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  1. Even though I don't play Altis Life anymore, i agree that BH never worked on any server. It's just annoying having them around and they don't add shit to the RP experience of a server. Keep them out of the game, it will help keep your mission file more streamlined (so less shit to work on) and you can focus on other more important content. @[email protected] Beastwood
  2. If they'd used the hack to maybe kill everyone in kavala and blow it up over and over, that would be something mildly amusing but just to win in altis life cartels and create these cringey montages is pretty pathetic.
  3. Why bother with obfuscation in the first place? It's not like that sorta thing isn't easily bypassed. If someone wants to hack on Asylum and they know how to write cheats, they'll get passed obfuscation in a heartbeat to find what they need.
  4. This train wreck of a thread just exemplifies what I said about APD not being meant for RP. Simple way to get rid of all this drama: MISSION STATEMENT Sirens = pull over w/the assumption you're under arrest. Get out of the car w/your hands up and no weapon in hand or be shot. Get caught doing illegal shit = full ticket. You can tell a story and the officer CAN give up to 50% off if he wants but isn't required to do so. Break out of jail or assist = fine + jail time Kidnap a cop = strip him of his gear (make it a talent) and then kill him or release him Banks/feds = required to attend, don't be a pussy No more precincts even if v2 brings server pop back up Dismiss all Lt/SGTs, start election for a fresh batch of 4-8 that have better gear + vehicles Remove UC from the game, it never worked right and is just a waste of coding time Everyone can rank up to Corporal based on time played (track their hours). So no knee padding required and at that rank you should be able to get lethals but not before. Make lethal scenarios very black and white so there's no gray area. If someone breaks the lethal rule and there's clear evidence, demote them back to Constable for a month. Get rid of APDs point system. It is far too arbitrary and it does lead to favoritism. I know many people who only received 1 point for infractions that normally got others 3 or a demotion. Allow street language for APD, no sir this and sir that bullshit. They aren't waiters at some high end restaurant. SGT+ rank is voted upon by current sgt/lt/captain + server owner. Sgt/lt/captains have term limits and must elect replacements after 6-12 months. Once they retire, they go back down to the rank of Corporal w/no reqs. Getting the aforementioned ranks should be hard work. Give captain armed ghosthawk w/limited use scenarios. Remove helicopters from all ranks except for SGT and above. Give rebels access to a lot more arma 3 guns to even out the odds and lower the price Make gang wars worth it like Olympus by using the points towards rebel outpost gear. In fact, since Jesse has the code, just copy Olympus straight up. Whitelisted medics who will be the RP faction of the server along with civs if they choose Admins cannot spawn in items or loot unless doing a special server event w/the consent of 2 other admins and/or server owner. Their only perk will be getting free server money (set amount) each month. If they are caught spawning in loot w/out asking, get rid of them. Inactive admins = removed. Admins must start at the bottom of the APD just like any other regular player. No favoritism given to them. No admin can be Captain/SGT/Lt and admin at the same time, you have to pick one or the other. Admins should have ZERO authority over the APD and get rid of the 2nd Lt rank. Developers should have no ability to ban people or arbitrate server affairs. Leave that to admins/server owner/apd. Nobody wants a Gnashes 2.0. If a developer is caught abusing their privileges in-game, downgrade them to contributor for a period of time. If they do it again, then remove them perm. Simple and if this seems largely a copy of Olympus, it probably is because they do it right for the most part (some of their APD rules are stupid af). Oh and one more thing, inactive admins should be removed and they should not be given it back. Admins should be required to be active and if they aren't, get rid of them. I always found it strange that Asylum allowed admins to come back after 6 months to a year on break. Don't give me this bs about it being hard to train them either, any monkey can copy/paste scripts and run an admin tool. That will be all, back to Apex Legends.
  5. Requiring any kind of RP is ultimately self defeating. The server isn't structured towards it nor can it pivot to be due to mission file limitations and what you can do as a cop and civilian. The best policy would be to drop all RP requirements and let cops give full tickets to those who get caught by the APD and if they turn themselves in, a 30% discount at most. The mission file is cops vs robbers at its core, the APD aren't suited to be judge and jury. Keep it simple and straight to the point. Wouldn't work, it would encourage bounty boosting and stacking in areas low rank cops can't reach effectively with tasers. Ditch RP, keep it simple with cops vs robbers and just enjoy the combat. People gotta stop pretending this is an RP server. As for retired Captains, they should be Corporal like everyone else with no reqs. Put term limits on Captains (is DK STILL a captain??) and get rid of precincts permanently--they were an awful idea from the start. Force retire most Lt/Sgt and only leave about 4 Lt and 4 Sgt. Give those 8 people much better perks and loadouts than the rest of the APD and make sure they have superior shooting skills, leadership and game knowledge. RP for lower tickets is a colossal waste of time for all parties involved, there are many other avenues that could be explored for fun. If you want to keep RP, force APD to RP with hostage takers. Implement a system to strip APD of their gear so you can take their shit when they are restrained and then put a bullet in their head once you have their gear.
  6. Because Jesse was lead dev at Olympus so merging the two under one mission file and dev/owner is more sensible. If they wanted a distinct Asylum flavor, they could take the core Olympus mission file and modify it rather than starting over.
  7. I heard Google and his buddy made over $700 selling hacked in money on Olympus so that $65 was a 200 IQ investment.
  8. Small brains with large egos and mom's credit card.
  9. Amazing skill, you dodged the enemy fire brilliantly and took them down without breaking a sweat. 10/10 would watch again.
  10. Olympus is just a better server overall. Performance aside, it has whitelisted emt, cops that don't pay for loadouts that can use street language and not listen to fake toxic RP and be forced to give 50% discounts, bigger variety of weapons, gang war points you can actually spend on weapons/armor, better designed map layout, better activities etc. I don't play Arma at all anymore but I left Asylum permanently 2 years ago for Olympus because Asylum was too rigid in its ways and boring and it's still the same old shit. Maybe Jesse will change that with V2 but he'd have been better off getting Olympus somehow than starting over, especially since Arma itself is a dead game. The best thing to do would be to merge Asylum with Olympus with Jesse in charge.
  11. Get a dev to make an Asylum GTA V RP server.
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