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  1. Asylum
  2. so will I because i'll have a different IP
  3. Thanks for the mention mate. I too will be starting uni next week looks like we will be starting our adventure together good luck mate!! see you around.
  4. mitch the community manager BY THE WAY.
  5. nice job @Poseidon might hop on for a night and piss off some cops @Mitch (IFRIT) "FU" ban list doesn't work i'm the CM of asylum.
  6. Asylum Devs = inactive = pop dying Olympus Devs = Active = pop growing staff are generally shit on all servers because they do it for free and it generally attracts megalomaniacs, on all servers it really comes down to the devs and owners putting in the work and passion.
  7. prime time
  8. kicking off over in youtube
  9. they think banning me will stop me. fools. just because of this I will make a grotty gangs 3 on the APD.
  10. dw the grotty gangs on ur gang EXG coming soon dont get 2 hyped up about it
  11. no I didn't see it coming that's why I made the video. I have also had no chances. did u even watch the video?
  12. watch this video to watch me represent myself in the hardest case of my life.