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  1. 1. Even in your video where you are blasting some female music I can hear myself yelling to get out with hands up. 2. Your boys said : "im gonna kidnap them both" "you want an sdar? i have an sdar in here" So how did you have no intention too shoot me?
  2. Oh did you forget to mention that 3 min before I stopped you I got killed from your friend driving the vehicle in athira. Seems like you are a pathological liar. You should seek help. Best of luck in live and I hope you can get back on track. Remember to never give up!
  3. I said there was a guy behind you. If you wanted to RP why didnt you get out of the car and talked to me? I gave you every chance to RP you refused to. Im not defeding myself everyone apart of your friends and 10 randoms agrees that what I did was completely right.
  4. I told you boys like 10 times to get out of the vehicle with your hands up. Idk what you are expecting me to do there was a guy behind you with a downing weapon. If I walked up to the car he would have downed me. Kinda sad that you leave out all the relevant facts.
  5. Saw 2 rats going by the name "The two B's" and got scared.
  6. Why mitch? He doesnt rank above you he is an admin just like you only owners can beat you.
  7. What is this young ron is this supposed to rhyme?
  8. Congratulations on getting mod next round my friend!
  9. Ah shut up Arma is everything you have in your life
  10. Due to the recent raid's of our headquarters in Northern Ireland by the CID (Criminal investigation department) and the questioning of our leader Wang Liqin by the PSNI (Police service of Northern Ireland) our law team advised us to sign NDA's also with people considered a "friend" of the gang aswell. Therefore @Ronald had to sign one too. So please welcome Ronald as a friend of Envy!
  11. An exclusive picture from our war correspondent of the great battle of Afslimeistan!
  13. Guessed the password bud!
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