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  1. Saw you running around OG with a titan last night and nobody would tell me wtf was going on lmao
  2. I can't sleep before someone explains to me wtf is going on here
  3. i love you but we gotta stop the 'montage apologies'
  4. solid oof/10 from me
  5. Bounty Hunters are sub-human scum that don't deserve recognition.
  6. Update: Last orca spontaneously combusted new video coming soon...
  7. Diary log #27: It has been 3 days since the patch... Method are still using silent bullets Explicit have not been seen at a cartel since the quillin nerf... I am worried about the future of cartel fights. god help us all.
  8. I really like the idea of some "PvE" events for gangs to fight over
  9. Just spent $45 on a pirate orca, would be nice if it atleast counted towards donator level. pls
  10. I'll try but I only have 1 orca left to lose
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