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  1. I mean I see where you are coming from as the rich and corporations dodge taxes (like our shitty joke of a president) while screwing everyone else but by abusing general return policies, you just harm yourself long term because the bean counters at these companies force policy changes at the detriment of customers (eg Costco had to change TV returns to 90 days due to rampant abuse).
  2. Watched the video and this is honestly what Altis Life is about, interactions between players, not shitty montages or cartel epeen wars. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 you need to add the ability to completely rob someone of their gear even if they aren't your bounty like Olympus because that's a feature Asylum desperately needs. Just make it part of the final BH talent tree so people have to grind for it.
  3. Yeah be sure to claim someone locked you in so it's more believable:
  4. That dude was your everyday Kavala troll.
  5. Is the clothing gender fluid and inclusive?
  6. These forums badly need the thumbs down feature enabled. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood
  7. There's a reason you can create a group pw so what they did is not exploiting/metagaming like you think. If they had that glitch where they can see your group w/out actually getting in while it's locked then you'd have a case. Edit: nm i see you said gang group so yeah if they glitched in I don't see why no action wasnt taken. Stuff like that should be instaban if they use it to kill you. I'm guessing their reasoning is you could have created a group to get around it so it's your fault.
  8. Can't assign fancy epeen titles in discord.
  9. Rebels deserve to be fashionable too. I propose @Gen. Henry Arnold to stop pretending like he knows how to write code and get back to designing us rebel fashion accessories such as this hat: https://imgur.com/a/61cjIdp
  10. No more jail time for rebels. It's too much of an inconvenience between having to do chores and homework. Therefore if you have a rebel license, you should be excluded from jail time and guns should cost 90% less at donor rebel because who has time to grind? Better make this a thing because I've now put this suggestion in their minds and if it's not done you might lose your rebels @Clint Beastwood @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  11. Therisa APD policy update disagrees. As much shit as people like to talk about Olympus, they have never had anything like a protected snowflake city for rebels. +1 Fred Kavala rats lives matter. I further amend your proposal to include the removal of the APD from Kavala so it becomes a city where one can maximize their RP potential without the interference of the APD and rebels camping rooftops.
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