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  1. Chau

    Community Video Contest [Closed]

    Truly showing all of asylums greatest aspects. @Haych
  2. Chau

    How Asylum changed a person's real life

    lol @explicit actually being nice to someone.
  3. Chau


    Ming Murphy is permbanned for third party apps.
  4. Chau


    hi @sntza Chau Ming
  5. Chau

    Legends Of Asylum

    @Budbringer Jimbo, Haych, Millar, Meow, Explicit, , Alec, Mr.henky, Mugsie, Bikstok. Shoutout to Subaru for permbanning Venwa for saying nigger in his own gangs groupchat.
  6. Chau

    wiped accounts

    I'm gonna give that meme video a 0/10. You could at least have burned some papers or pissed on some people if you are that upset.
  7. Chau

    He has returned!!

    Great to see you back Pee Jay, can't wait to play with you again.
  8. Thanks for showing so much concern when Venwa got unfairly PERM banned and helping us getting him unbanned
  9. Chau

    Montage #2

    Nu venter vi bare på at Martin også bliver unbanned.
  10. Chau

    A message to J A I L E D

    I love you @Alec-I. I don't understand how in the message to Encore he got me name right, but in this one my name is now Choo.
  11. I'd like to see that VOD from the stream you where talking about in the video.