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  1. RDM

    ask @Alec-I
  2. PFFFF u are nowhere near my level Ron ask @Buck I'm am thee KING
  3. This topic is old stop bumping it!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. what?! You got a 1080ti for $450????WHAT
  5. I have no idea who you are.
  6. il stroke you wherever you want baby
  7. Never seen an effect like this before. I don't use blastcore or any other mods.
  8. No no no no no...yes
  9. Lol poor guy. Your doing the dishes for the next month!
  10. what about a e46 m3 or e92. I'd love an m3. I personally like older cars, mk2 gti, or a sierra Cosworth. I currently drive a tdi that pops every time I change gear....Because of the hole in the exhaust.
  11. OK to clarify what happened, it was me who gave you to the guy. When in restrains the guy came back and told me he downed you but had no zipties, so he went to get some. I checked sidechat and seen he downed u I decided to let him have you. Once downed you then combat logged and we sent you to jail. But u didnt upload that right?Your a retard for posting this. Ban this guy already @Mitch (IFRIT)
  12. This one always cracks me up.
  13. hoi hoi hoi that's not nice spoon! Especially after I kept killing you at that prison....