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  1. In-game Name: Chow MeinAge:19Previous Gangs:signature Hours on Arma 3:1800Do you have any friends in the gang:yes
  2. First of all, an Lt. does not want to sit there and do 15 interviews because he "had too". Second of all, doing an interview is an activity for an Lt. so they do them to keep their rank. Having one person do all of them would result in demotions, or changes in the way activities are handled.
  3. unpopular opinion, they dont have to since they OWN THE SERVER
  4. HMU guys i only take serious offers @Mitch (IFRIT) might be time to replace Henry with me seeing as this is far more superior than anything he has made.
  5. Chow Mein

    Been Fun

    Dang dude, Ill miss all the stupid moments you me and smee got into. Have a great life brother i wont forget you!
  6. Yea hello id like to report a case of paintballing
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