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  1. Good Job @Jayshawn ! DURRRRR *CLOSE GATE* DURRRRRR
  2. Let constables wear berets and face bandannas
  3. The stairs are absolute dog shit lmfao. The priority shouldn't be "how can we get to the roof quicker." It's supposed to be "how can we make it into the first floor and hold it down while we disable the drill" What a joke lol
  4. Can't hear anything over the sound of you smashing those huge fingers of yours on the keyboard.
  5. So about that hat listed at 00:15 , I can't seem to find it in the merch store.. Is it limited edition??
  6. Haha cool video dude ! Hahaha!
  7. This is the same kid that glitches in castle at arms cartel in 2019
  8. JoeDa

    Who is big ray

    Next montage?
  9. Or super jump off the rock onto the prison wall and get a point for exploiting like I did : )
  10. You're a complete MONGOLOID for even mentioning that Not even going to read the rest of your shit topic after stumbling upon reading that
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