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  1. who is that mong laughing so annoying
  2. Alec-I

    V2 Gang Ranks

    yes no logs for gang account pls, I don't want evidence of how much money I take. which is nothing.. obviously.
  3. hopefully some more players and no frequent server crashes. Also would be nice to have some more cops that aren't just playing teamspeak tag. not had a good career cop rival since NorwegianViking. DK is carrying the apd right now he needs some heeelp
  4. Amir - Big Chief Mushir - Senior Askari - Member Martyr - New member make it happen
  5. Alec-I

    Asylum V2

    I guess 1 week
  6. Nah bloodhound was about 2 though. Cheeky bugger
  7. what is this 2012
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