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  1. Common issue right now. Just do what @franticgoat said.
  2. Malden will be a lot better than Tanoa for strife so I'm looking forwards to this!
  3. 2nd
  4. APD applications are currently Open. Please use the correct format found here when posting an application. Unless noted please do not contact a Lieutenant or Captain to look at your application, We will get to them as soon as we can.
  5. Footage when HomeTrlx is playing cop on 2
  6. Didn't see the video before now but damn that shit was funny.
  7. As mayhem said, cops don't get paid if someone CLs on you. Only thing is that it will send you to jail. I know how irritating it is when you have a 150k bounty and he just CL on you. But remember if you have someone very close to a courthouse and they CL on you, you can request compensation (that is if you have it recorded)
  8. Are you talking about this one? credit to @Miss Evo for the pics
  9. Dust runner and a few other LTs where constantly sitting in rebel lethaling people buying gear. Synergy started constantly doing Feds and prison breaks, cops stopped responding so synergy started chasing down the cops and camping hqs. First there was a meeting with two of the LTs at the government building where they made a deal not to camp rebel anymore. I believe a few days later the cops did it again but this time bikstok talked to Durga privately and they made a deal with a few of the LTs would be blacklisted from entering rebel undercover.
  10. Money is money
  11. Haha brezz singing in to the banana is to good.
  12. @The Monopoly Man
  13. "He's right there"
  14. Don't you remember the time I jumped over a roof by kavala? That Looked like this.