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  1. I find that going in between ur acog and red dot a couple of times when you load in helps a little bit and spamming first person and 3rd person helps as well
  2. As you all know i served as a faithful water-boy for the FSA for a small period of time, but we have decided to part ways. I am now looking for a new team who will appreciate my cold water and endless supply of sweat rags for the team. Qualifications- I always carry around extra Y inv. I'm better with a defib then i am with a gun. I can throw my body in the line of fire. When i die you no longer need to go to rebel for more Y. Can sometimes shoot people if they have their back turned to me. Sometimes broke, sometimes not. If you would like to contact any of my previous employers, please contact @Roice or @InnateOcean As i have been a water boy for both their gangs.
  3. #NotMyFourmGod
  4. "Ive brought a medic with me!, FUCK HES GONE DOWN THE HILL"
  5. If ur gonna post a cop tage pust it to where only cops can see it, thank me later
  6. Btw @Roice, Moving in a different direction huh? Not the idea i had in mind.
  7. Im not the one who posted the pic i just quoted it, ask @pavdog
  8. Glad it helped you out buddy! And as soon as i saw this post i knew samp had something to do with it
  9. Dont they have this on Olympus? I know you can share house keys but im not sure if they stay after restart.
  10. Can you put fixing signs on your list? I hate having to re position myself for like 20 seconds because im "to far away" from the sign.
  11. Free Syrian Suicide bomber
  12. It served me well