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  1. What does your crosshair flick to the ground when u spray holyyy thats not what my recoil looks like...
  2. There is no updates or patches so... its been 8 months
  3. These has gone on for months and many threads like this have been posted but no response or action from any developers or staff have been taken.
  4. you're bronze 5
  5. How... this is stupid, i shot it in the field and it killed 7+ people xdxd
  6. Damn, my arma files might look a little bit different than his xdxd @Sugarfoot
  7. eta?
  8. +1
  9. oh I know lmao dont worry
  10. lmao shutup chico xd
  11. I'm selling my shit and I'm gone...
  12. You guys gonna play asylum anymore?
  13. it sucks dood
  14. Had to be done, see you soon my friend.
  15. After coming back from the old Stratis days and grinding asylum again, I'm leaving. Asylum has just went downhill since February, gang life is dead, you cant play on a server for over 45 minutes without a mass kick, and to me its just not fun anymore. I hope gang life can come back and the servers improve but that's a lot to ask for, goodbye for now boys. I gathered the rest of the clips I could find on my SSD and made a little farewell video, I'm out... pce. ~CHESTA