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  1. Asus all the way fam
  2. I always knew bada was a little child.
  3. @Sugarfoot I just have to say I love your laugh.
  4. I'll pay 20001 dollars for the names
  5. I don't want to say too much but not everyone has
  6. How much do you think your skins are worth? They're not rare so they won't sell for much. I'd tell you this If you go to PayPal and attempt to do that you probably won't be playing this server for much longer. Well If his under 18 and using PayPal he is not following their terms of service. Think about this, If your kid stole your credit card and play on an online casino and lost like 1000$ Is that the casinos fault or your fault, It's the parents fault for him being on that side.
  7. To be fair PayPals staff are retarded some times but I'd doubt that PayPal would actually refund the dudes money.
  8. I know, but you're telling him to charge it back which is a big nono.
  9. You can't buy something and then charge back. That is as well against US laws
  10. I've to spend 276.5$ on it + 100$ in donations and I don't really regret it. I didn't just want the CSAT but I also wanted to support what I've played the last 2 and half years I've played on this server
  11. Maybe I gave the Captains the screenshot of you messaging me that
  12. I typed that first then I saw told me it was wrong and it fixed it for me Same with that one, fuck auto correct on chrome
  13. no, houses get removed after a month of inactivity unless you got whipped
  14. I wondered if any Asylum players submitted anything, gave it a +1
  15. Damn, I thought you were going to last a month. I guess I overestimated you.