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  1. Honestly at first I was against any change since I did dump $100 into getting the coveralls + helmet. However, lately I can definitely see the issue everyone has mentioned in this thread, there is something very wrong with the pilot coveralls. With Asylum lag/desync factored into the equation, I've had people tank 4+ shots lately and its pretty ridiculous. I think the tac vest script is probably a pretty decent compromise for now although I'd personally just remove the coveralls entirely and keep the carrier lite.
  2. How many times a year do we get these types of "the sky is falling" threads? At the end of the day, Asylum servers fill right back up to capacity when the kiddies are on break from school. Eventually Asylum will die out and nothing will change that, people get tired of playing the same game and move on.
  3. Who's Paratus? He still does shit for Asylum?
  4. If the host company is this unreliable then it's time to change to a better one. If it's an Asylum issue, then call Paratus and ask him to fix it. This has been going on for a while now and is probably causing a lot of frustration for many players.
  5. Apples to oranges in this case. Personally I'm a little bored of ARMA and am enjoying the newness of Conan.
  6. Enjoy your assignment Padrinos, life comes first. Asylum and the community will be here when you come back. Thanks for being that fun admin buddy.
  7. All of us are on @BaDaBiNg_10-8 server anyway: Teabaggers United, IP:
  8. Nice man, esp the end.
  9. I think there will be a lot more mistaken rdm because of these masks. I think we were better off without them.
  10. LOL 10/10, wish I could like twice.