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  1. Congrats!! Glad to see that all of you made it!
  2. Hey DK, would love the chance to talk to you in TS about Blacklisting....when are you free?

  3. We shall see if you get selected. If so we shall get a patrol going.
  4. Congrats to @bamf!!!!. This is very exciting news.
  5. 10 out of 10 police work. I think it's time for a situational awareness training.
  6. I have no idea what your talking about.
  7. 07 Thank you for your service! Good luck with your future endeavors.
  8. And what would be the fun in that??
  9. Welcome back!
  10. This legitimately put a tear in my eye. Why would you ever do such a thing?? =( lol
  11. That's funny because I played more civ then cop last month..... So I guess I'm a career cop because I'm a Captain?? You ever think that I change my name when I play civ?? You assume to much.
  12. Dude you took Johnny's face off on that one. I'm just glad no one was forced to go on a date with BABS. So downing gatling guns on the ghost hawk will be in the next patch right??
  13. We sent that Hunter in to bait you. I knew you couldn't resist. If I remember correctly you were the only rebel at west gate and we wanted to start pushing in. And yes I know how to quick peak. You just never noticed before because I was always on P3. Now that I'm Captain I play on all the servers so you will see me around more often. When it comes down to it the APD should never lethal an entire group of rebels. Once the APD starts to gain control over a situation they SHOULD go back to downing. It can be difficult to determine when to go back to downing when fighting big rebel groups at the Bank, Fed or prison. Most rebel groups are on point with revives. So when we assess the situation we can't say there are 10 rebels so we will lethal 3 or 4 and go back to downing. Since the rebels we killed will be back up in no time at all. Also there isn't much we can do with the rebels on top of the bank roof. There have been plenty of times where the APD has downed everyone on the bank roof but when your fighting good rebel players it can be almost impossible. These days you just have to use your best judgement as these situations happen. So there is room for error when inexperienced cops are making these decisions. If your in a big rebel group and you feel the cops are killing to many of you it's probably because you are smashing them down to a pulp and there is nothing else they can do. Lets be real here some fights are over before they even start lol. One thing I do agree with is that cops need to learn how to surrender more often. There is no need to re spawn 4+ times to win a fight.
  14. Agreed! That was such a fun fight. Keep them coming boys!