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  1. are you fucking serious lol. Your one of the worst Role-players on the server. You just go round downing people then lethaling them when they're downed. Fucking downy
  2. Hence ur APD scum. Get good! Gamers game APD cry!
  3. Was a good run boys, but they finally got us!!!! All hail the APD!
  4. I don't fight cartels but making them stay in cap to contest it rather than cap it down a bit then spread out 200 meters from the cap sounds like a good idea. Off topic @Mitch (IFRIT) but do u think you can fix not being able to remove blindfolds when you get unrestrained? I noticed there's a blindfold in the upcoming dlc so maybe that will fix it.
  5. well I mean, not to be melo dramatic but we will stop playing as much as we have been atleast
  6. can you elaborate why they got permed @Clint Beastwood . Yes they fucked up but all they did was change a few tags, if was fixed within 20 seconds. How many times do you see lts or sgts changing tags for a joke etc? Literally lost about 10 active players because of this :/ Sucks.
  7. Didn't know you but welcome back, sorry to hear about your loss.
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