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  1. We aint the best but damn we have a good time!
  2. Hoodlum Priest

    Asylum Random/Funny? Moments 2

    The sigh at 5:37!!!! I laughed my ass off!!!
  3. Hoodlum Priest

    WTB: S2 Specific House

    Tryin to own the whole damn block I see.
  4. Hoodlum Priest

    The Asylum Experience #2

    Holy fuck, who had $800k+ on them at rebel.....oh damn Id be salty!!
  5. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

  6. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

    When is this going to happen? Ripping the front end off my jeep because I hit a bush or blowing up my SUV because I tapped a wall makes me want to punch kittens. It was a non issue before, I drove the vehicles whose names we shall not mention. It would seem fair that if the majority of players are going to lose something out of a patch, we should gain something to give balance.....no?
  7. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Cops not losing the armor on their Prowlers, rebels do, their price going up $5000, rebels price going up $40,000. Honestly, if jeeps and offroads didnt explode or get their wheels ripped off from hitting a bush, I wouldnt care. Like I said before, I used quilins cause it was the only vehicle I could get around the island on without blowing up and dying. Sometimes staying on road is not an option. Just my opinion. Cmon dude, you have to know by now how the mob works........no good deed goes unpunished.
  8. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

    He may not be right, but honestly, it does certainly feel at face value like this was meant to buff cops and nerf rebels.
  9. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Of course you've seen a spike, some people got a bunch of extra money in their bank account and they are burning through it faster than they can make it. As people get back down to their original cash balance, the use of vests and rpgs will go back to what they were....but now an already expensive item is almost double the price even after the use tapers off. If you guys are dead set on increasing the costs of those items, why not have the price adjusted on a sliding scale....just like every other commodity on the island. I can crash the scotch market by selling too much, my price starts to fall for each scotch sold. Why not have the price on RPGs and vests go up the more people are buying them and go down as people slow down on purchasing them.....natural economy of supply and demand, free market. We arent a bunch of communists around here after all..,.....are we?
  10. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Thanks for the work you guys are putting into this. Also thanks for considering whether or not a change is the right one instead of just saying deal with it.
  11. Hoodlum Priest

    Change Log 8.3.0

    What was the point of making Quillins and Prowlers double the cost of what they were AND nerfing the armor? A quilin is half the price of an Ifrit with a 1/4 of the capability. It doesnt matter as much to me because I dont fight cartels.....but I hope the fixes to damage to other vehicles work. I used quilins and prowlers to get around cause they were the only vehicles in game that didnt blow up and kill me when I hit a 1 foot tall bush.
  12. Hoodlum Priest

    Unlocking Coveralls - RIP APD

    Im sad, Ive spent $60.00 trying to get those fuckers. I did get a nifty red back pack though.
  13. Hoodlum Priest

    typical tower push

    WTF? I cant start my game with JSRS, it made me uninstall it.
  14. Hoodlum Priest

    Who's the idiot in this video...I'm pretty sure it's me!

    I think he said dicker
  15. Hoodlum Priest

    Feral cat cornered and shot for no reason

    Yeah, we were the odd balls. The rest of the country uses 10 codes.