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  1. A bank vid in which you recorded everything EXCEPT the bank?
  2. Daddy is proud of you son.
  3. I get it, you did it to appease the cartel nerds, but they are almost all gone now, they've either been banned.....again, or they have lost interest, like they did before. Can us normal Asylum folk get a decent means of ground transportation back please?
  4. That happened 2 weeks ago and I remember cause I was laughing my ass off.
  5. I killed one of those dipshits at coke pro and stole his entire box truck. After unloading all his coke into my house I could hear two of them pulling up in the area trying to recover it. I stored all my shit, jumped in their stolen box truck and took off. I led both of those tards on a wild goose chase for 10 minutes trying to catch me in the empty box truck which they must have assumed was still loaded with coke. When they couldnt stop me, the dipshit I stole it from rammed me several times in his hatch back until it blew my front tires, then they killed me. 5 minutes later after I respawned in my coke pro house, two NV cops, one of which was the guy I stole the coke from after he logged off and got back on as cop, showed up in Dorida as I was processing backpacks of tard boys stolen coke. Meta game much? They are like cancer of the ball sack.
  6. Yeah, because everyone just loves to intentionally throw away $90k. Are you guys retarded?
  7. I've got the whole fight from my end and you can hear Social Experiment breaking up on TS and having problems with his internet. Then after he saw he had killed you when lagging out he knew something was wrong so he immediately contacted Adam and comped him fully.
  8. Yeah, he lag switched an immediately followed up with a $90k comp.....because everyone just loves throwing away Asylum money.
  9. Fair point but he went on to run over two more people immediately after that. Must be nice to know you cant get banned. Whatever, its all in fun.
  10. Vehicle Death Match Do not Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) VDM is using your vehicle as an OFFENSIVE weapon. Dropping a sling loaded vehicle from a helicopter to intentionally kill a player or cause destruction by "bombing" them is also considered VDM and is not allowed. Armored Vehicles may be used in an offensive manner against ONLY other armored vehicles. (Strider/Hunter/Ifrit) due to the difficulty in stopping those types of vehicles You may hit a player with your vehicle only if they are firing at you, and blocking your direct path of travel. You may not maneuver to intentionally hit a player.
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