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  2. @Painbringa112
  3. Ohh my, he's really bad
  4. Good Man..

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    2. DogTheBountyHunter


      Mind taking a look at my player report?

    3. Norwegianviking


      I'm not able to look at those. You will need to wait for an admin to get to them, it might take a few days but they will get to yours eventually.

    4. DogTheBountyHunter


      Thank's though.

  5. Go on altis, respawn or wait for a sync = fix. Had it myself today.
  6. I'll take a free APEX dlc
  7. SOA, Love that series. RIP Juice
  8. If you don't trust me you can go and ask people about the build in and people will tell you that you cannot overclock with that board
  9. You're not overclocking then. You can do the same thing with a none K. Either get an unlocked CPU with a Z170 board or a locked CPU with a B-250 / H-170. Edit: The multiplier can be changed the length that your CPU can turbo bust.
  10. Don't buy an unlocked CPU on a locked motherboard
  11. Jets are so fun
  12. It's not going to be free at release
  13. Also had to let out my aggression on @Mitch (IFRIT)
  14. I will fuck you