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  1. #ChinaPeople2 #StopRacismInAsylum
  2. Stretch it noob
  3. Hang your elf auto corrected but its funnier ima keep it
  4. I say we ban the infidels
  5. 0 pop
  6. Hey dum dick it’s thre job. I mean yeah Azeh I agree!! Nah I feel ya dick I agree with you also @Dick Romney I agree with you also @Roicesb I tip my hat to you lads
  7. I mean you can delete posts and mod que. ya know moderate and that. That’s why they are thre no?
  8. How dare you question the admins authority.. ban this idiot.. GET EM OUTA HERE Disclaimer: this was a joke please don’t ban me big fan of the good admins great job keep it up proud of ya shout out to ma boi rod and reap
  9. This a meme or u not been playing asylum for 2 years.
  10. Triligy is the best admin by a mile , been it for a long time doesn’t hold dumb grudges or have power trips. Fair and a nice guy. reapered has the potential to be the best if he continues the events
  11. Nice to see an admin going above and beyond. Always believed a recurring gang wars would spark more gangs to play actively. Once every two months or so with a hefty reward.. Just the effort part on the admin side that’s needed. Olympus do it really efficiently see how they do it and Jew it. Dont know about other gangs but gang wars brought a lot of fsa players back for a good time. think we had 3 10 man teams last time. Convoy o event was always fun.
  12. Great moves keep em up fsa proud of ya