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  1. I made this a year ago completely forgot about it, thought it was worth sharing...
  2. liar
  3. well it is true, I got white listed on nopixel gta and been having a lot of fun there, I will be playing arma very rarely after my week off this week, also going away for 3 months in april to peru. community is really what deters me from playing asylum. all thats left are salty teenagers who report you for looking at them in the wrong way @APD. Envy and some certain higher up APD are the only people that are cool and all I do now is log in for a couple of hours to shoot dweeb cops. on top of that the player base is falling fast end of this week I will be releasing my last grotty gangs and that will be it make no mistake though i'm not disappearing from the community
  4. i'm honoured goyneey thank you so much for this opportunity!
  5. a much better and much more active gang Maester_Chowski_Lannister
  6. I just wanted over 5000 likes so I can call myself an icon sorry im not actually leaving I personally think goodbye posts are a meme. from now on call me Icon Aleec Spazeed thanks. scratch that Administrator Icon Master Hacker Aimtbot godmode [FSA] Aleec Spazeed. was also for a video
  7. Pce Bois ty for the good times, apart from the apd go fuck yourselves
  8. I am going to start where I left off nearly nearly 2 years ago and assassinate @Bikstok Bikstok this is your first and final warning before your death.
  9. so once you have lockpicked all the gates it says you have to escape via the front lobby but you can't because you get TP'd back to the prison spawn before you get there. j e s u s c h r i s t r u s e r i o u s clearly all these career cop admins playing a prank on us hard working rebels
  10. insane player grizz keep up the hard work and you might be as good as william one day