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  1. you weren't even there shut ur mouth
  2. 如果你唱Lady Gaga坏浪漫,我们只会欢迎你
  3. To add a certain risk to it, the firearms factory would be good but at the same time, there has to be a risk involved
  4. I believe MX's should be able to be crafted because while illegal guns are able to be crafted using illegal means, maybe then MXs should be able to be crafted legally or illegally. It could go both ways, craftable at Firearms factory or the black market production. It could be the same as crafting an MK1 or crafting a vermin (More materials obviously) Its also a good way to save money, with a cut going to the Arms Dealer. Tell me about your opinions!
  5. All jokes aside, Huge o7 to @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Thank you for your dedication and hard work towards Asylum Congratulations @Jesse on coming to the light side
  6. This picture best describes the emotion rn
  7. Can you elaborate further, please? Now that debit cards are free, and not cost 2500 it should be re-enabled since the donors/non-donors are now not paying the same price
  8. Make debit cards great again, old donor 2+ would be able to spawn with a debit card (So I'm told, not that old) and I feel this would benefit the donors greatly. As I'm typing this out, a care package landed in Therisa and made it a red zone and I believe it would make all the difference to let donor 2+ spawn with debit cards again. As well as it just making it all the while easier instead of running across a town to get a debit card and then run right back to the place because you didn't have enough money to pull a car (when community goals aren't in effect)
  9. What are you the new Justi? Running around with nothing nice to say about anyone? Keep your stupid shit to your self. Jesus fuck
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