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  1. Talked a lot is quite generous of you. He communicated a tad here and there. Active? Well I don't know how much of his day he spent on Asylum a week, but I know as player in a community of over 10000 at that time probably, it certainly didn't do justice to the word "active." I can @ a Dev on discord and get a response right now. I'd rub my eyes a few times to verify that Paratus replied to me if that would've happened during his time.
  2. True enough. But it is Asylum's tradition at this point to postpone things.
  3. I mean, that statement actually means they meant it would be between the 14-20, and they don't know which day in that range they wanted, FYI. It's already been postponed anyways. Disappointed, but after years of Paratus, the greatest developer of his time (lol'd when I wrote this), can't say postponed dates for Asylum is anything new.
  4. "hey your front tires are out kid" *gets destroyed* Fucking lost it haha (also RIP my hunter in last clip)
  5. Good acknowledgement. Looking forward to seeing the changes from the enforcement/action of the statement.
  6. Sounds cool. If there was a separate tab in the wanted list for "Most Wanted" that spanned on and offline bounties for Cops and maybe BH that'd be cool too. +1
  7. Idk pretty affordable for what it is. Of course lacking in certain areas but for pre-built? Awesome price: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07PKXQBHN/ref=s9_acsd_bw_wf_a_BTSmainw_cdl_9?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-4&pf_rd_r=N3ZYCVZZ22QRNPRNSS2H&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=06e82be3-68aa-4d3a-9d5e-cf37d12730f4&pf_rd_i=15201447011
  8. Dust Runner

    Prime Day

    Don't forget it's Prime day if you have been needing some new shit recently. Any of you Arma 3 20 FPSers may be interested.
  9. The fact you think Hunters and Ifrits should be the same price, therefore same power... concerns me a lot... smh EDIT: yes i know BH have hunters, they should still be cheaper than ifrits signifcantly
  10. Wouldn't have a problem if it did what it was supposed to. Was stated specifically to, "Disable vehicles to the point of catastrophe, but not destroy them," from what the Patch notes alluded to. The only thing I've seen them not destroy in 1 hit is Ifrits, and Ghosthawks. I'd begrudgingly, hesitantly, and skeptically, give them an "OK I GUESS" if they ONLY EVER disabled whatever they hit. Helicopters, armored vehicles of all types (Hunter, Strider, Ifrit), HEMMTS, Vans, etc. I just don't think it's possible to script them properly to do what I think they should be allowed to. Not to mention however they work, I'm pretty sure a 2nd one for another 38k (2 turfs even less than that with Arms) will blow it to shit anyways. It doesn't even do justice to what in my opinion and what the patch notes stated it should be doing, because a 2nd rocket overrides the 1st rocket's intentions anyway, BUT WAIT @Gen. Henry Arnold suggested this (credit to him) We can do something fucking amazing that I feel most of us can unite behind. As a career cop I love this idea btw. Evidence Locker gives 1-3 rockets based on an RNG system. Big issue with this though: then only the RPGs will be saved from the HEMMT, stuffed into 1 guy's carryall, and flown away in heli. My solution to the above: Make RPGs after their removal from stores, only able to be on your person if you are in a ground vehicle, no flying while one's in your inventory, same as the Federal Reserve Gold script. Then it's recycled, nice and easy. Thoughts?
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