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  1. Ive heard people mention your lisp. Ive heard you in direct and I never could pick it up. I think youre faking it.
  2. This is the truth. Saying that some people have 60 million dollars, as if making 60 million dollars in this game is easy, totally discounts the amount of grind it takes to get there. Leroy grinds like NO ONE in this game ever has, period. Thats not indicative of money making being too easy on the island, its just hes an animal.......a very greedy animal.
  3. Mason, Ive already addressed the scotch thing in the patch update thread. I understand the decision for that even though I dont entirely agree. The problem is that the connection with Scotch and Wongs is totally unique and exclusive. When I see someone fresh cap Wongs I know right where they are going. Since hardly no one runs scotch anymore, they arent capping for the money from holding the cartel, theyre capping to go make scotch. A solution might be to add another distillery somewhere. That at least gives someone a 50/50 chance after capping that they might not get robbed while doing it. With it only taking 7 from not holding the cartel, youre better off running it without the cartel and never getting caught, cause cops still dont go up there. Whenever I play cop that red zone is never time marked. I guess I am salty cause I bought my first Mohawk in over 6 months today just to find out the storage capacity has been nerfed to that less than a box truck. That used to be the only value of that heli. With that small of a storage capacity, why not just get rid of it? Whats the point of buying a $100,000+ heli that cant haul enough drugs to even pay for it if you lose it? But honestly, aside from the infamy tree and the additional rebel bases, have civs and rebels gotten any benefits from updates or only nerfed?
  4. Never said it was just that......its a long list of nerf this nerf that. Every new server patch makes it harder to make money, makes it harder to buy loadouts. People dont play Asylum to farm peaches boys.
  5. When things make it easier to make money, more people will play. Money equals fun.
  6. I dont give a fuck about reality, I care about whats making it almost unbearable to play on this server. Unless the servers dying dont bother you, retard.
  7. Can the mods please consider fixing vehicle payloads? How much sense does it make the the fucking backpack that spawns in a Quillin holds as much material as the entire Quillin? Mohawks, modeled after a CH53 Sea Stallion, which has a 30000 pound payload capacity, can only carry 300 units.....only 10 times what I can carry in my fucking backpack. The Mohawk can carry an RV with 450 units in it, including the RV itself. So if I load it in an RV, I can carry the RV plus 150 more units than I can in the Mohawk by itself? How does that make sense. C'mon guys, I know the admins hate rebel activity and will do everything they can to nerf money making......I also know this is a game, its not real life. But this just doesnt make sense anymore. Every update is a way to nerf rebel and civ activity and bolster cops. Imagine a new player coming on this server trying to find a way to make money and get ahead in the game. Why not just cut to the chase and kick everyone that isnt white listed off the server and get it over with?
  8. I suggest the following updates for cops. When cops activate their sirens, anyone within a 2 kilometer range that has a bounty of $2500 or higher gets handcuffed and sent to jail immediately, no pass go, dont collect $200.00. Cop guns shoot 40mm explosive downing grenades on full Auto. When downed, you immediately get put in handcuffs and sent to jail. When cops even think about going into a red zone, anyone in a red zone anywhere on the island gets handcuffed and sent straight to prison and their vehicles get seized. Anyone that fires a gun within 2 kilometers of a cop or an HQ gets handcuffed and immediately sent to jail and their bank accounts get wiped and evenly distributed to all cops online. I mean why drag this out, thats the direction its going anyways, lets cut the chase and get to it. (Any career cops reading this relax, I was being a little facetious)
  9. We are old, not sure about cool.
  10. Except now I know right when to rob them
  11. No one is gonna cook any serious amount of scotch without owning Wongs now
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