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  1. Looks like the oxygen tank finally ran out and they had to ship him off to the elderly home.. o7 @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  2. 6:30 Pm est
  3. Keep forgetting your in that group chat, @Roice likes my legs
  4. @Nino Brown inactive, get rid of him.
  5. I mean, if you are as unknown as you then yea, you probably dont know him tbh.
  6. Everyone knows who Tony is lol
  7. All ranks are welcome
  8. Hosted by Chow Mein
  9. Hosted by Chow Mein 11:30pm utc
  10. Hosted by Chow Mein
  11. Everybody better wish everyone’s favorite forehead @Steve a happy birthday!
  12. If we move it again, what’s the point of going to Sofia? You will see the occasional crank run happening but besides that Sofia is dead and I think it should stay up there.
  13. All Ranks are welcome!! 11 UTC
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