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  1. "Past gangs: Destiny, Aphelion, Infamous, Clarity, Vanity." "Post a funny comment." - Connor K
  2. Tanoa is shit keep it gone thanks!
  3. Well I need to know what position your foot rests on the mouse to determine the best recoil control tip. @Marzoh
  4. a forum rat that constantly posts content doesnt mean he is "somebody"
  5. who the fuck are you, you dont get on the server and waste your fucking life on the forums every day lmao stop quoting me.
  6. you're wrong, depending on the script (good or bad) you could have shit pulldowns which you do that fucking whip to the floor when u shoot lmaooo
  7. my recoil is normal yours isnt end of story buddy
  8. What does your crosshair flick to the ground when u spray holyyy thats not what my recoil looks like...
  9. There is no updates or patches so... its been 8 months
  10. These has gone on for months and many threads like this have been posted but no response or action from any developers or staff have been taken.
  11. you're bronze 5
  12. How... this is stupid, i shot it in the field and it killed 7+ people xdxd
  13. Damn, my arma files might look a little bit different than his xdxd @Sugarfoot
  14. eta?