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  1. My long weekend fun ruined by these servers.
  2. Danced around that question like a ballerina! Entire gang banned from asylum tourney.
  3. Spelling on the iPhone sucks and my I️ are still not fixed! How simple minded do you have to be exactly to get the entire gang banned? Please explain? Want to see what excuses you come up with!
  4. more retarted would be getting banned from asylum gang war.
  5. Ohh shit DS stands for drunk squad? All this time thinking it stood for Dick Suckers! We learn something new everyday!
  6. Worst gang leader in asylum multiple bans and a perma ban an still doesn’t know asylum rules. Stick to playing cs go!
  7. Wouldn’t expect you to know the rules since you are not an active player on the server. Just a forum rat!
  8. They learned not to engage that way real quick! Thats complete rekted!
  9. When you spike strip the anarchist! then we gutted the pigs!
  10. You can most def shoot out from a red zone!
  11. There was lag like the last 15 of the server. Tell those 12 people to get better internet and computers.
  12. Plus let’s face it if asylum didnt do something to make their servers more juicy everyone will slowly move to syndicates life server!
  13. If they like playing in an empty server.
  14. Cheaters ruined gang life. They ruin everything!
  15. Shutting down one of the servers for the weekend was amazing. Server 1 was pretty much full and 3-4 were in the 70’s. think it’s time to shut one down permanent!