on distance...
  4. Hats off to the largest, longest running gang on Asylum...
  5. The rule doesn’t even matter, you can’t even walk into an HQ anymore without being instantly hassled by cops to “Leave the HQ or be Downed” its all about the stealth attack...
  6. Is that laugh real?? Thats gonna have to be soundboarded...
  7. I’m glad I sold my scotch setup... i’m also glad I don’t run guns anymore... if I were to still be grinding money... I’d be PISSED! or... i’d Just go back to running meth.
  8. Maybe I read into it a bit more than necessary. So, what we’re saying is Barley is not illegal, it can just be seized as if it’s an illegal item??
  9. Hopefully this comes with an APD policy update @Samperino If you’re seen near a barley field, does this give the officer probable cause to search you and your vehicle? Do Barley Fields now become illegal areas? Why just Barley and not Phosphorus and Hydrogen sulfate too??
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