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  1. Great to see you back Pee Jay, can't wait to play with you again.
  2. Thanks for showing so much concern when Venwa got unfairly PERM banned and helping us getting him unbanned
  3. Nu venter vi bare på at Martin også bliver unbanned.
  4. I love you @Alec-I. I don't understand how in the message to Encore he got me name right, but in this one my name is now Choo.
  5. I'd like to see that VOD from the stream you where talking about in the video.
  6. The reason why @henky is enjoying bounty hunting so much.
  7. When you use memory leak as an excuse to save face, but you're in fact just shit.
  8. Make an application on the recruitment thread.
  9. I will never forget Bad Blood and FSA fighting each other for a whole fucking weekend with almost no breaks, if you went on server 2 that weekend all you would see in sidechat was a killfeed and the two gangs shit talking each other for 48 hours straight.