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  1. Start with firing all of staff and bringing fresh admins on. Get rid of the current APD captains and elect new ones that have term limits. Keep a very tight leash on admins so they don't get too comfortable like the current ones and if they go inactive, don't just let them come back and be an admin again. Asylum was corrupt from the top which trickled down, I would never let these retired admins back. If you're serious about fixing Asylum i would start with the above and then find a few competent devs. Good luck I'll be watching from the sidelines with popcorn.
  2. I'd buy it for a dollar.
  3. Jesse is probably memeing, pretty sure he wants to see Asylum burn to the ground. Besides I don't think bamf cares anymore, rumor is Asylum is about to change owners soon.
  4. TPP
  5. What devs?
  6. Confirmed: Identity has more than two people on staff. Listen to this retard make excuses for Identity: https://www.twitch.tv/mikethebard
  7. Good news everyone! Now that Paratus has successfully finished his work on identity, he will be returning to Asylum to continue development. The first patch will introduce new loot boxes where you can buy posters for $70 and hang them in your house! But that's not all, the first lucky 100 customers will get access to a signed identity mug by the man himself! Welcome back @Paratus
  8. Paratus got in way over his head. Sometimes programmers are the worst production managers and this is clearly evident in the way he ran Asylum and his failed game. He should have worked on pvp all this time and focused on the town square BS at the end. Maybe today we all would have been excited to buy the game and start shooting each other--instead all I have to look forward to is seeing what color dress @Azeh will be wearing in the town square tonight. PS Did Motown ever do anything? He seemed like a leech to me.
  9. Go out and break rules and have fun before it shuts down. Go to Kavala and toss them all in jail with fake stacked charges....hmm..
  10. This isn't even a rumor, gnashes complained to me and others many times that he didn't care about Asylum's problems because he wasn't getting paid. He must've been extra bitter when poseidon came along and got both paid and praised. I'm sure the harassment by these pussies here didn't help but it's probably a combination of boredom, anger and resentment that made him quit. I don't blame him, this community isn't worth it.
  11. I heard McGregor is gonna join Ronda Rousey in WWE now.
  12. That's what these kinda fights are all about in reality. Grapple and take them down, I thought it was pretty interesting because he didn't let McGregor up at all and pounced a few times pretty well--the final chokewas pretty great. It was a good fight but the ending really soured me on it.
  13. Did you get a hard on watching it termy? I know u did!
  14. Yeah I'm really curious to know what happened. Either this shit was all setup to make UFC more interesting (wouldn't put it passed Dana White) or someone really got under Khabibs skin there.
  15. You mad?