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  3. ???

    @Gnashes @bamf don't care.....
  4. servers blow @Gnashes @bamf
  5. @Gnashes @bamf
  6. nothing has ever been done
  7. This just isn't possible unless you find 150k bounties standing around doing nothing lmaooo
  8. You go make money then, not just spawn it in. You would never play the server ever again. You don't make money like everyone else, YOU SPAWN IT IN. Spawn me in some and Ill never post about this topic ever again, I'll be just like every other admin. If I die its whatever I have millions that I can just replenish at a moments notice. If I get caught by police, eh just gimme my ticket and take my gun and I will leave the HQ (has a 150k+ ticket). Like no player that grinds money says that. @Gnashes
  9. "That CL update is ez money. Make bank and switch back to rebel." - I'm speaking about runs wise I understand bounty hunter is decent now.
  10. You are right, the one post I don't flame you in and you say I "suck at making money" but you play overwatch and frankly don't give a shit about the money making situation so maybe I'll just wait for bamf's reply, someone that will respond in an educated manner.
  11. "A large gang" not many people have a large gang considering there is only 2 gangs on the server.
  12. This is a game that people enjoy playing, but on this server you have to grind for hours and hours at a time to have any fun. Sure all the admins have fun because they spawn in money that buy them things such as rpgs and countless loadouts that they can use at no expense. They buy suicide vests over and over and speed bombs to have tons of fun but people cannot even have this type of fun because they are afraid of losing these items because they can't just spawn more money in and fill up their bank accounts. Sure maybe you manage to grind for a while and you get a house set up near meth lab and you are doing runs out of your house, guess what?! You can't use that house 1/3 of the restarts due to ROTATING DRUG FIELDS! I wish someone that had to grind for money developed the ways for making money, not the people that can just spawn it in. Everyone decent way of making money has been nerfed to the ground and countless people agree including some staff members I will not name but its a well known fact. Developers and people that come up with the ideas for the server don't even play the server, they don't care what the changes are in terms of money because again, they click a few buttons and they have millions in their banks..... come up with a valid solution to this so people don't have to grind for days to buy fun things such as rebel loadouts, ifrits, speed bombs, suicide vests, etc. back to back. Thanks in advance. *This topic has been brought up time and time again but still no change just nerfs*
  13. I'm not kidding.. but fidget spinners was good money boiii
  14. Starting to sell custom beats to anyone's liking and have the highest quality studio equipment to do so. If anyone is interested DM me, you won't regret it. Just wondering if anyone is interested in this for montages or something like that. Lemme knowww (You can also ask me my equipment and you can look it up if you want )
  15. Aye knew you'd make it @Reapered Congrats Man!