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  1. I've wanted cheaper load outs for rebels for a long time. Spending 35K+ for a good load out is to much in my opinion.
  2. Relax, that's my job.
  3. Sorry bud. You peaked another cop and I couldn't resist . That was a fun fed though. You guys were smacking us around. It really sucks that it got all laggy at the end. I miss the tough/chaotic feds. Keep them coming. How many gold bars did you guys get?
  4. Congrats!! Glad to see that all of you made it!
  5. Hey DK, would love the chance to talk to you in TS about Blacklisting....when are you free?

  6. We shall see if you get selected. If so we shall get a patrol going.
  7. Congrats to @bamf!!!!. This is very exciting news.
  8. 10 out of 10 police work. I think it's time for a situational awareness training.
  9. I have no idea what your talking about.
  10. 07 Thank you for your service! Good luck with your future endeavors.
  11. And what would be the fun in that??
  12. Welcome back!
  13. This legitimately put a tear in my eye. Why would you ever do such a thing?? =( lol
  14. That's funny because I played more civ then cop last month..... So I guess I'm a career cop because I'm a Captain?? You ever think that I change my name when I play civ?? You assume to much.