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  1. 10-74
  2. Can I get a TLDR?
  3. He just needs to bring his USB stick to his sisters house and start downloading there.
  4. Cause that 20 round 6.5 marksman rifle have the penetration of a 12.7
  5. This is needed!
  6. Lethals denied.
  7. Don't make me come on and shoot down another m900
  8. 3 points for not probably instigating before downing someone that is holding him hostage. Due to age points are doubled. Toal 6 points, removed from the APD!
  9. dude i now 4 cop thats 15  

  10. Still, don't know who you are
  11. Just take all the money for yourself and the split it with him later or better just keep it for yourself
  12. Make a comp request?
  13. Asking the same about you JoinedMarch 6
  14. Uhmmm, I've been on Precinct two for almost two years