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  1. uban the boi, and ill bring fights
  2. mass unban wave xD
  3. have you tried switching servers?
  4. i cant believe a bot could turn into a god
  5. aww goyneyyy is all grown up
  6. never forgotten, day 1 boi
  7. better recruit him, if i wasn't banned this man would have been in my gang after this tage
  8. someone turn this guy into an arma god?
  9. even then theres a guy above dip
  10. good shit, but you should have been dead at 1:11... they let you push that tf
  11. yah
  12. yah u might wanna take this down, u gonna get a third partys ban xD
  13. bro you need to chill on the montages, keep this up and you'll be enjoying your 3rd party apps ban. hehe xD
  14. luv u
  15. Um, you have my name sir...