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  1. Alec-I

    baby riding dog

    I find it funny I share
  2. yeah I didn't get that either, I also felt like it turned into avengers a bit with all the main characters fighting off infinite hordes of em backed up against the wall. didn't really feel game of thronesey. didn't get why that giant picked up that girl and stared at her in the middle of the battle either, just seemed like dumb writing you see in those action films we've all seen a million times.
  3. For allahs sake you need all the help you can get. give this man a level 10 vest
  4. I think ron would make a great addition to the admin team
  5. first airdrop COMPLETE can't wait to give weapons to random civs and start a revolution
  6. I say we remove 2 servers and leave one 50 slot server. discuss.
  7. 3 servers is a little bit much? Asylum 12.9 coming soon. discuss. no cussing. no mods. post highlights:
  8. I challenge you to fifa bean bag
  9. I can be sent to jail 1000 times in arma, perm banned for metagaming. have some dribbler gang shit on me all day. and it will still never trigger me like tony does beating me at fifa.
  10. I believe cops should all be allowed infinite vans to eradicate the filth inside the fed. as a long term VETERAN of the community I think we should implement viet cong style tunnels also.
  11. @TRYHARD did you report smee for vdm after you rammed our ifrit with a hatch. If you did you're officially a squeezer.
  12. cops need vans or swat ladders to get over the single barricades. using the vans to get over the double is OP however. You can't expect cops to cover those gates from an open field being overlooked by deerstands. I have seen cops try and they always get smashed unless they have hunters everywhere. THANKS FOR READING
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