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  1. Can we get an anal thermometer as medic? So we can check the status of the patient and apply the correct treatment? Tired of wasting my splints and painkillers over splinters and stubbed toes Gonna use a prophylactic I hope. The spread of STDs is no joke.
  2. Agreed. Smirnoff was the one who finally convinced me to join the APD after months of people begging me to. He's the reason you all have a Rock HarDick today!
  3. You leave now? Now that Rock has returned? Fool!
  4. As long as it's a permanent one with no requirement to be promoted, I'll stitch it to my skin!
  5. Enough years have passed - you finally old enough to be on the APD without lying about your age yet? Lol

    1. TheCrestedPenguin


      Nope just turned 17 last month, Thank god they never caught me phew.

    2. Bag Of Funyuns
    3. Rock Hardick

      Rock Hardick

      Tick tock... we'll get you, son. The APD will have justice, and Shkar will return

  6. Return of Rock should happen within 2 months... expect it
  7. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes - wasn't expecting any original members to be on here lol
  8. Just got an email about Asylum after all these years - Perhaps it's time for the legend to return...
  9. I spent my first 3 months as Cadet in Kavala- oops
  10. The civs I arrest always pay their tickets and are pretty happy with me. I cop the old way, the right way.
  11. I am not sure since I haven't checked recently, but I believe there used to be (or still is) a lottery that was super chanced at winning. So I think they already have a random chance system in place that is plenty good. Just need to expand on it.
  12. Can you add gambling? Texas Hold'em, slot machines, black jack, betting - I wonder how much robbing would increase
  13. It wouldn't be a hardcore RP server. The only ones who would have to agree to RP a certain way would be the cops. No one forces you to play cop, so it is not as if you cannot play if you don't RP. What I am suggesting actually used to be in the guidebook, which means Paratus did intend for this originally - AND IT WORKED!
  14. I take no responsibility for these cadets. I was off the clock..
  15. Again, I disagree. The thing is that it used to be a job. If you didn't want to take the role of cop RP seriously, you got on civ. No one is forcing you to RP as if it is your job - unless you want to play on cop where you represent the server as a whole.
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