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  1. I heard McGregor is gonna join Ronda Rousey in WWE now.
  2. That's what these kinda fights are all about in reality. Grapple and take them down, I thought it was pretty interesting because he didn't let McGregor up at all and pounced a few times pretty well--the final chokewas pretty great. It was a good fight but the ending really soured me on it.
  3. Did you get a hard on watching it termy? I know u did!
  4. Yeah I'm really curious to know what happened. Either this shit was all setup to make UFC more interesting (wouldn't put it passed Dana White) or someone really got under Khabibs skin there.
  5. You mad?
  6. You must be new to UFC.
  7. McGregor was rekt, get over it. Too bad Khabib became a retard at the end.
  8. Garbage.
  9. You’re an APD officer, did you not attend the mandatory trainings? Your proficiency is tested during your ride along as well:
  10. It probably was.
  11. Hold down the fort!
  12. the s2 salt was plentiful.
  13. Ghosthawks aren’t pulled much there and are discouraged from just being used unnecessarily plus they’re Sgt+ only. But civs can also get them at blackwater plus a lot more. Defibs aren’t really a necessity either as medics actually do their job there because they’re whitelisted. For cartels, search & rescue can drop dope crates which I do often when I’m playing medic over there. The hardest thing for me to adjust to when I first started playing over there was the 15 min NLR since I was used to going right back to the fight on Asylum. But even NLR has its pros as it lets you steal people’s stuff after you wipe them and their friends without worry of them coming back instantly. Plus as I said, if you’re not watching their bodies, a whitelisted medic will roll in quietly and revive them (I do this a lot and it’s pretty hilarious). As of now, Olympus is much better run than Asylum and personally I have more fun there. One downside is the median age seems to be lower there so you get a lot of edgy kids there.
  14. Well mcdili owns the server and donations cover expenses but he isn’t a developer so he doesn’t have that added pressure. I don’t know what Jesse does for a living or even how old he is but again, he’s just responsible for getting some dev work done along with others for fun. For Paratus it was ownership plus full time developer work and I believe he’s in his 30s with a family so of course he’s going to pursue a more lucrative venture of creating his own game rather than be beholden to an awful company like Bohemia, you can’t fault him for that. People give gnashes shit but he’s not obligated to do anything for Asylum either and others are free to step up and take his place. However all I see is a bunch of complaining and nobody doing the hard work. Server policy and the lack of implementation of what players want falls squarely on bamf so that’s where everyone’s ire should be directed at. He could decide to put in Alecs prison if he wanted but he didn’t so I don’t get why people blame gnashes.
  15. To be fair, Paratus has to earn a living and since BI took that away from him through their draconian monetization rules, he had no choice but to make identity. No adult with a family to think about is going to commit valuable time and effort just to earn pennies on the dollar. Just look at Poseidon, he started Olympus as a teen and now that he’s out in the real world, he’s looking for a good job and sold off Olympus. These servers are good for college kids and younger to toy with in their spare time, not working adults.