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  1. Just think in 5 years you're going to have something up your ass.
  2. Jeeps can go 200km?
  3. I thought it wasn't meta gaming if they were in the TS as "that's your fault for letting them in and not being more strict on recruitment".
  4. But starter pistols turn you red? Unless they’ve changed it.
  5. Does better than 2 and 3.
  6. ???
  7. Joined March 5th, mad when shot after throws a nade, downs on 3rd shot claims it took half a mag.
  8. No Wang Liqin is Asylum's #1 ban attorney.
  9. Sound to me like the APD version of Wang Liqin.
  10. You did the week of 7/13
  11. I know who hits you off.
  12. Does he read before he performs actions?
  13. He's not the only one from that gang with a global.
  14. There are several people playing in this community with global bans that the admins are well aware of.