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  1. Ohh my, this is too good
  2. Will do boss
  3. Discarding the money is the best thing to do, if you accidentally do it with someone in your group just discard the amount that you guys where not supposed to get.
  4. Sure buddy
  5. Just play with @Cukofuko and @Budbringer and they will steal all the kills from you.
  6. RIP everyone that uses shift -
  7. @The Monopoly Man is my favorite mall cop
  8. Is this the same as Olympus have?
  9. No /lock
  10. You can't have a friendly word with @Sean That Irish Guy, he's too toxic
  11. You're mean to me everyday
  12. 7 pages
  13. It's two minutes.
  14. What did you do? Can't download the app even with VPN.
  15. Valid for a day