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  1. as i'm banned again this is some lost footage from grotty gangs APD 2 which will never be completed because I got bored and decided to make a VDM video instead.
  2. 3.0 coming soon i'm hyped to fly my constellation aboot. aurora to access the game then u can test some of my ships and see if u wanna buy more. should play some time, also what org? im in tactical advance. please be aware though I suck at the game and know next to nothing about flying don't bother getting it, you can't even drive a car in arma so what do you think is gonna happen when ur allowed to fly a SPACE ship . real life footage of krazyknight parking in hq
  3. My long career of being known as THE best player in asylum history is over why have you done this
  4. So your saying insomnia got wiped by reliance
  5. unlucky Insomnia better luck next time, rp slayer if you would like to join fsm AGAIN for some training just message me. Inc threats about insomnia uploading clips of me missing and getting dropped on.
  6. as its on a private server can you not perhaps find a trusted non-admin to do it? such as reapered and sandwich, just a possibility. im sure @Norwegianviking would love to host it
  7. @Mitch (IFRIT) When I was a god tier roleplayer
  8. I think @Sandwich would be a good commentator, could perhaps do a live stream of the reveal of the brackets.
  9. FSA and the nimrod mercs woo!
  10. im not in NV they let me use the tags because Silky Road have been known to accuse them of scripting etc
  11. iv'e never seen such amazing RP well done thomas
  12. experimenting APOLOGIZE JUST REALIZZED