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  1. There you go! Now you can see them and hunt them at will.
  2. The guys cat had a stroke and nobody has the decency to respond to his ar request. Come on jesus. @Smee keep your head up!
  3. ur all a bunch of nignogs at the end of the day. ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. so your the pedo? How many accounts you got @ollio
  5. Has to be fallout surely, people had high hopes for fallout, made by a huge company, we only expected the best for it. Identity was hardly a bigger disappointment, we all knew it was going to flop, if it had been a success then yes it would have been disappointing to us . Anyone on here who was disappointed about identity was either way to optimistic about it or incredibly stupid.
  6. JUAN is Spanish
  7. why do you always centre your comments?????
  8. what u talkn shit for, you love a good dicking by romney.
  9. Nice Jawb Maan, don't even know who Ron is.
  10. I stand by my decision to poison Alecc. He keeps locking me inside buildings.
  11. Did you put @Reapered on there because of his involvement with team speak being deleted and multiple Admins being doxed or sumtin else?
  13. I really wana know why you had to blur sidechat XD What was being said in there????
  14. Are you sure you want this guy playing with us ez1n? Hes toxic fucker