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  1. Who suppressed my evidence?
  2. You can actually play Star Citizen though.
  3. Nope he would go behind the left side of you and above. Please compensate Midamaru for the price of his police helicopter and loadout. Otherwise you will receive a 3 day ban for vdm and 72 hour forum mod queue for showing a player in "negative light" and harassing him by calling him a terrorist.
  4. If you look closely you turned your tail into his path of flight. If you were to continue flying normally without moving your tail he would have gone beside you then above you.
  5. None of the above.
  6. 350 pounds is almost equal to new 1080 price
  7. Everything has been stated in dollars then you just throw in pounds?
  8. Base price of 1080 is $549 not $599, but i'm not sure the difference between the 2 cards is worth $100.
  9. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?CompareItemList=-1|14-487-244^14-487-244%2C14-487-387^14-487-387
  10. Considering PCI x16 is the realistic max and not sure why they wouldn't work on older machines. Not like they're making a new line of motherboards to only support these kind of cards. Nvidia pricing I have no idea what else they would change on the card. I just know they are using new memory.
  11. 11 Series will start production at end of June. Will be more expensive than 10 series, since they are using GDDR6 instead of GDDR5. The new memory cost 20% more to make but will be twice as fast and only made in 8Gb and 16Gb variants. All of this came from the memory maker of Nvidia cards.
  12. Are you CompTia certified too?
  13. Wait for 11 series GPU at the end for June.