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  1. If you have a whitelisted medic force and remove defibs from civs you would get some of the vocal members on Asylum posting about the loss of gang/cartel life because they can't keep reviving their friends in a fight. Secondly, there would be concern about corrupt medics from civ gangs getting whitelisted and helping their buddies out but not rival gangs. All that would have to be addressed in a way that doesn't impede on the gameplay that Asylum is used to. If all that can be ironed out then a whitelisted medic faction could be something that would be enjoyable for a lot of players, especially younger ones that can't get into the APD. I'm also assuming the APD medic talents wouldn't be touched/altered in this scenario since the combat medic in the APD is probably one of the most important perks it has available.
  2. What's a bigger meme is you trying to get SGT back.
  3. To add to this great idea, I think all cops should spawn in completely naked and each time they die, get a financial penalty of 100k. That would really make them value their lives and increase RP on this very heavy RP server.
  4. Ok well I heard otherwise.
  5. Hey OP didn't you "resign" from ASS (Asylum Support Staff) cuz you were power tripping?
  6. Yeah I know of gangs on S4 that exclusively craft + chop for money. Good change there gnashes. Also dont forget about me buddy, I really wanna use JSRS.
  7. After that plz fix me losing MK1 with JSRS4. :\
  8. It's really none of your fucking business Raza.
  9. P1 needs the help, I'm a generous person.
  10. Time to transfer this guy out of P4.
  11. Aren't you perm banned?
  12. Tonic who?? In reality though Asylum has been way different than the official framework since before 5.0. Pretty sure Paratus was the first to suggest housing for Altis Life back in the day and he got it working on Asylum. Then someone ripped it, modified it and put it out there and it made Paratus less than happy. And like others said, mass kicks still happen though I noticed the frequency of them happening is a bit less.