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  1. RIP bounty hunters
  2. Some pretty dank kills
  3. ^ Do like me, i own a house at skiptracer pyrgos on s1-4
  4. Fixed the grammar for you
  5. I'm a big man sir! And I havn't seen you apply for Sergeant anymore
  6. Who tf are you?
  7. Thats what you get for selling the house.
  8. This is not made by BI. It's a map that will be buggy as hell and probably forgotten about in 2 months. The guy that made this is also the guy that made the map that floppy pancakes server used (X-com)
  9. This is why you shouldn't own the house everyone runs true to get to athira gun store. Also just softlog after someone shoots your crates and they'll reappear.
  10. We did it! Now lets get it for Altis too!
  11. @bamf @Paratus This is clearly needed as you can see. Please add!
  12. We need this! The skin is made by @TNT
  13. Nice combat right