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  1. if s2 or s3 gets shut down there will be a lot of people that play on them servers leave until there servers are put back up and the thing is not every one dose banks feds or prison and some people will not sit there and hop servers. pluss even if s2 or s3 gets shut down that's not gonna make the pop go up for s1 I know a lot of people that would quit and just waite for asylum v2
  2. looking for 3 crate houses in dp14 or dp15 and sheds
  3. I need to know who owns the dp14 shed and the dp 15 shed plz contact me I wish to buy one of them
  4. larrydotson

    server 3

    looking for a dp5 or dp3 3 crate house
  5. the stairs are a good thing now rebels cant just sit up there and think there safe pluss the stairs are a little glitchy anyways at least you guys have a sighn for some cover
  6. @Gen. Henry Arnold is there any way you could fix were you have to scroll weel to get into a car on cop because it dose not pop up all the time
  7. I think this is a good ideal because when it comes to a bank you eather have to pull armor or you have to try and hot drop a chopper up there and most the time it gets rpged I say bring this because now if they sit on the roof we can go get them now instead of going up a lader and getting are head riped off
  8. btw guys I'm not leaveing asylum that was never me that made this post
  9. Time for me to leavee guys, this is relly hard for me to type as I love every1 of you guys on Asylum, it's bean a blast playing with you guys. I hope all of you have a great time. Your Fiend Larry ps im drunk but i mean it,. iots been rough
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