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  1. What's up with the flashing textures?
  2. I played on a Malden Life server today and had quite a bit of fun. I think it would've made a nice life server if a few things were cut out and it was customized for Malden.
  3. Any thoughts on an infantry focused strife?
  4. Health and (real) life always come first. Get well and take care.
  5. Well I'm a little disappointed as I was looking forward to Malden Life but if the logistics don't make sense based on map size then there's not much to do about that. I was just saying yesterday to a few friends that Malden would make a good Strife map so at least we're getting that although I would like to see an infantry only version of strife on Malden. The map seems too small for jets etc but a good size for koth sized battles.
  6. To be continued in Kavala....
  7. He's right you didn't hit him.
  8. Pretty good! A lot more creative than the usual shit we see around here.
  9. Considering the vast majority of Asylum players are 18 and below living on mommy and daddy's dole, is it really surprising they'd act entitled? I don't blame you for being tired of it.
  10. @Tusken Raider
  11. Welcome to software development.
  12. Hallelujah!
  13. Ah nice, so kind of like Battlefield but more persistent. Definitely sounds interesting and I'll be giving it a shot, time to grab those new DLC's and brush up on flying. When you capture territory, are there tickets that start counting down after a side captures a certain percentage or is it all or nothing?
  14. Are we going to get an Asylum Malden Life as well? It's good to see you back actively developing btw.
  15. We can all hope.