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  1. gay as video with a bunch of gay cops!
  2. he means with out hacks! FYI!
  3. Its a fucked up time to get a Video Card right now!
  4. yup nobody!
  5. Enough about me bitches.. I want more "Temper, hacks, squeakers, backstabbing, cheating at an easy game".. so please continue!
  6. that flew over ur
  7. that u are a nobody?.. what is ur ingame name?
  8. Another nobody that has to join the
  9. Speak english! American english the REAL english!
  10. Do you even play the game.. u a nobody !
  11. get better at graphic design before posting 3rd grade paper art! wubs you look good with them headset and thumbs this design makes sense!
  12. Temper, hacks, squeakers, backstabbing, cheating at an easy game. THIS IS GOLD.. please continue!
  13. My long weekend fun ruined by these servers.
  14. Danced around that question like a ballerina! Entire gang banned from asylum tourney.