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  1. It's amazing the amount of people that wanted 2 servers down until it was theirs.
  2. You know she has couches on her porch.
  3. I thought as long as you were signed into that account you could download 365 as much as you wanted. *edit Apparently it maxes to 5 on pc 5 on mobile.
  4. Download it using your creditials?
  5. You’re a student just download it using your school email it’s free.
  6. Should add this to the ABP script when the cops get the notification it sends a news message too.
  7. I thought they changed the box on S4 when they got rid of Tanoa/Strife.
  8. The only way they'd add in instant deposit for the cartel fridge is if after it reaches over 25k you lose 75% of the money for a "transaction fee".
  9. Just remember this is still a thing.
  10. For the holiday season the admins should "select" a few people and give them the power to raid, but instead of stealing items they add items in.
  11. Castle crashes, rimworld I heard is pretty good, Star Wars empires at war, prison architect, Witcher 3
  12. 9.0 add a gym at each city and train it like RuneScape skills. Higher strength = more default carry weight.
  13. Attempted man slaughter is not a stackable charge.