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  1. lol not guna say names huh?! Not obvious at all who you are talking about
  2. ok so one time I was just strolling about pyrgos having fun and an admin that I wont name (hes a beaner Mexican) tpd me 5km up and I fell to my death. Would this be abusive admin?
  3. MAN WHO EVER HAS THIS EMBLEM IS COOL AS FUCK! ALSO @Durga https://streamable.com/yyc82
  4. Yh I read it, and came to the conclusion of how much of an irrelevant wee turd you are. Why did you even come in here and talk shit about his montage when yours was so bad. Are you compensating for something with all this shit talk on here? Go pop your zits or jack off to your favourite anime you silly prat. Swear half the shit talkers on these forums are skinny white kids about to shoot some school up. P.s please put a lot of effort into your reply so I can never read it
  5. So what Ur saying is after 4000 hours the only reason people may know u is probably the shitest montage on asylum, which you probably spent alot of time on? Isn't that the definition of irrelevant? Well it probably worked for you, anytime you may be mentioned in some weird conversation we can say, oh yh the guy with the shit montage who has 4k hours and he is still worse than Tony at arma. GJ
  6. Tony.

    Sign my petition!

    It got so many signature s the site crashed and they removed it!
  7. Please sign my petition, it's time for Alec to stop!! https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-alec-playing-fifa.html
  8. lol fucking krazy night! give this man back his ranK!
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