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  1. Yeah RIP s2.
  2. @Paratus and @Motown have definitely been lurking around because they were on server 1 today picking up randoms in an orca and I was one of them:
  3. That's like resurrecting the dead, we need Jesus.
  4. Who??
  5. Damn Olympus sounds pretty awesome.
  6. Friendly fire!
  7. He should've pulled down to avoid the hit.
  8. Whoops..also congrats to nice job man.
  9. I'm glad @Painbringa112 finally got a crack at mod, it's been a long time coming although with Asylum now down to one active server it's the end of the road..
  10. You don't know what you're talking about.
  11. That's a BattleEye issue that Bohemia is supposed to fix.
  12. Arma physics engine would cause the car to sync through the house and explode.
  13. 8700k plus 1070 Ti. As for SSD, stick with Samsung.
  14. I use steam messages to initiate.