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  2. I'm not kidding.. but fidget spinners was good money boiii
  3. Starting to sell custom beats to anyone's liking and have the highest quality studio equipment to do so. If anyone is interested DM me, you won't regret it. Just wondering if anyone is interested in this for montages or something like that. Lemme knowww (You can also ask me my equipment and you can look it up if you want )
  4. Aye knew you'd make it @Reapered Congrats Man!
  5. ???
  6. New Era LUL
  7. Its not a comeback its a statement, you fucking sit on the forums and talk shit when you are trash and don't even play the game LMAOOO\ [email protected]
  8. You don't play, please dont @ me
  9. You can't make money if you don't get off your ass and do something
  10. I like this new update you're working on! Thanks for the sneak peak!
  11. I mean you'd probably have the same amount of players at this rate xdd
  12. Comparing Asylum to other life servers (ex. Olympus), Asylum is dead and it is going to stay dead without any improvement of the server or action from the devs.
  13. When is the next useful update Honestly hire some devs that are going to do something useful to the server. Get someone who cares and wants to revive asylum...
  14. They have the time, they just play PUBG all day or sit in TS
  15. No one cares about this shit server anymore