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  1. Maybe he likes fish
  2. The only place you can an RV at is the chop shop, are you sure you've been there?
  3. The 80+ thingy hasn't been implemented yet.
  4. I'm not sure if he's trolling or not
  5. Why not just give LTs armed blackfoots?
  6. 2 point for being mean
  7. Soon™
  8. It's hopefully going to be back up in 6-7 hours
  9. a guy name grizz downed me then  sent me a text right after saying hands up or die. so i DC. i know i was in the wrong for DCing but i been getting RDMed by people all day

  10. Why not increase it to 18?
  11. Pain, you have to realize this is you. You aren't that big bodybuilder that you thought you where.
  12. ^ Pain edited the comment
  13. The default button is 1, I’d recommend removing that key as it interferes with the wanted list. If you remove the key entirely you will instead see a scroll menu to pull out your gun.
  14. By server rules, you are allowed to down and restrain anyone you want. Just remember to initiate with hostile RP before dowing anyone. If you're talking about other people have their bounty then yes, other people can have the same guy you're looking for and they can also down and restrain them. When you down a person you have to zip ties, when they're downed or surrendered you can scroll on them and restrain them. You escort on the suspect that you have detained, press escort and scroll wheel on the car and press "Put in vehicle" To send a bounty to jail you would need to go up to a courthouse and press send to jail, watch out for other people attempting to claim the bounty as others can run up and press "send to jail" when they are by the vicinity of the courthouse. There's also an option to jail people at skip tracer base, go up to one of the NPCs and place your bounty next to them and press "Send to jail" Hope this helps and welcome to asylum!