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  1. Dunno if you can tell us but do you put the devs on some kind of contract?
  2. HyperX aloy fps or if you want a hand rest thingy get the elite version its lovely.
  3. Its funny you can hear how angry he alt tabs
  4. In this case you should do a lot of core workouts especially for running. Planks, single leg sit ups, reversed crunches those are great fam especially for running but also for fighting.
  5. RDM is not a police issue so stop whining that lts should do something.
  6. As i already said 5 times RDM is not a police issue do you understand?
  7. Thank god you aint on the APD. And dont talk about inteligent because it seems like your thinking process is a bit slow
  8. Oh so instead of trying to get shit sorted you rather bitch about it on the forums. I see. A typical SJW.
  9. If you feel they done something wrong did you submit an IA report? No? Typical crybabys. Instead of trying fixin the problem that you are pointing out you bitch about it on the forums and try to put people in a bad light publicly. Get out of my face. Rat move.
  10. The APD, does not handle RDM reports. Im sad that you are on the APD.
  11. Ok
  12. 1. RDM is not directly and APD issue lmfao 2. The cadet probably thought that he is kidnapping the guy or hes gonna drop him of the atm building since its kinda abnormal for a bountyhunter to bring his bounty on top of the atm instead to the corthous lmfao 3. I did type downed but I remembered he wasnt downed since I watched the video a few hours ago so i edited it before your post was made so check again LMFAO
  13. The cadet asked him to stop, he didnt so he shot at him whats wrong with this? Dont see any other rules broken
  14. You talked about yourself 3 times so im a bit confused now
  15. Did he charge you?