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  1. Don't need 1 enough admins to handle the low population.
  2. Not a whole lot to suck though poor guy. Almost feel sorry for him sometimes
  3. y the fukk is this getting so many likes? Half of you don't even know me!!
  4. F u its glandular
  5. This was on my recommended, no idea why
  6. about time!
  7. I got payback for what smee did to you, only I did it about 5 times huehue
  8. its awesome with a group, plenty of pvp at high loot areas. WE having fun.
  9. amateur
  10. @Science @Science @Science
  11. Yh drone is so op. I got it on swat duty once and flew it into the orca on top of the bank and killed the whole roof. Good times