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  1. Truth is I bet Leroy is the only Gang leader to ever do payouts from his own cash. If Leroy makes any money from the gang its only because while the boys are out fighting cartels, he gets the benefit of selling meth and scotch without giving anything up to the cartel. Leroy and I have never taken a penny from the gang bank, feds and banks either.
  2. Hoodlum Priest

    V2 feedback

    But Jesus, could you make the barely picking animation any slower....DAMN!!
  3. Hoodlum Priest

    V2 feedback

    Fuck scotch, I havent had the server crash on me once. That was a more important fix than ANYTHING else. On that mark, bravo boys, thank you!
  4. Hoodlum Priest

    V2 feedback

    So I dont loose any at the first or second processing point? Only when I sell at Wongs? If thats the case then it isnt so bad. I was under the impression you had to own all 3 times to not lose any. It wasnt the going back and forth, it was always having to fight and cap wongs that made it impossible.
  5. Hoodlum Priest

    V2 feedback

    Ive ground out every penny I have ever made, dont buy money.... lazy isnt in my DNA. Do I have to own Wongs at both processing points and the selling point to not give up any to the cartel holder?
  6. Hoodlum Priest

    V2 feedback

    Like a pendulum, the balance against scotch has swung way to far back the other way. Why not just nix it at this point and give us something else to make money? How about more than 1 meth location. Adding another location wouldnt make it so real estate dependent.
  7. Im not gonna air your personal stuff on this board, but the reasons you asked me to ban him werent a meme. You dont goof around over shit like that. You certainly didnt sound like you were memeing. Youre right, no hard feelings. Its just a video game and Im an old man, maybe sometimes I just dont understand you kids.
  8. I wasnt going to say anything but since you specifically asked........1st, as Error mentioned, many of the members were complaining that you were toxic with them. What sealed the deal was I banned Blake from our TS when you asked me to because you said you hated him and that he was always being toxic with you and making insulting comments about your family. I took your word and never even asked for Blakes take on things even though we are friends with him. I did it because you were in our gang and he wasnt, case closed. Then youre playing with him in the cop TS helping him against your own gang at rebel. Your loyalty goes which ever way the wind blows. I was like "Mother fucker gets me to ban a friend from my own TS just to turn around and play with that guy against me?" I'm sure you never told Blake the reason he was banned was because you asked me to ban him. Besides, you never played with us anymore anyways.
  9. If you think that was the only reason, you weren't paying attention.
  10. John aint going no where. He knows we love him and if he tried we would hunt him down and skin him alive.
  11. Is there a clinical name for whats wrong with you?
  12. But but but but we love you Aslan!!
  13. Pointless. Within a month it will be the same hierarchy all over again. The richest will have millions and the bums will still be broke, the leader board will look just like it does now......with Leroy Jenkins at the top and everyone else tens of millions behind him. You cant wipe human nature. Some people have the ability and the desire to grind for what they want, others are vagrants happy to beg for hand outs in Kavala Square. It wouldnt hurt the richest in the server, as always your socialist/communist ideas would hurt the middle class guy with a couple hundred thousand in the bank and he ground his way to that while getting robbed at coke field. Take it away from him as a social experiment and watch them all never come back. The richest wont give a shit, Id have 10 mil back in my bank within 2 weeks.
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