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  1. @Paratusfor ditching us.
  2. Even if they give all that stuff people will still whine and say gang life is dead.
  3. Lol
  4. Looks like someone is salty.
  5. That was amazing.
  6. Also playing PUBG with Bunneh usually entails him running a click away from where his teammates are and stealing their loot.
  7. It's confirmed, @Clockwerk is gay and cheats on @Dom sometimes with @Term:
  8. How can you tell what's going on with all the effects taking over the screen? Looks like your typical Korean AIDSfest.
  9. That’s bad ass.
  10. Hmm..time to go apply for Olympus PD and shit talk + blindfold everyone. Bonus will be the full tickets after I do it hahaha.
  11. Don't all constables there automatically give full tickets? Last time I got caught running coke there they blindfolded me, talked shit and gave a full ticket.
  12. OP: nope
  13. That's because PUBG is basically the only fun game to play.
  14. You can buy the real thing here: https://wordery.com/map-of-limnos-island-9789608481930?currency=USD&gtrck=Z2hTR0cvZ0hZSERNT1YrZEk2Qytla3hXTlRvdVJHcDZpeTdIRG44R004eEF5bW1ybzlZRVU0RU9SV1dMc0R6UVV2eGx6cDZXNU80NWhsWG9taGVLMkE9PQ&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoLWH7bbW1gIVCluGCh2QWQuJEAkYBSABEgLkYPD_BwE