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  1. 2:30
  2. No gangs want you either
  3. Get 500 posts and you can edit your own rank
  4. There are no options to limit people to access the gang house, everyone that is in the gang can unlock and lock houses as well to use the crates
  5. xD
  6. That cop on the end of the video
  7. A pizza for Sgt?
  8. Fixed: Apex owners could get their vehicles stuck in sand (, Ty @Gnashes
  9. I was on my last kill ;(
  10. What gang?
  11. Already redeemed it. Managed to redeem it on my 2nd account
  12. Put em on after soft logging would probably fix it. Arma has some weird bugs some times and that could have caused it. Don't think any admins would mind as long as you don't use it to give you self any advantages.
  13. Uhmm original a3l is older then that mate.