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  1. ok but what does you doing heroin have to do with the Australia map? @Roice
  2. Did YouTube really remove the audio for the penguin bit!! JESUS. I bet @Boris reported it! DISGUUUSTAN
  3. Tony.

    Gang life is dead?

    I just want to be a part of something
  4. why you using shit memes with a pedo…….wait is this ollio? DAMN IT @Mitch (IFRIT) HES GOT BACK IN!
  5. Internet tuff guy huh
  6. Server pop must have taken a hit recently because of the instability. We tried a bank earlier this week, wasn't more than 30 on the server and it froze. We wana play but cba with the crashing. Shame really. Everyones off to takistan life!
  7. Tony.

    Been Fun

    semi retired
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