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  1. Im pretty sure the market for hardwood is bugged. Every inventory of wood I sold l earned like 100 less @bamf
  2. Why do leaf trees give pine timber?
  3. Not getting close to that cartel fuck off
  4. Oh hello, you still remember me?
  5. He's getting some exercise in.
  6. Its much simpler if they just add the manslaughter charge to the list.
  7. There is no manslaughter charge
  8. Make a revert button aswell in case you fuck up
  9. Dont have time to play games as much as i used to anymore, and when they started with mom jokes like 10yr olds i noticed they lack education so i went back to coding on my second monitor
  10. first slav moderator congratz my boy Cuko
  11. Was that tigers laugh at about 4 sec?
  12. stop the bullying
  13. What you said about Russia is completley true. But you were incorrect at one point. I do not live in Russia. I live in a small peacefull country of Slovenia (Ranked 10 on the global peace index) that falls under central europe( this little country) and is under no political or social influence off Russia. In Slovenia we have one of the most wide-ranging anti-discrimination laws in the EU (discrimination laws against gay people in employment, in the provision of goods and services, education ...and in all other areas (hate speech)). We have registered partnership for same-sex couples since 2006 (updated in 2015) with inheritance, social security and next-of-kin rights(same like marriage on paper but without the ceremony). Step-child adoption by same-sex couples is also allowed. And unlike in Russia we do not allow violence towards gay people where they are being killed and rapped. In the capital Ljubljana (directly translated "the loved one") there are many gay bars and gay clubs for the gay people to socialize with their own.There are around 100000(Out of 2000000 so around 5%) people that are gay in Slovenia so if you are gay you are welcome to live in one of the most peacefull and friendly countries in the world. Oh and violating the anti-discrimination laws can be punished by prison.