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  1. So everyday @Cukofuko?
  2. Yep thats pretty much the gist of it including his admins who spawn shit in and kill civs w/it. Then when they get killed they just revive themselves and keep doing it. We were watching an admin of his do that shit on twitch and called her out on it and she banned us from chat.
  3. I like how that mongoloid Psi went around trying to advertise his shitty server on Olympus and Asylum. If people wanted to play his shitty Taki server they would.
  4. So we got A3 Project Life.
  5. I'm waiting on Charter to bring me gigabit by the end of this year: http://stopthecap.com/2018/02/05/charter-spectrum-well-offer-gigabit-speed-nationwide-end-2018/
  6. Badabing had the CL code from Olympus given to him, maybe you can get w/him and get it put in here.
  7. Yeah I complain because this isn't something new, its a longstanding issue that they refuse to address.
  8. Ahem: https://olympus-entertainment.com/blogs/entry/70-altis-life-update-2818-its-thursday-my-dudes/ Sending bones to jail will now give money to cops and vigilantes Player who tased and/or restrained the individual MUST be either a cop or vigilante Anyone can send the bones to jail, the individual who tased and/or restrained will get the compensation. Yep Olympus is on top of their game, too bad Asylum hasn't done shit about this issue despite everyone begging. And honestly who give a fuck if Asylum copies Olympus or not? They just added courthouses to Olympus which is a direct rip of Asylum and that's not even including their cartels which are a 100% rip off. So if Asylum copies a feature here and there, it's really no big deal because this happens in everyday life in every industry. The problem unfortunately isn't one about honor but rather the laziness of Asylum developers who refuse to do what the community asks.
  9. You can find them all in PUBG these days.
  10. I sew all the gear into my skin, it can’t be removed ever. My gun has fingerprint and voice authentication built in and explodes on contact if it detects foreign DNA. So sorry, if you kidnap me you might as well kill me cuz you aren’t getting my shit.
  11. Yeah s4 was desyncing really bad earlier.
  12. Time to get McDili to pony up some cash (or partial ownership) then.
  13. Yeah this new "old" bank blows, the other one was a lot better.
  14. Just things I've heard, nobody told me specifically. If the APD Captains have access to it already then it makes my point moot.
  15. I'm just saying it's a benefit for a server you own that at least an APD Captain has access to it at all times. You could make the rest of splunk availability for other APD staff (e.g. Lts) contingent on community goals but IMO the APD Captain should have access to it so it can be better managed.