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  1. Good joke.
  2. Remove lethal payout and remove lethal pardons and include a reduced revive timer if lethaled by APD.
  3. I'm ready! I just got cop for identity so I'll be giving everyone jaywalking tickets!
  4. Poached for Olympus?? xd
  5. No, just no.
  6. God tier.
  7. So snaking others bounties is now a cool thing to do? @Clockwerk you better get to work on making the APD great again fast.
  8. Congrats to Asylums first gay Captain! This is a great day for Asylums LGBTQIAPKBBQ community!
  9. That's up to gnashes to find in his splunk logs (which he's very good at) and punish. No need to punish everyone because there might be potential abuse.
  10. While the slight increase in APD pay cap is nice, there really should be no cap at all. If there are 3+ officers around then it should be 100% payout. Why put the effort in to track and capture someone hypothetically worth 500k only to have the payout capped and split between 5 cops? It’s completely discouraging and an unnecessary limit just like all the other limits placed on players (eg money cap, group cap). These were ill conceived ideas put in place by Paratus that really have no business being in use today.
  11. The BH rules and mechanics definitely need some changing because the OP makes a good point about beginners being driven away by encounters like that. A simple change to server rules would be that they can only rob them and then put a demand to the APD for hostage negotations for RP purposes. If there's no RP going on, then let them go. One function of BH that should be changed to accommodate this is that the talent to be able to strip people of gear should be lowered to beginner level allowing anyone to rob you of your gear if they hold a BH license and just make the robbery charge for BH steep allowing the APD to remove your license + gun if you have a robbery on your list of charges. Of course no change will ever happen because lets get real this is Asylum.
  12. The Paratus part was the best. Too bad he left us.
  13. I would spend it on donuts and coffee.
  14. That’s what happens when the primary developer leaves to go make a game.
  15. The servers were great in the past because Paratus was making a boatload of money from donations and therefore was motivated to keep pushing updates. Once BIS put a stop to the money flow, @Paratus bailed on the community to go make Identity. Fast forward a few years later with Asylum running on legacy code with problems that no one can fix—so yeah the community is negative for a very good reason.