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  1. im not in NV they let me use the tags because Silky Road have been known to accuse them of scripting etc
  2. iv'e never seen such amazing RP well done thomas
  3. stop picking on the mentally handicapped it's very rude
  4. @Zelthius
  5. eta on the grotty gang im hyped af xd 

  6. hey man wanna play cop oh wait i cant even join the server

  7. one of the only things I've ever actually laughed at on the forums, bloody brilliant!!!
  8. Buckwalter hit it right on the head with this post this is my first and only time I will try to get something to happen within the development of asylum. I don't understand why they are continuing to try and make this an RPG when the players clearly don't want it. I am also aware i'm not the best preacher/ideas man, @Haych was a god at that but I am pretty sure he quit out of frustration for the same thing.
  9. I hope Bamf/Paratus/Gnashes don't get upset when they see these salt threads. These type of threads just goes to show that the community still cares, we all want the same thing! The community feels like we have been left behind with no replacement. It was great that Bamf came out with 8.0 finally, but a lot of people felt like it was a complete slap in the face. The people waited months and months and then it finally started getting hyped up. Then boom, illegal drug running was reduced to waiting for restarts so you could get the pygros meth location. The prison, in my opinion, was atleast a success but that took almost a year of finally convincing the devs to do. It just was a super disappointing patch overall. Tons of ideas are suggested everyday, and are quickly struck down. I understand that Paratus has moved on to bigger and better things and that his focus is purely on Identity and that's ok! We all want him to succeed and hopefully his dream of creating his game will come true some day! But the Arma community he worked so hard to create doesn't want to get left behind! Let the community help you with server changes, recruit more devs to help you with creating better content! Bamf had the right idea when asking for gang contributers, all he needs to do is implement these ideas! Give rewards to people who are willing to help out with creating content. And finally, I just want to remind everyone what truly makes and has always made Asylum great. The community. I hope the people who read this don't get offended by what I say, I only care about this community and I don't want to see it die. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and i apologize for grammar. I am on my phone. a much more polite way of saying what I was trying to say credit to @ @Reapered who wrote this