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  1. Was the milky way tasty?
  2. Don't know what this is supposed to mean. I asked if he applied to Asylum and he said he didn't. Apparently he had his own server or something that he shut down and then joined Olympus from what I remember. Anyway @Gnasheshopefully Paratus opens up a dev role for you because Asylum needs an active dev more than ever.
  3. Remember a player on Asylum named Serpico? Caught his twitch stream the other day and Olympus gave him full dev access after he applied as a developer there. Saw him working on their mission file during that stream and asked him some questions about it and it seems they're very open with sharing their files with their devs and don't keep people stuck in contributor roles for eternity. Something to think about.
  4. Malden will be interesting for life servers, maybe we could drop Tanoa and get that in its place. The rest of the updates like tanks and jets should be okay for standard koth players but nothing Life servers will ever see.
  5. Sounds like a problem with your system not the 1080 Ti.
  6. Huh?
  7. ARMA will always be heavy with single threads, 64 bit doesn't change that. Maybe ARMA 4 but that still doesn't mean Ryzen will do well considering it gets handily beat in multithreaded games like gta v by the 7700k. Factor in that most 7700s hit 5 ghz and AMD is just no competition in gaming. It's a good overall chip if you do encoding work but not the best for gaming nor will it ever be. See this video:
  8. AMD fans have been saying that for years and there's not a chance in hell Vega will catch 1080 Ti. Also good luck catching Intel in ARMA: Ryzen is good for encoding, not so much for games.
  9. Vega won't be faster than 1080 Ti/Titan X and Ryzen is garbage for Arma.
  10. Is this the long goodbye? When ya leaving?
  11. You're fucking retarded, just saying.....
  12. I hope you guys take your whiny attitudes about APD over there because the cops will blindfold you and then give you the "RP" of your lifetime. We'll wait for you to come running back to the warm embrace of the Asylum PD soon enough. P.S. Enjoy the Olympus PD cartel raids.
  13. LOL!
  14. It would look almost the same since galaxy is an imitation iphone anyway.