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  1. That's in the next patch.
  2. You gave a DS member a speed bomb. What did you think was going to happen??
  3. If there are 10 cops pushing you at a cartel raid and they keep coming back file an IAD report. If there are 8 or more officers attending the raid there is a one life rule. We are very harsh on the officers who do not follow the cartel raiding procedure correctly.
  4. One reason I enjoy the cartel raids is that the APD gets to fight when they want to fight and the rebels have to deal with it. For years now the APD has had to stop what they are doing and show up to the bank, fed, or prison whenever the rebels want to fight. That can get boring for the APD after a while. Nothing is more fun than to push the bank with 7 rebels on the roof over and over. The Cartel fight is a lot more dynamic and fun for both sides. The APD uses lethals 95% of the time so hardly anyone is going to jail. Most of the time the APD gets wiped so anyone restrained can be saved by their gang mates. I have heard the same people say they love it and they hate it. The only time they want it removed is when they lose to the cops. When they win they taunt us to get us to go back to continue the slaughter. I'm all for gang life coming back but sometimes I think people forget that this is a cops vs robbers RP server. There shouldn't be a place on the map where cops can't ever go. I pay my respects to you @tryhardsqueaker because you are the only one who has contacted the Captians with your concerns and gave us constructive ways to improve it. After that we talked about it and made a couple of changes. Those changes might not have been exactly what you asked for but change still happened. The recent policy update was made to help space out the raids and give a one life rule for a bigger group of cops. If raids continue to happen to often then we will make more changes. We just need time to see if the recent changes are enough. I encourage anyone with good ideas on the subject to message the Captains on the forums or message me on teamspeak.
  5. +1 on both of these!!
  6. @Clockwerk Congratulations! Looking forward to working with you.
  7. That's what I was thinking lol. I think Mitch is trying to hint at something here.
  8. That was a kiss from the Arma gods. Congrats on not exploding when you should of lol.
  9. I've wanted cheaper load outs for rebels for a long time. Spending 35K+ for a good load out is to much in my opinion.
  10. Relax, that's my job.
  11. Sorry bud. You peaked another cop and I couldn't resist . That was a fun fed though. You guys were smacking us around. It really sucks that it got all laggy at the end. I miss the tough/chaotic feds. Keep them coming. How many gold bars did you guys get?
  12. Congrats!! Glad to see that all of you made it!
  13. We shall see if you get selected. If so we shall get a patrol going.
  14. Congrats to @bamf!!!!. This is very exciting news.