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  1. +1, something like Olympus' thing on your phone, you open it and all the bounties are there
  2. @Jbdragon has done a ton of Purge events up in Sofia where gear is in crates and everyone fights to the death
  3. Recruitment is CLOSED for the time being.
  4. I'd love to hear more about this
  5. i like shooty shooty thank you though
  6. the fuck outta here i played with you once
  7. Seems pretty set in stone to me
  8. Just wait until August 2nd boys, the blacklist appeal will go in and maybe just maybe the best roleplayer on Altis will return to the APD.
  9. Accepted As Trial. Teamspeak has been PMed to you.
  10. Easy solution, Reinstate ben copa swanson role play king
  11. Accepted as Trial, TS PMed Accepted for Interview. TS Pmed
  12. give us medical when community goals are a thing and we wont want the rebel talents to be used there
  13. Tracker speed bomb, if you make it above 10km/h and drop below 8 it goes kaboom
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