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  1. whoa you are alive
  2. lmao
  3. saw that one coming
  4. I mean if you guys just added back a bit of auto generate, 100k an hour or something what is honestly fucking hurting? Why is stuff always such a minimal amount is it such a big deal for civs to make money? God forbid people to have extra cash and have fun on a game. god forbid the server be like it was pre 6.0..."It was too op people had too much money..." if i do recall that's when the server was the best and had the most players Or something along the lines of Arms Cartel Capped - Even cheaper weaponry Drug Cartel Capped - Extra payout from drugs as well as no cut Wongs - Scotch has extra payout as well as no cut X Gang held cartel for 1 hour 23 minutes, , 123k a restart , gang holds cartel all day = everyone is happy...i guarantee if there was some kind of money per minute and rewarded you for keeping the cartel capped as well as paying for the drugs ran we wouldn't be having this conversation..it always seems nothing ever pays enough, the devs think everything is fine, admins want to speak up but it wont matter, players always feel nothing pays enough, im sorry but if you keep getting the same complaints about something/someone it is most likely true OR just make it like the above on WEEKENDS ONLY just to test it out, that's called a compromise guys, admins/devs get their way 5 days a week, and the civs get their way on the weekends...it really isn't hard to appease the community guys this isn't rocket science, well i guess for gnashes it is, nothing he doesnt come up with won't be implemented, he hates every idea suggested, he seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed permanently do you ever hear people complaining about payouts on the other server everyone seems to be favoring lately? nope
  5. okay yeah i saw it took him 30-45mins so i can agree my prices were not accurate but they were close not sure why gnashes always has to be such a prick to everyone it wasnt a shit post that i made, if you read the bottom part i said i think you guys are doing a great job, people don't realize how annoying owning a server is, when i had mine in arma 2 it was such a drain dealing with ungrateful people that think it's a walk in the park to code,test, and implement things with dealing with comp requests, donations, bans, exploiters , its alot of work and once you are in a admin/dev position it ruins the game for you, it's not the same and takes the fun out of it, t's kinda like when you go into a profession that you really enjoy, once you do that said profession as a job, you come home and what you used to do for fun is a chore now
  6. i've always said this, the map has tons of unused areas would be great to add some things in those areas
  7. what did you make 39k running? oil?
  8. thank you, an actual real response, i wasn't 100% on pricing just read a bit through this post
  9. >just a condescending asshole who's ego is through the roof for no apparent reason >someone posts something you always have to one up what they say and tries to make them feel stupid because you were bullied your whole life >never said prices were accurate nor correct, i was just showing how different the money returns are >i compared more than one i think your eyes are deceiving you >said nothing about you nerfing shit to the ground on a daily basis or my other statements confirming that they are indeed correct >this is why nobody can be contributor or would want to be because you are such a pompous ass (me, kbw) >anyone that suggest something you didn't come up with the idea is complete shit and go ahead, delete my post because you know i'm right, but you'll leave yours right?
  10. I understand both points of view from the admins and the players..The players are just frustrated..To be honest bamf you got a really loyal playerbase here..For these guys to put up with all the craziness and lag for this long now and still log onto the server everyday and give it a chance is honestly commendable, I feel as if they should be rewarded, this update is in the right direction but 39k an hour?...i'm sorry but I wouldn't even bother and then yet a cut is taken out for a legal activity? oh dear..no thanks. the prices of selling things on this server just doesn't quite match up how expensive you guys have made everything, im not sure how much oracs and ifrits are now..it honestly is just too grindy for todays meta arma 3 is on the downfall bigtime and altis life everyones been there and done that, if this server is "light rp, pvp server" as you guys claim..why is everything such a pain to do to get money to do this "light rp,pvp" you guys kinda contradict yourselves when you say one thing then make it another, ex. grindy runs, low profits, high prices on rebel items.. if a server was less money making people would want to log on because it would equal more fun, less grinding, literally every good way to make money have been changed or removed it just seems as @Gnashes goal to make all the people who have meme'd him grind for days let's just compare.... X SERVER meth run (around 30 mins or less in orca on x server) - 500k or so? 2 loadouts? orca costs very cheap and once oyu have insurance its only 150k to replace (50k asylum, replace orca 15k asylum) 10 runs, 4-5mil around 15 loadouts and it took around 4-5 hours.. ASYLUM oil run (IN A HEMTT) 39k.........................( ONE HOUR .. -____- ) barely a loadout and it took an HOUR well the above was done in a hemtt, so i doubt you would be able to do it in a hemtt everytime without being robbed 3 out of 5 times so honestly let's just say 12 hours 390k-420k 10 loadouts... meth run - honestly I don't know i've not done meth in ages last time i did it i had to get up at 6am and do it with my UK friends when the server was empty and everyother time i ran meth a cop showed up at ephedra or at meth lab or somebody came to meth lab and killed me or i wrecked my sport hatch and died and alt f4'd i asked 3-4 of my friends from altis life and they didn't even know...because nobody really does it i guess? one friend told me lumber is the best money mkaing method, so you know when running lumber is the bes and im assuming thats so because no admin would think anyone would run lumber so they haven't nerfed it..but im guessing that is coming soon, gnashes will go check the sqfs and nerf it soon XD (jk gnashes buddy but you do nerf everything) one thing i do know, everyone arguing about how long you've been on the server/what gang you';ve been in isn't solving anything..everytime i come on the forums to check out how things are going i just seen abunch of angry children arguing calling people a "nobody" because they weren't in a gang on an atlis life server on arma 3 lol it's pretty funnybut then again like i said above everyone is frustrated and i don't blame them it's why i quit playing arma it's just too cancerous these days, but anyway just stating my point of view hope everyone has a great work week keep up the great work @bamf @Gnashes
  11. Hey could you shoot me a message? Need to speak to you about something

  12. (2 year old vid) Published on Mar 31, 2017
  13. that's how it used to be and literally nobody ever did it...
  14. Yeah so rebels can't make any money in any aspect without a ton of cops showing up, there is enough cops, we've all begged for rebel updates for the past two years, and now a huge cop buff that doesn't benefit us at all, it is honestly a joke at this point, its gonna end up being no rebels just cops