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  1. I put it there. But then realized... I didn't wanna hurt your feelings...
  2. @Ken. Can pay the whole donation goal every month. Trust me. Thank me later.
  3. Depends. You get money from all sorts of stuff. Seizing, sending to jail etc. But there is a radius to your actions. So it's split between different cops in a certain radius. You can always apply if you meet the requirements.
  4. 70k won't get you any crates. I mean your honestly going to make the most amount of money doing illegal things. You could do scotch but that's also a win lose situation. Prob should get on late late at night and do it. Less people but you do risk some cops getting on late just to catch you.
  5. Cheapest house you will get in Kavala will be around 500K. Good luck even finding that. I'd suggest making money and saving up.
  6. @Flameless Just remember those rocket league games. You never won but it was fun! I don't think I will ever meet someone that has a bigger nose than you. o7 my good friend.
  7. There are a total of 20 LT's. There are a total of close to 2000 officers in the APD. The amount of people waiting in those channels for an interview per month is a lot more than you imagine. Less than before but is still a lot. We have our requirements per month to do these, but keep in mind that doing interviews for the APD isn't the only thing we do in our lives. Hell I waited 4 days for an interview a while back. It's just a question of being patient and being there at the right time. I know it sucks, but put yourself in our situation. Thank you.
  8. If a server goes down there will be a prep without a doubt. Certain ranks of the APD wouldn't be left without any prep the Captains would be aware of it and make changes. Sure it sucks from a certain point of view but from another one it's a good thing. You will most likely have the stuff from your house put somewhere for you. For example in the Asylum Exchange inventory I would assume.. For the house part yes that would suck.
  9. Like the first one. The second one would fit @Lucky pretty well. Little scrub.
  10. Meanwhile the guy in the background is pissed at my driving skills.
  11. Not smart, trying to shoot Blackshot is like aiming at a glitching target.
  12. @Ken. I need to borrow 300 K real quick. respond ASAP.
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