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  1. Why limit it to only one ultimate money maker? It makes the end game pretty boring.
  2. Still strips Lt MK1 @Gnashes
  3. It's not the same thing because rebels have to go into a city if they're wanted to get something they need. APD patrols the city regardless + saves their Y inventory so its more a hassle than anything else.
  4. I think I saw an Arab Warrior lurking around near it.
  5. Wrong forum, he's over there at the Identity forums----->
  6. Well take comfort in knowing that many people get robbed daily by an even bigger enemy known as Battleye.
  7. Taru bench without rotorlib would be OP on Asylum. You load up a bunch of guys on both sides with 7.62 and you're a flying death machine.
  8. Yeah like maybe $250 more. @Gnashes
  9. The rotating drug fields are great as it was getting stale always going to the same ones. In addition it shakes up the real estate market which only a select few players had a grip on for easy money making. Tarus just introduce a new learning curve I guess but it depends on how difficult they are to shoot down while in flight. If they are difficult then keep rotorlib. The new prison is a good start but needs optimization and some design tweaks: Gates/doors to keep prisoners confined in a central area. Smaller warp back script area Remove the yacht, lighthouse and other clutter in the back, it's unnecessary and causes fps lag. Replace it with rocks placed in a strategic but natural looking way. I'm not a fan of all the sandbags in prison, I think a better design choice could have been made. Prison mechanic is still too cumbersome and nobody apart from the devs likes it. Just give the community what they want rather than be so damn stubborn. Mobile crank is a great addition, DONT nerf it! The community is more active and having fun, just add more additions as others have suggested and patch the exploits. I still think 8.0 should have been pushed back another month or two and been a huge update but I guess we have to work with what we have.
  10. Lol @MR. COW
  11. @Gnashes
  12. Flammable contents...
  13. She's avg for a middle eastern chick.
  14. Yeah he collects half the money Asylum makes.
  15. I don't think Paratus had anything to do with this as he's pretty much retired from Asylum. This update was done by Gnashes & Bamf with contributions from Destrah, Sandwich and CrestedPenguin.