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  1. Cya

    Due to unfortunate circumstances I have gotten myself into quite a bit of trouble regarding the server rules and got a perm ban. At this point in time there is not a lot that can be done to save me at this point so i figured this it the time I should retire from Asylum after a long 3 years. Its been a fun ride and im glad i got to meet the people I did. @Gregg, you were the first cop i ever rode with on my first day of cadet and you taught me everything i know and now your a Lt. I hope everything goes well in your life buddy. @Kevingreen23, You are such a mong but you are a great guy and ill miss playing with you even tho you dont play anymore cause you are the most inactive Lt @Buck, Thanks for getting me to Corporal and always pulling me into the support channels because i couldn't join. @Bazzajack, ill miss making fun of your stupid accent, hopefully you learn how to say berret in the future. @Kcoy thanks for having the easiest ride along ever, you still suck at siege tho <3 @Innateocean, Always had the best time playing with you and watching you get sat by DS, No i didn't cheat at rocket league you just suck. @BlackBlade, best underage sgt ever @massi, had a fun time in Bad Company and im glad to see you playing again. @Nino Brown, Ill miss all our banter during fights it was always fun to do. @cHIP ōTLE CHIPPPPPPPPPPP! @DS_Billy I still support your rise to Captain @MoralityVII Terrible at Siege <3 @Alec-I thanks for taking me in I know i was an annoying little shit @Steve, Ill miss annoying you and causing you to have heart attacks cause i never listened to you, ill always be Chow Mong now. @Smee and @Tony., geeze guys the amount of crap we did and got away with ill always be surprised lol, i had a blast playing with you guys there was never a dull moment. @Roice Thanks for getting me into the FSA, by far one of the best gangs i had ever been in, you guys taught me so much and i wish it never disbanded. @pavdog and @The Ivan, you guys are so ugly it hurts me but ill miss going first ATM and getting yelled at. @FSA members, this goes out to the entire gang you guys were the best and no matter what we were doing I had a blast and would do it all over again. @Marzoh and @TryHardSqueaker, somewhere along the line we fell off but im thankful you guys took me in for a small bit of time and showed me how to fight a cartel and got me into fighting @Deazy Johnson best admin @william, please grow some fingers @Scott loves having you in convergence with me @Zaka, still better than you @tommy77771 by far the worst player and terrible orca pilot @Space. 2.0, i never heard your voice but you were always the nicest person @Alex. Finally got Sgt, but you still dont have a job smh, get ya lazy ass up @cbakes Annoying little shit If i forgot you im sorry no hard feelings, I still love you <3
  2. Its the long brown house outside of Athira Hq
  3. I have an athira house if you want
  4. @cHIP ōTLE This bring back any memories?
  5. Its 100 players across ALL severs so if there is 50 on 2 and 50 on 1 server 3 will open up, go back to Kavala where your low level IQ isn't roasted.
  6. I have one as well if anyone wants.
  7. Ez first round for oblivion ig
  8. I already asked him he said Oblivion, he might of changed his mind but im not sure.
  9. Nice spelling buddy
  10. Kid you already commented on this post on sunday, stop spam posting everywhere.
  11. Sorry, I had a bad camera at the time of this photo.
  12. I have a Nifi house and a garage 50 meters away from it
  13. Getting 100 players isn't hard it just happens later at night is all.
  14. They dont rob you, they come with RPG's and 50. cals and blow your shit up.
  15. But we need our ifrit DJ