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  1. To be honest, a schedule would just screw everything up. It's not like the APD is the only thing we do in the world and having us be required to do interviews at a specific time would be awful. Just understand there are loads of people wanting interviews. Be patient.
  2. Hahahaha laughed pretty hard on that one.
  3. Fair Point.
  4. I crash too many helicopters to be able to afford to play Strife then. -1
  5. Perfect.
  6. Holy, I remember that.
  7. Some of these clips are around 9 months old.
  8. Fun moments on Cop/Civ. Sorry for bad quality.
  9. I know buddy
  10. No. you are not a part of this.
  11. So much fun hahahaha! Perfect
  12. I'm not broke okay. I have 22K. I'm aiming for Wealthiest.
  13. What happens when you let Constables in the gunner seat
  14. Let's not talk anymore.
  15. That's when you know shit's about to get real.