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  1. I can't be added to this list since its full of fucking cheaters ... Williams how many times you been banned? Start a Cheater Free list!
  2. The only reason to be a cop.. Can’t afford to be rebel. broke ass cops with their welfare checks...
  3. Thanks to all the retards that made 1 huge gang on Tanoa so they can exploit its riches.... Now its fucking shutdown thanks to those retards.... Imagine how full Tanoa would be right now!!!
  4. I didn’t even report him it was so awesome... RIP grand ma never got her organs..
  5. This dude went super saiyan on us! Enjoy!
  6. Who the fuck puts in a comp for 25k.... broke ass mofo’s
  7. You knew all the rules for every situation when you 1st started? Ruining the have you played lately?
  8. He is new and doesn't know all the rules you dont have to be so fucking salty....He is having fun and enjoying the experience.
  10. That England game was good..but that fucking Croatia vs Russia was the best game so far! I think France is going all the way.. I mean when you have a guy like Dembélé siting on the bench cause there is too much talent already on the field I dont see anyone stopping them!
  11. Fuck the NBA FIFA World Cup 2018
  12. Why is temper worried about this? just dupe money and run pull downs cause that’s all u good at! Leave the cartel fights to the legit fighters. Temper should move to Olympus!
  13. Its not Twix fault you can’t afford an orca! Who the fuck flies into a fight with them things anyways! Stop being broke people!