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  1. Hamerlock it is
  2. only plus is gmod you can play
  3. room left thare? we can bake som hotwings
  4. thissss
  5. man arma is death its time to move on
  6. for this i wil com back 1 rook wil do the trick
  7. i love ppl whit balzzzzz
  8. I want to thank all of you for having so much fun.... damm 5 years that's a long run but the time has come to say goodbye..... i will not tag anyone i mean i probably forget so many good fun people, so if we've played you'll know o_o @Jonesy lol you should be sgt
  9. well that fixing thing is a joke anyways!
  10. the rol play? your shure you on asylum?
  11. i bet he dus not sing
  12. who cares
  13. o7 my friend
  14. dont wury the wont do it again