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  1. Are we suggesting deleting an entire server because ONE WEEK of V2 being out hasn’t caused the servers to overflow with people consistently? For fucks sake you people are so fucking impatient, it’s insane. Either go play another server or STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING.
  2. There’s not a whitelisting to avoid people breaking server rules, there’s whitelisting to keep people from breaking the Server.
  3. The whitelisting process takes like 1 minute. and it’s a necessary evil right now tbh
  4. This is a good idea. however, I’m sure the devs have a bunch of ideas for new content, and there’s other priorities for the coming weeks.
  5. Personally, i'd be okay with this proposition. I have my houses on 2 stuffed to the brim with goodies to sell, but i'm waiting for infamy perks to sell. it would suck for those that main S2 and don't really have houses on S1.
  6. It’s like the bullets are bouncing around in their bodies destroying everything in their path.
  7. for 2nd bridge coverage, instead of blocking the bridge with a large vehicle and giving cops cover once they push that far, make a cattle-shoot so they drive between 2 vehicles at a slower speed giving you a better opportunity to gun em down. OOOOOOOOORRRR.... briefcases make great roadblocks
  8. i believe that's an Arma issue, not an Asylum issue. Also, if you go around the issue and say, pull the scope from another gun, or equip it from house storage, when you die then get revived it disappears anyways.
  9. Slugs took a damn ghosthawk down.... Yeah, they're a bit OP
  10. There wouldn’t be a clean way of going about that, other than wiping house ownership which would not go over well, especially with those that just spent $145,000 upgrading storage in each house.
  11. It's simple, Set Use Action 12 to whatever you had 10 set to. And set Use Action 10 to the Windows key.
  12. Here's some irony... People requested Lighting in houses for ages now because it was difficult to see crates at night. V2 releases... Houses have lighting, but no crates. You literally tap T and you're good to go... Lights look good tho... anyways...Been having a blast with some of the new shit on the server... Great Fucking Work to everyone involved...
  13. this is for those who don't have piloting skills. they can load their "pod" into an offroad or flatbed and be on their way... it also gives a better opportunity for those looking to rob... Also, you can lockpick the crate and there's a new charge with successful lockpick. (Highway Robbery)
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