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  1. If a server goes down there will be a prep without a doubt. Certain ranks of the APD wouldn't be left without any prep the Captains would be aware of it and make changes. Sure it sucks from a certain point of view but from another one it's a good thing. You will most likely have the stuff from your house put somewhere for you. For example in the Asylum Exchange inventory I would assume.. For the house part yes that would suck.
  2. Like the first one. The second one would fit @Lucky pretty well. Little scrub.
  3. Meanwhile the guy in the background is pissed at my driving skills.
  4. Only 2 Cadets... Shame.
  5. That means anyone shooting at you is a potato.
  6. Not smart, trying to shoot Blackshot is like aiming at a glitching target.
  7. @Ken. I need to borrow 300 K real quick. respond ASAP.
  8. I'll take the comp @Ken.
  9. Can we get a English teacher and spelling checker for his next Apologie(s).
  10. I can make you a Corporal if that is what you want.
  11. @Codie_Alterman. We agreed you giving me 75% of that income right?
  12. I think I missed the part that says BlackShot. R.I.P
  13. The day you retire from Chief, you will watch this video, drop a tear and say "that was my first ghost hawk, but man I was a shitty pilot" <3 @Clint Beastwood
  14. They don't need to know about our race. It's a secret.