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  1. I can’t wait until town square releases, fuck all the haters. I’m going to immediately download the game and build my first transgender character and then chat with all the boys in the square which will make it totally worth the wait all these years.
  2. I think you have the wrong idea here. If you're going to do illegal activities and get caught, you can RP all you want for a lower ticket but your shit is going to get seized. P.S. I'm retired so I'm just telling you how it is here and other Altis Life servers (worse on Olympus tbh).
  3. So we're going to take his word for it? He can RP all day long how he works for P&G and is making pain meds and all the cops really have to say is, "well this field is tainted with AIDS infested blood from Kavala hospital drug addicts, so we have to dispose of it". RP given and resolved. Or they can simply do what Colton said and say, "sorry, it's being seized tough luck". Either way, you're doing something clearly illegal and even if you claim it's for RP purposes, you can't expect to be let go which his post implies.
  4. I hope Poseidon can sort out Asylum but I'm highly skeptical anything can fix it at this point. It seems each time I read these forums the servers are just getting worse and worse. I don't think bamf or gnashes are to blame here either, they inherited Paratus' shit code that he failed to optimize from the start and then once the money ran dry, he dumped this loyal and dedicated community and moved on to his new scam game Identity. Short of starting over with a brand new mission file and adding in features they want to keep (e.g. Cartels built on new code w/Poseidons help), I don't ever see Asylum righting this sinking ship. It is a big undertaking and it would take at least 3 dedicated coders to push out a new modified mission file and back end that would work for the community. The problem is Asylum isn't alone, Olympus has Jesse, Kurt and others that are pretty dedicated to pushing out large monthly updates and they're always aiming for optimized code and it shows because the servers there are 110/110 all day long and they almost never crash or desync. The community here was great but as others said, as things became more and more bleak, toxicity grew from despair and now it's just people holding on to false hope and I wish Asylum the best as I have a lot of friends here but I don't see a future and I feel sorry for bamf having to foot these expenses himself with Paratus still holding on to his undeserved 50%. If I were bamf, I'd probably throw in the towel or just go ask McDili if he wants to sell half of Olympus and move on. If you look at this whole situation from bamf's point of view, I honestly can't figure out what motivates him to keep this going as I personally would have folded long ago.
  5. Everyone uses MK-1 here because there's no good inbetween guns.
  6. That was a well executed flying vdm, a favorite of mine. I hope that civ learned his lesson.
  7. Are those Mcdilis balls on that string?
  8. 1. GOAT hopped on a few weeks back on cop while a BW was going on and demanded all medics stay away from Sofia indefinitely. To make his point further and abuse his position, he dragged every medic that was online at the time into his channel to tell them to stay away because Trident was kicking his ass. About 20 minutes later, there were about 8-9 outstanding calls in Sofia itself so eventually a medic took them and he lost his shit. Fast forward a few days later, he did the same thing again and was being so unreasonable that one of the R&R supervisors had enough of his shit and went to Mercury to talk to him about it. 2. With regards to the handbook, right off the top of my head I can recall a thread on Olympus forums that dealt with whether or not an officer could search a wanted persons car when he/she isn't there and nothing ever came from it besides a bunch of confusion. To seek clarification, I asked Dante and a few Lts about it one time in TS and all of them had different answers and there was on consensus and they promised an APD update to deal with it and it never came to fruition. To gauge how well the average PO/Corporal is prepared for this situation, I asked several people in TS and every single one had different answers ranging from, "I don't think you can because they're not around and if you do it, sAPD will demote you so I don't want to lose my rank" to "yeah man you can check their stuff anytime if they're wanted for something like LEO manslaughter". Essentially, nobody really knew what the true answer was and the only concrete one I got in TS from Dante and the others was that if you're chasing someone down (regardless of vehicle ownership) then you have probable cause otherwise there wasn't a firm answer with respect to searching vehicles belonging to someone that's wanted and not around it. Another problem not addressed by sAPD and one that falls into, "welp use your common sense" is when to pull a vigilantes license. All it says in the handbook is to refer to Vigilante rules and that you can send a vigilante abusing his license to jail. Well if you take a look at Vigilante subsection under server rules, there's nothing that addresses that. In fact, there's a thread on Olympus right now about it with varying answers. 3. The point system is far superior to the shit show I've witnessed on Olympus. Everything is so hidden on Olympus that most APD POs and even Corporals shit their pants at the thought of doing something wrong because they'll have wasted their time into obtaining their rank and they don't want to be demoted or worse. I can recall a recent demotion where a certain person lost his hard earned Corporal rank because he was in a vehicle driving and got 3:1 and just speed up to get away. A situation like that (if the silly 3:1 rule existed on Asylum) would have been dealt with much differently by any Lt/Captain here. 4. Yeah so back when Durga was around, the APD here didn't have a lot of the policies it does now and the APD itself was very different. I'm not a fan of Durga either but compared to what I've seen of GOAT, he's easily the better choice. 5. No, 3:1 doesn't make sense because you can have a situation with a Sgt that has an MK-1 with fully decked out armor getting 3:1 by rook carrying Kavala rats and he'd be forced to put his hands up when in reality he could easily blast all 3 of them. The logic behind it is "for the RP" but then you guys repeatedly state Olympus is a "light RP" server so which is it? The worst part is if you fail to adhere to this rule, you get demoted instantly. As for stopping of processing while shots are fired into HQ, you clearly haven't spent enough time around POs/deputy recently to see how terrible this rule is for the APD there. I've got a recording from about a week back that shows Ruby and others blatantly abusing the shit out of this rule after their guys were in custody by repeatedly shooting into HQ for about 30 minutes from different positions. They had APD dispatched after them but they'd just hop in an orca or quilin and leave before anyone got there. They'd wait until processing started again and fire one lone shot into the HQ to stop processing again. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam but I'm sure you'll telll me how great this is for the server because it adds to the RP and balance for civs. Finally, the wave rule doesn't simulate a police force, what shit are you smoking? In what reality does a real police force say, "hey man, lets sit at HQ until Jeff is killed and then we'll head out to the situation"? The logic behind wave rule is completely flawed because if you want to simulate a large APD force, then the APD should be allowed to return to an active situation as soon as they're killed and not forced to go in silly waves. It's gotten so bad on Olympus (especially after the Corporal payout "nerf") that whenever you have a fed event going on, you get instant channel stacking and then drive-by shitty Corporals like Leslie (you guys made this kid a Corporal which is a joke in itself ) who ask, "hey uh what wave is it and how much time left on the fed?" and if there's less than 10 minutes left, he peaces out. Then you got guys like Snipez who start yelling with their broken accents at you to hurry up and die if you're the last guy in the fed (even if you are kicking rebel ass) because they want to start the next wave and get their lethals in so they can get paid. I could go on and on about how terrible the wave system is but it would fall on deaf ears. Thankfully, Asylum isn't retarded and doesn't have a wave rule. 6. More like if you make a simple statement, their feathers get all ruffled and they down vote you. 7. Back when I was new to Olympus and still a deputy, I'd logged 70 or so hours as one and hadn't received a PO test. I didn't mention or complain about it a single time to anyone and anytime I was asked about why I hadn't taken the PO test yet, I said, "I'll get it when the test is offered". Then a thread was made on the forums by some guy saying Deputies should be nerfed and I think my comment to that was along the lines of, "It's already tough enough to get a PO test so it would hurt deputies even more if they were nerfed". Immediately I received a snarky reply from sAPD saying my test was delayed and I said I simply didn't care (which honestly I didn't). It eventually led to receiving a PM from said individual and a note on my record although to be fair to him, he was pretty polite via PM. 8. I've got plenty of experience there now, I wouldn't level these accusations about Olympus APD if I hadn't experienced just how bad it is. BTW, I don't think Asylum has ever had a former Lt. (Sgt equivalent on Olympus) go batshit crazy and gun down all of Kavala before getting perm banned. So while Durga might have tucked tail, at least he didn't go annihilate Kavala out of frustration and get permed.
  9. Good job on finishing what Paratus was too lazy to do @Gnashes
  10. Yeah you did do that so I give you props for that although that retard GOAT is still around as an ex-chief causing problems (enough that Mercury had to step in). But the real issue with Olympus APD is the poorly written/worded guidebook (honestly it seems as if it was written by a guy that flunked out of high school), lack of a proper disciplinary system (e.g. Asylum and it's point system) and a culture of promotion based on extreme nepotism (far far worse than Asylum has ever been at any point in time). Also, some policies flat out make no sense (e.g. 3:1, stopping of processing when shots fired into an HQ, wave rule) but the APD leadership there seems stubborn as hell and refuses to even discuss the issue. What's worse is if you criticize the APD on Olympus forums, you get a "note" put on your APD file, come on, what a joke. By the way McDili, it seems each time I log on as a cop on your server, i run into more and more squeakers in the APD. Seems your higher ups are making exceptions for every squeaker under the sun so you might as well just get rid of the 16+ requirement there. And it shows because there's constant channel stacking, every 14-16 year old shouting and talking over each other and no direction whatsoever.
  11. @bamf really should sell Asylum to Jesse at a super discounted price rather than let Asylum die a slow painful death. I bet @Jessecould get some crowd funding going if he was serious about taking ownership and I’d toss some cash towards that endeavor. And a quick summary of Olympus vs Asylum with me spending a lot of time on both servers: APD: Olympus APD is pure trash with trash higher ups and the owner doesn’t have the balls or willpower to fix it. Civ life: Both servers have a lot to do but Olympus is less of a grind and the way resources are setup on the map are better thought out. They also have tempest mining devices which is nice and now crafting like Asylum. Medic vs Defib: I think Olympus with its whitelisted R&R idea blows away Asylum. Server stability: Again, no competition Olympus easily wins.
  12. "He's cheating!!" - Badabing_10-8 2018
  13. Good joke.
  14. Remove lethal payout and remove lethal pardons and include a reduced revive timer if lethaled by APD.
  15. I'm ready! I just got cop for identity so I'll be giving everyone jaywalking tickets!